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Alcatraz Network


A reminiscence of the past, we are a Minecraft Network aiming to bring back old game modes that are packed with new trendy features to expand your multiplayer experience and entertainment.


Custom Customenchants Envoy Faction Faction Pvp Factions Hungergames Kitpvp Koth Minigames Opfactions Opprison Opskyblock Outpost Prison Ranks Skyblock Skywars Survivalgames Team Team Pvp

GodX Factions 1.8.8 – 1.18.2 – Custom Factions / Custom Enchants / Koths / Envoys

============================================================================================ a custom factions server with potential to grow custom plugins like envoy koths and outposts and much more

Customenchants Custommobs Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Hungergames Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Koths Outpost Practice Prison Prisonserver Raiding Skyblock Survival

GodX Factions NEED STAFF! 1.8 – 1.18.2, Custom Enchants, Bosses, Koths, Envoys, Outposts, Missions

Crate Key All At 20 Players
OP Koth At 30 Players
Monthly Crate All 40 players

Envoy Faction Factions Koth Outpost Quests

Omega Pvp & Factions

Faction server , Koths , Outpost ,payouts , in-game rankup system, Envoy, x2 Vote Rewards, Battle Pass and quests !

Custom Enchantment Enchants Events Faction Pvp Factions Ftoppayout Ftopprizes Koth Mcmmo Outpost Playervault Pvp Raiding Shopgui

Surpex [] JUST RESET [] $100 PayPal



Surpex has that old fashion 1.8+ factions feel and we bought it back better than ever!
We have a unique factions experience with custom coded plugins to make it as unique as possible.
We have mcMMO, custom events, Outposts, KoTHs, Envoys, giveaways, custom plugins, unique experience and also
a ranking system where you can /rankup in factions using in-game money. No need to buy from /buy anymore!
Over 70 of our plugins have been custom coded by me, and the community is so driven to make a good server there
donates that help us become even better. Surpex supports clients from [ 1.8 – 1.15 ]
The old pvp style is back, with 1.8 pvping!
The old cannons are back, with 1.7 cannoning system!
Many more custom features that were custom coded
Come check it out, see you there!

Server IP: