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Harlon City Server

A server with an ever-growing country, featuring opportunities within business, building and politics.

Hop on the functional metro to your brand new apartment and start your career on the server. Seek employment at a company or start your own – or maybe give a shot at the financial sector and trade stocks. If you’re unhappy with the ways things are run – call on your elected politicians for change, or maybe even run for office yourself?

Buy yourself a car, or if you prefer to relax whilst traveling, hop onboard public transportation!

Play sports and other mini-games: among others we have an exclusive hockey game, only playable in Harlon!

Harlon City Server Minecraft Server

If you enjoy building, apply to become a Builder and help construct and expand the server!

Harlon City Server Minecraft Server

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Absolus: Magical Towny RPG

Absolus MC is an immersive RPG with an ever-expanding list of cool features, such as custom monsters, skills, quests, economy, communities, and ect. The primary features will be skills and quests, land building, economics. Live how you see fit, this is an immersive, epic RPG.

-Fun with friends or by yourself. Money, Magic, & Community.
-Java+Bedrock Cross-Platform
-Work an honest living
-Become a real-estate tycoon
-Be a wolf of Wall Street
-Found an empire
-Go drinking at a casino
-Become a famed warrior
-Become a feared bandit
-Become a powerful sorcerer
-Open a brewery

Absolus is cross-platform between Bedrock and Java, meaning PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile can all play together on the server!

BEDROCK PLAYERS, use port: 25565

Monthly Updates: New features are added every month.

Warning: This server contains some mature content, such as simulated gambling and drinking.

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BloofMC – Adult Survival – Bloof.XYZ

Worlds Never Reset!

When there’s an update, we simply expand the world border!

This is a Builder-Friendly Adult Server designed for long-term gameplay.
Join for a simple yet feature-rich experience on the most dependable server you can find.

No need to Vote/Donate to become powerful on the server.

Server Location: Ashburn VA, USA
99.9% Up-Time – Online 24/7 Since June 25th, 2020
Official Contact: Discord


BloofMC SkyBlock Server
BloofMC Creative Server

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Welcome to TrifectaMC a different kind of faction server aimed to simulate the real world, or as real as we can get. We have a lot of real life attributes such as a balanced economy with stocks and shops, vehicles like cars planes and tanks, as well as land claiming and so much more. What are you waiting for? Come be a part of the Trifecta today!

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FantasyRealmMC Reborn 1.15.2

Do you want a faithful and unique Minecraft experience?

FantasyRealmMC Reborn is the server for you!

Vanilla Survival+


[​1] Respect all Players on the server
[​2] No hacking, mods, or exploits
[​3] No Griefing
[​4] PvP is not allowed unless agreed upon
[​5] Keep chat spam to a minimum

Here’s a list of some of our awesome features!


  For a semi-casual experience on Hard difficulty!

Extensive Economy including:

    - Store your funds and earn interest!


    - Purchase play stocks (based on real life prices and companies) using in-game currency!


    - Build your own Shop to either buy or sell goods!

  Auction House

    - Auction off items to other Players!

  Server Shop

    - A reliable place to exchange goods for currency or purchase some select items

   like mob spawners, pet eggs & more!


    - Securely trade items with another player for other items or in-game currency!

Playtime Ranks

  Level up and unlock more content, like pets and particle trails, just by playing!

Better Sleeping

  Skipping the night only requires a percentage of players to be in bed!

Chairs & Sitting

  Create usable chairs with stairs or use /sit to enjoy the surroundings!


  Prevents your builds from griefing when used!


  Active discord community with server-chat integration!


  Become proficient in skills for enhanced gameplay!


  Unlock the ability to set your own warps, available for others to use as well!


  Silk touch mob spawners!


  For industrialization and… fun!

Referral Rewards

  Join with a friend to start get some extra in-game currency!

& much more

This server is in active development, meaning I plan to continue adding content and expanding what the server offers. I would appreciate your help in this endeavor, and I hope to see you gaming on FantasyRealmMC Reborn soon!

DISCLAIMER: Minecraft Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB. Please get your parents permission to join.