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Komplx Network!

We are a 1.8-1.19.2 Lifesteal Survival & SkyBlock network

We have just came out of temporary Maintenance, changing hosting providers. With that, our network is now 2x faster, 2x more reliable, and overall a better experience. We have also released our latest project, the new Main Lobby! It’s bigger, better, and more interesting!

We strive on creativity and passion, as to why I have been funding Minecraft servers for over 4 years now, only just creating a webstore for people that would like to donate.

We support Bedrock & Java, come join today!
IP: Port: 25594 (For Bedrock Users)

Additional Links:
Apply For A Position:
Join Our Discord:

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HoneycombSMP | Releasing September 1st | Custom Survival Multiplayer

Honeycomb SMP

We are a minecraft server that is run on minehut, and planning to grow and expand. The server is Survival with so many more features such as, events, jobs, money making methods, parkour, parties, fun commands, ranks, shops, playerwarps and so much more to explore!

General Information
– Server is 1.17, although you can join from any version.
– Bedrock and Java players can both connect to the server.
– The IP address is: COMING SOON
– There is no current server resourcepack, although in future one is planned.

Extra Information for Bedrock playersTo join the minecraft server you must connect to minehut, then type /join COMING SOON. This will transfer you to Honeycomb SMP.
NOTICE: The server is still in the development stage, we will be opening as of September 1st, please join our discord server until then.

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KrimPvP – OG Pure Factions – PvP/Raiding – 1.8 PvP – Recruiting Staff – CS Loot Crates – Fresh Wipe 22nd July

KrimPvP/KrimGaming is a server that is looking to bring back the good old Factions feeling that isn’t really around anymore, all players suggestions will be taken into account so we can build it based on the communities wishes…. Most servers these days are hives of multiple gamemodes, we want to bring it back to the OG Pure Factions/PvP/Raiding fun that used to happen!

We are recruiting Staff/Developers/Builders so feel free to join the discord and website if you want to get more involved!

Keen to see you on the server! IP:

Join our discord here to get more involved!:

Join our website at https:/ (Custom domain coming soon)

Some of our features include:

Factions / McMMO / Shop / Economy (Based around Farming) / PurePvP / Voting Rewards – Active Staff – Silk Spawners and many many more great features!

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Welcome to NRG Network! We are a newly opened server which currently consists of a vanilla+ survival server, a Creative server and a soon to come Skyblock server. We have a non-griefing policy and we have a PvE environment. We have an economy system which also includes quests/jobs and in-game ranks of course. In the upcoming months we will be adding more servers to the network which we will be adding through polls, that our players will be able to vote on. We intend to grow together with the community so we match our communities wishes in the best way possible. With NRG Network we strive to give the best player experience for all of our players by having active staff and frequent updates on bugs and new features. We have officialy launched since the 15th of february, so we are still a small community looking to grow. Feel free to join our discord server to recieve regular updates and get to know our community. We hope to see you soon!

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This is a new Kitpvp Server our planned release date is 5/27/2020!
We’re now offering Leaderboard Rewards at the end of the season!

Season Rewards
1st Place! Lifetime TimeLord Rank
2nd Place! Lifetime Defender Rank
3rd Place! Lifetime Pirate Rank

Here are a few other things you can do on our server!
– Play with Friends
– Experience classic kitpvp style gameplay
– Try and get the most kills of the season for a special reward
– Rankup
– Earn money by getting kills
– Find all 10 Hidden Easter eggs for a special reward
– Talk with our friendly staff team
– And so much more!