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silly little modded 1.16.5 survival server

Small little modded survival server. We are a group of friends playing on a custom modpack which mainly includes Create and Witchery, plus a voice mod and a few vanilla friendly building blocks n stuff. Feel free to join and check us out!

Plugins we use are DiceMC money and Flan

If you need help installing the modpack feel free to message me on discord – relatable#2706

Here is the link for the modpack just drag and drop this into MultiMC or whatever whacky mc launcher you use

See you on the server!

Fur Furries Furry Furrycraft Furryfandom Furryminecraft Furryserver Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Sfw Survival


FurryMC is a sfw minecraft server for both furs and non furs to come together and have a nice economy survival experience!
Some of the things FurryMC can offer!
– A fun and loving community!
– Mall plots to sell items to other players!
– Events!
– Giveaways!
– Custom commands made by our admins!
– Frequent updates!

Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Lgbtqfriendly Megaman Survival

Pluto’s SMP

To join you will need the fabric loader which you can get here:

and the mods which are:


(I forgot to add it to the pack, oops)

if you don’t know how to install fabric mods you can use google.

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The Forge SMP | 1.17 | Java and Bedrock Support

Welcome to your new favourite SMP Server!


– No Phantoms
– Voting Rewards
– Interactive Chat
– Skills (Mining, Agility etc…)
– Claims
– Player Cosmetics
– Playtime Rewards

Join our Discord Server

Bedwars Cool Dreamsmp Fun Funny Lgbtfriendly Lookingforplayers Lookingforstaff Minigames Other Pvp Skyblock Smp


Hello dear visitor! WELCOME TO THE COOLEST MINIGAME SERVER EVER! we are a new community that is looking for members!
we offer:

-junior high school
-creative plots!

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RatsAreUs | Survival Towny | New Server! [1.17.1]

Welcome to Rats Are Us!

The survival towny server that is waiting for you!

Normal difficulty
Brand new!
Server still being worked on daily to add and bring you new stuff!
semi vanilla survival server
Small Server
Lag free!

Build a town and start growing your community!

Version – Latest

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Rhapsody Middle School

Join us to create a wonderful community on our paper-run server! Come find your forever server, where you’re always welcome and valid~
Make lasting memories with us on Rhapsody- what makes us unique is our love to share music throughout the server, bringing players together through song.

Rhapsody is a wonderfully unique server- come join us and help us grow. ♡
What makes Rhapsody special?
Rhapsody is hosted by tiktok musician, StegosaurusBunny, who aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for other artists in the nonbinary community. They have culminated a safe space for the growing LGBTQ community on TikTok, discord, and Minecraft, and they want to welcome you as well!

What’s New?
Events! Join us on Rhapsody to participate in our awesome events, varying in activities and rewards monthly!
Rhapsody is now several months old and has expanded! Come join the fun in exploring the new areas! Always online!

Hosted by a musician and their friends, Rhapsody SMP invites you to join in and have a wonderful time!

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Unicornia PvE Middle School +18

Unicornia is an LGBTQ+ focused and strictly +18 server.
The server is heavily modified and only PvE.
We have custom items, achievements, enchantments, jobs, mcmmo, slimefun, pets, and much more!
You can join the server with version 1.9 and above.
In order to play on the server, you will have to join our discord and link your account first.

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Citizens of Gaming – Towny 1.17

Welcome to Citizens of Gaming! We’re a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with Towny, RTP, Set Homes, economy, and more!
[+] Free Fly Time
[+] LGBTQ* Friendly
[+] McMMO
[+] Multiple Sethomes
[+] Random Teleport
[+] Towny
[+] TPA / Player Teleport
[+] Free Ranks
[+] Economy Plugins
[+] Crates
[+] Shop
[+] Daily Rewards
[+] Always adding more to make it fun for players

Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Furrie Furries Furry Furrycraft Furryfandom Furryfriendly Furryminecraft Furrys Furryserver Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Pvp Roblox Survival Survivalgames Tfp Theserverproject

TFP Semi-Anarchy

The Furry Project is a Semi-Anarchy server
You are free to do whatever you want however there is one rule, unlike a traditional Anarchy server cheating/exploiting will result in a ban

It is not an An anarchy server, unlike Anarchy our server has a few basic rules the main one being no cheating/hacked clients. alongside common respect and ethical treatment towards other players AKA common sense, as of right now griefing and raiding is allowed, but OPTIONAL I like to give the players the freedom to do what they want to do, and it is stated throughout the spawn area that it is highly recommended to build far away from spawn to prevent being raided in the first place.
We also have some plugins to assist players such as /sethome /home and a spawn.

We believe this is the way that notch intended Minecraft to be played

The server is fairly popular at all hours of the day, with an average of 15 online at once, so join up and form an alliance or go it alone, build a base and fight to be the most powerful person on the server.


We also have a discord to stay connected,

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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