Craft Nogriefing Survival Towny Xerus Xeruscraft

Xerus Craft

Server IP:

Server Version: 1.16.1

Server Discord:

Server Description: Xeruscraft is a survival multiplayer server that was created back in 2013, while many players have come and gone over the years, the server continues to provide an enjoyable environment for a multitude of different play styles, whether you enjoy relaxing and building under the protection of your Towny settlement, or testing your strength against your fellow players or custom mobs ranging from undead gladiators to vampires. There are also many custom dungeons being created around the world for players to discover and conquer.

Server Rules:

1.No Griefing (This includes breaking other players blocks, breaking into houses, killing pets etc.)

2.No Scamming or Stealing From Players

3.No Mods That Give You An Unfair Perk or Advantage (Maps are fine, or health bar indicators, if theres something you’re unsure of you can ask any staff member)

4.No Swearing, Spamming, or Offensive Chat/Actions

5.No Advertising Different Servers (You can talk about different servers in conversation of course, just no full out advertising)

6.No Excessive Lag Generators/Farms