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Sammy’s Pixelmon Adventure!

Check out the Discord for instructions on installation!

Welcome to our custom Pixelmon modpack server! Are you ready to put your skills to the test in our challenging gyms and battle against the Elite Four?

But that’s not all – our server also features unique custom towns, each with their own distinct personality. Imagine building your own home in a bustling city or setting up shop in a quiet countryside village. The possibilities are endless!

As we grow, we want to create a welcoming community of players to populate the cities and explore the vast world of Pixelmon. You can even purchase your own property to buy, sell, and trade with other players.

And if you’re looking for something to do, grab your camera and go on a Pixelmon hunt – snap some amazing pictures of the creatures you encounter!

Join us now and be a part of our exciting server adventure.

900 Active Staff Cloud Creative Factions Hardcore Hype Hyper Pixelmon Poke Pokemon Pokemons Prize Prizes Survival


PixelmonSXF Server

Pixelmon survival server, where we bring more than 900 pokemons updated remembering a little of the old times of pixelmon, bring friends and win prizes, daily raffles with active staff and ready to help you in whatever you need

Do you have any doubt ?
join our discord

we are waiting for you to start your pokemon adventure

170 5000 8.3 Blocks Gts Needed No Mods Optifine Pixelmon Poke Pokemon Pokemons Survival Survival Game Train


PixelmonTrainerzEU Server 8.3.0 [1.12.2] With tons of Pokemons
Survival Gamemode With Tons of Help u Need In The Game

Completely Vanilla No Mods Needed
– Shops
– Spawn
– Pixelmon/Pokemon
– Vote System
– Optifine allowed
– Claim (5000 Blocks to a start)
%GTS We didnt use GTS in Here

10000 America American Beginner Exchange Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Pokemons Shadows Shiny Shiny Pokemon Tut Tuto Tutorial Tutorials

Pixelmon Shadows

Server uses Pixelmon Reforged mod as base…
IP: or
Random Legendary Spawn…(without the voting system)…
Spawn of random Shiny Pokemons…
High spawn rate (completely redone)…
Boss spawn with great drops…
Server with American host but without lag…
Skin exchanges on the server…
daily kit with a chance of legendary..
Tutorials for beginners.
Opened on 06/26/21…

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KantoMMO – The 3D Pokémon MMORPG Experience!

Welcome to KantoMMO, a 3D-inspired Pokémon MMORPG based on the original Gameboy Games.

This features the original layout of the Map/Island of Kanto and the first 150 Pokémon able for capture! (eventually!)

So far, this Demo covers most content up to Level 20 and Pewter City/Mt.Moon which includes: –

Main Story/Questline

Side Quests


HUGE Dungeons that increase in difficulty as you progress + Unique Dungeon Rewards

Hundreds of NPCs that makes the world feel alive with individually typed/scripted dialogues

Kanto Gym Challenge


First 10 Players get a FREE SHINY STARTER!

Upcoming/Planned features: – Cerulean Expansion, Player-owned Gyms + Homes/Plots – World Arena for Unique PvP and Breeding rewards – Elite 4 Challenge – New Areas/Expansions – Daily/Weekly Events + Mo’ Quests

Discord –

Modpack Direct Link –
Resource Pack Direct Link –

Server IP –

Youtube Trailer –

MC Version – 1.12.2

Forge Version – 1.12.2-

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Pixelegend the brand new server, And also Cracked vertion, Everyone can join. Start your journey with your freinds and pokemons, Defeat all Gym’s and become a Gym master!

Fresh Server
Crack vertion
Pixelmon mode
Weekly tournaments
Everyday events
Open for whole country
Not pay to play.

Discord Server:
Server Ip Adress:

Hope you see you there.

Cosmos Emo Event Events Pixelmon Pixelmon Server Poke Pokemon Pokemons Sable Smo Team Teams Ustoms Weekly


Pixelmon Server
— active community
—staff responsable
—Pokemons Customs
— Weekly Events

Competition Gym Mcmmo Mobs Mods Mpet Pet Poke Pokemon Pokemons Pokemonserver Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

The Pokemon Server

Welcome to the world of Pokemon (without actual Pokemon mobs) without the need for mods! PvP is the mode of competition, and with some hard work, you might even be a Gym Leader or Champion some day!

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Pokemon Olimpo

1. ¿Qué es Pokemon Olimpo?

Pokemon Olimpo es un servidor de Minecraft destinado a los amantes de Pokemon (o a aquellos a los que les interese algo dicho juego).

En este servidor, podrás establecer un rol de Entrenador Pokemon, el cual deberá de hacerse con todos los pokemons del mundo y convertirse en el entrenador más fuerte.

Podrás participar en competiciones, torneos, misiones y muchas otras cosas más que se organizarán en Pokemon Olimpo.

Si deseas saber todas las normas, comandos, los archivos que tienes que descargar, o deseas realizar cualquier consulta, no dudes en unirte a nuestro discord.

No olvides visitar nuestra tienda online:

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Hello my name is Udder i am the owner of Milkyball and i would happily invite you to join our server, We are a pixelmon server that is in survival mode but we do have KeepInventory on. This means that you will not lose any gear on death. We allow players to build towns using the polis plugin, this way players can build their own communities in our server.

We hold weekly tournaments to put our players to the test, These tournaments will have different kind of challenges. Sometimes you will only be allowed to have lvl 1 pokemons but sometimes it is just a plain old lvl 100 pokebattle.

Our economy system is not to difficult and is pretty plain you can sell almost every pixelmon item and some vanilla minecraft items. With the money you can buy a big vary of pixelmon items.

We do not want our players to have it to difficult so our starter kit is there to give them a boost we also have daily kits with rarecandies for the players that are consistent on our server.

Well if you would like to find our more about our server join us with pixelmon version 5.0.0 beta 12 at: or