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Evolium is a very special minecraft server and is looking for players and beta testers to help it develop in good conditions! Fast and stable server
Our servers are so fast, even sonic can’t catch up with us, it’s crazy, right?!
Welcoming community
We have built an incredible community over the past few months, it’s always a pleasure to chat on our servers!
always online
Our server is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, come whenever you want, we will always be there to welcome you!
The development of the server takes time, that’s why regular events are set up to prepare you for the opening!
homemade plug-ins
All our plugins are created by our developers, they are amazing, you will love them!
Scalable Server
Everything is time;)

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Welcome to Nocturnes!

We are a fun factions server with plenty to do. We are still in development but very close to release. We hope to have you join us soon!

The Owner

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NaCl Industries

New faction server, looking to create a new community
McMMO with Factions aiming to get the feel of factions back to the golden days. No pay to win system, good economy system, 10k world border & Dynmap

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Ultra V

Ultra V is a new factions server that you can play on 1.18 – 1.19 (1.18.2 recommended). We have a great staff team and tons of unique features. There is also a Discord server with lots of fun channels.

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Schattered Factions

This is a FACTIONS server above all. To succeed in this server you should create a faction with as many players as you can recruit so that you can create a strong base. Then raid other’s faction’s base, while also maintaining your own.

We will attempt to always have staff around 24/7 to support our players. You’ll be able interact with many different events & structures within our 800 x 800 spawn area for extra challenges and rewards. Within this area, we provide a PvP arena which all can fight, eight 1v1 Duels Arenas & all outside of Spawn for players to PvP. The remaining of the 12,000 x 12,000 map will be available for factions to claim and destroy at your will. Both the Nether & End are also available for your use. Come play!

First users to join will receive free kits : First server referrals receive FREE Rank upgrades

Here is a list of plugins you can use on our server:

• Factions • MCMMO • Loot Crates •
Old Combat • Anti-Cheat • CombatLogX •
• Flying Carpet • Silk Spawners • Duels •
• AJ Parkour • Ultimate TNT • Libs Disguises •

About Us
Schattered Factions begins with an OG 2013 factions group with years of PVP, base building and destroying, our top servers died out and we had fell out of the factions scene for a bit, but are now back to give you all the sickest and most interactive factions server of all. We’ll be following an original style of old school factions, with 1.8pvp, and a 1.18.2 world.

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A world set in the medieval period where players battle to become the next ruler. In a once peaceful world, now corrupted with an unbalance of Aether creatures and Nether mobs, no one is safe here. CenturionMc is a 1.8.8 factions server like no other. A story is held within, many custom plugins, and a classic feel of factions that brings you back to the glorious days.

Features Include:

The Aether
A great civilization once ruled the skies known as the Aether. The Aether is a twist to the classic Darkzone. Find silverfish here and grind while fighting against undead, Aether guardians, other players and more on a giant sky island. Aether also rains down treasure fairly often and holds a powerful and ancient anvil called the Foundry.

The foundry is an anvil that allows the user to craft powerful weapons and epic loot to help them conquer. The foundry is similar to KOTH. You choose what you want to craft and defend the anvil while your loot is being crafted. Protect it or be knocked. You’ll also have ancient guardians attacking!

No faction server is complete unless it has the classic events and gamemodes. KOTH is included and happens very often. Outposts reward some of the best modifiers and best advantages that make them a must to capture. Envoys are called Treasure Storms. They happen in the Aether. Plenty of loot to share for everyone. Bosses will often happen every so often. Get the most damage in to get the best prizes!

Upgradeable Harvester Hoes
This server has multiple economies that reward being active. Harvester Hoes have many unique upgrades to keep you working hard.

Genbuckets, Faction Tools, Creative Printer, and Chunk Busters
We want to make creating your base simple and not so stressful. We have many gen buckets to make base creation easier. Faction tools like trench pickaxes can knock hundreds of blocks at once. Creative printer to make a building as smooth as butter. And of course chunk busters to destroy entire chunks so you can build the perfect base

Perfect Cannoning
We have tried our best to make this server optimized for cannoning. We run WineSpigot, one of the finest jars for cannoning. We also have optimized every configuration and have plenty of ram + a good CPU to get the server running like water.

This server is still somewhat new. The best part of our community is our adaptability and need to grow. We want to provide an experience that you enjoy. Every season brings new features, balances, and lots of change to keep things fresh. If you want to learn more, hop on or check out our discord! Hope you enjoy CenturionMc!


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Naruto world

Looking for a Minecraft Naruto server? Well this server is for you! A pvp-faction, semi-RP, modded server based on the Naruto universe! The server is kept up to date with your ideas!

Come join the adventure!

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Cannon Wars

Cannonwars is a new, freshly updated Hardcore Factions server. Survive by yourself or between alliances with other teams. The border is 10000 x 10000 blocks from spawn. (0, 0) The use of TnT Cannons and Creeper Eggs for raiding is allowed- protect your chests! You will receive one voting crate key reward for every vote that can be used at a Voting Crate around spawn.

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LunarFire SMP | 1.18.1 | Grief Protections | Slimefun4

LunarFireSMP is just that a survival multiplayer,
PVP allowed,
we have grief protection with slimefun4!
hate mining no problem us also! make machines to do it all for you, explore and fight or live in harmony, its time to make your own story here in Minecraft! we want to invite you to join us on this