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Gotham Network 1.18.1 (Survival SMP)

Main IP: Current Version: 1.18.1Premium and Cracked Supported
-Survival Economy Server-

Mini Games Coming Soon!
Gotham Network is a new and rising Economy Server.
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  • Player Warps and Homes
  • Realistic Experience
  • Custom in Game Ranks and Perks
  • Custom in Game Weapons and Items
  • Custom Mobs and Enchants
  • Grief Prevention
  • /Trade to Prevent Scamming
  • In Game Balance
  • Chest Shops and Auctions
  • Unique Quests and Jobs
  • Discord Support
  • Fun Vote Prizes
  • Party System
  • Many More Amazing Feature Not Listed 🙂
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    DC CRAFT: Minecraft Official Roleplay Server


    DC Craft is a roleplay server for players who love DC Comics and love to roleplay. We are a very serious server and take Roleplay seriously.


    How to Join? join the discord and the admins will help you get started

    Discord Link:

    My Discord Name: EliteTCG#4981


    We have a strikes system if you don’t abide by our rules you will attain a strike. 1 Strike Is a warning, 2 Strike Is a suspension, and the 3rd Strike will result in a ban. Strikes reset every week


    Alts are not allowed on the server. No Alt that is on a different faction then its original character isn’t allowed. But If you want to be a specific version of a character you can, for example If you were to pick Flash (Barry Allen) you will pick the version of the character, For example if i picked Earth 1098 Flash (Barry Allen) No one else will be able to pick a version of Barry Allen.


    You can request something from an admin and be giving approval to do so or not.


    You can suggest anything that you think will help the server improve.

    THE MAP:

    The map has iconic locations that include Metropolis, Gotham, Atlantis, The Watchtower, Themyscira, Titans Tower, and more.


    You start the game with money depending on what character you are and earn money depending on that character. We also are going to have an economy in the server where you can earn and use money.


    Character List:

    Legends Mod Created by Tihyo

    FiskHeroes Mod created by FiskFille

    Metropolis and Gotham made by Berhan :…