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UBS Blockbuster

Hello everyone

We are a server based on 1.18.2 with Citybuild, Freebuild, many useful plugins, admin shops where you can buy and sell your items, special items and admin items that you can collect, 2 farm worlds and 2 nethers on different levels of difficulty, regular end events .
For a change we have mini-games
and on the go Connect Four, Battleships, TicTacToe that you can place on your property.
Our case opening has lots of great items to collect or use, like
Borders and walls for your lots
Permissions uvm.
Everything on UBSBlockbuster can be purchased with in-game money and does not require any real money.

With the jobs you can earn money on the side, whether you like building, farming or enchanting, there is something for everyone to fill your cash register.
Voting for our server rewards you with free boxes for the case opening, ingame money and T-Coins
Our plugins are mostly developed and programmed in-house and are always kept up to date, just like external plugins.

Now New !!!
Each new player receives a starter gear. Entry fee of 50000 ingame dollars and VIP rank

Our community sticks together and is helpful in every respect and have a lot of fun with each other.

The team consists of owner, admin, moderator and security is always there for you and will help you with all concerns, reach ingame or via Discord.

We would be happy if our community would grow a bit and one or the other of you would drop by and get to know our community, the team and the server better. Gladly also with an exclusive introduction.

Important to know
We are not a server of the magnitude of GG and Co. We don’t want that either,
We want nice people who enjoy the game and like to end their day or spend their free time with Minecraft.
News Players between the ages of 20-50

1.18.2 Backward compatible

Port 25565