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Imperial Dynasty

Explore the world and survive, ranking up the system earning you great titles. Start off as a commoner and work your way up to become what ever you want! Or purchase a rank and instantly become nobility of the server up to a King. Claims are enabled as well as being able to sell or lease land or properties. You may take someone’s hearts or make your own and become an overpowered individual.

Coins Color Colors Compete Customizable Emotes Hearts Lets Lifesteal Minecraft Server To Join Modern New Abilities Pvp Resets Tags


Looking for a new Minecraft server to join? Check out our lifesteal server! Here are some of the exciting features that we offer:

Custom Core: Our server has a unique Lifesteal plugin that lets you add or remove hearts with a simple command.
Server Levels: You can level up your account and your hearts, unlocking new abilities and perks along the way.
Coin Shop: Spend your hard-earned coins on a variety of cool items and perks, including Chat Tags, Colors, Ranks, and more!
Teams: Ally with other players to compete with other teams, strategize together to level up your team!
Cosmetics: Customize your character with a variety of fun Particle Effects, Emotes, and Pets that you can purchase from our server store.
Modern Version: Our server is always up to date, so you can enjoy all of the latest Minecraft features.
Resource World: Let resources be renewable! Players can join the resource world that resets every 12 hours.
Custom Generation: Explore custom-generated terrain that breaks away from the basic Minecraft Generation.
Chat Tags: Show off your personality with our customizable chat tags that you can purchase from our store.
Daily Rewards: Log in every day to earn awesome rewards that will help you progress faster!
Join our community today and experience all of the fun and excitement that our server has to offer!

900 Auction Auctions Economy Explore Factions Farm Heart Hearts Lifesteal Power Powerful Premium Rts Survival


SMP, Lifesteal, Auctions and more!
Team up with your friends, build a base, make a farm, explore, kill players, craft hearts, mine, auction and become the most powerful player in the server!

Factions Guilds Hearts Icon Mcmmo Mounts Mystic Proximity Raiding Ranged Roleplay Shard Shards Survival Warden

Mystic Online

When you join, you spawn in with a random amount of hearts
ranged from 8-17 and disc shards to start! When you die, you lose a heart! You can craft a reroll item which will let you reroll your hearts! You can gain a heart by using a Heart Item dropped by a warden or gain them general gameplay! Create Factions & Guilds at the same time! /f create as well as /guild create earn kingdoms “/k” at 120hrs playtime! Earn new perks with more time played! Vote for rewards daily, Full player immersed economy, auctions Weapon Upgrades / Custom Items / Custom Biomes / Custom Currency, Mounts, Donor Cosmetics, Leveled Mobs / Dungeons (WIP), Discord Proximity Voice Chat

1.20 Draw Edition Heart Hearts Java Edition Lifesteal Pmc Pvp Reviv Survival Table Totem Totems Vanilla


The BEST PUBLIC LIFESTEAL Server with craftable hearts, totems of reviving, /withdraw, FREE RANKS and A Friendly Community.
Java edition, any version 1.8 through 1.20, JOIN NOW:

Cracked Economy Euro Europe Hearts Hybrid Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Region Regions Smp Stats Stealing Survival Vanilla

Lifesteal Hybrid

Welcome to LifeSteal Hybrid, a semi-vanilla Cracked Minecraft server with an additional feature where you can steal hearts from other players. When you kill another player, you receive their heart while they lose a heart. This means that the player who kills someone will have a maximum of 11 hearts, and the victim will have 9 hearts.

On our server, PvP is allowed, and we don’t restrict players from stealing or raiding other bases. However, we do have a limit of 30 hearts on the server! If you lose all of your hearts you will be death banned for 5 hours, after which you can join back as your stats will be reset.

We have two servers, one located in Central Europe so players from different regions can easily connect and play with others. Join us today and experience the lifesteal gamemode in a semi-vanilla Minecraft environment.

Beacon Blood Calm Economy Factions Hardcore Hearts Heartsteal Lifesteal Magma Pvp Raiding Reviv Revive Thirst

HeartSteal SMP

– What is this Server?
This is a Minecraft server with HeartSteal, HeartSteal is when you kill a player and gain there heart and they lose a heart, but if you lose all your hearts you are Banned until revived with a “Revive Beacon”

You can also choose clans, you can make a clan that is blood thirsty and wants to raid and kill anyone in there sight, or a calm peaceful clan.

Anarchy Anarchy Server Heart Hearts Hut Ifesteal Kill Lifes Lifestea Lifesteal Minehut Rts Semi Semianarchy Steal


AnarcHeart is a semianarchy server with lifesteal plugin on. You can kill players and gain there hearts.

1.19.3 Cut Farms Grinders Heart Hearts Journey Lifesteal Lives Modifications Pile Pvp Smo Smooth Survival

( 1.19.3 The new and improved smp server bringing back the old days of building mob grinders and farms. This smp server is jam packed with plugins and modifications to help improve and smooth out the player experience through their journeys. The server has compiled dedicated staff too help keep the community clean and fun for everyone to enjoy. We have also implemented a custom anti cheat that doesn’t only detect x-ray but also prevents players from using a feature on most cheat programs called block esp which most likely bypasses any servers anti-cheat, but not ours! This being an “steal” smp server there is a life system, other than lives we use hearts, when you kill someone they will drop a custom item (heart) and you can right click it to redeem it, this is where the steal aspect of the server differs from other “stealsmp” servers; Lives are used to enhance and change the aspect of pvp. We also have a dedicated ip and vps server as well as plenty of ram to help prevent any amount of lag that may occur on the server. Our staff team has dedicated most of their time to added and implementing many plugins to help cutback on lag as well as make the server most enjoyable for anyone to come, We Hope to see you on! ( 1.19.3

Defeat Fight Health Heart Hearts Ifesteal In Minecraft Interesting Lifes Lifestea Lifesteal Mean Miner Rts Twist


This Minecraft server is LifeSteal server
LifeSteal means
Lifesteal is a game mode in Minecraft where you fight players. While this may sound like a generic PvP minigame, there is an interesting twist. Every time you defeat a player, you’ll steal their health, resulting in your gaining more hearts and them losing some

Time to start server
8Am and 8pm