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Nexarcania: Roleplaying Community

Nexarcania: Roleplaying Community Minecraft Server
Nexarcania: Roleplaying Community Minecraft Server
Discord: | MCF Post: ✨Nexarcania: Roleplaying Server ✨ Dynamic Events, Dungeons, McMMO, Custom Weapons, Magic, Brewery, Plants and more! – PC Servers – Servers: Java Edition – Minecraft Forum – Minecraft Forum

Nexarcania invites you to immerse yourself in a dedicated roleplaying world, where maintaining your character’s persona is a fundamental aspect of the experience. To enhance your roleplay journey, we’ve incorporated a variety of engaging plugins, including character cards, a dynamic chat system, a flourishing economy that enables merchant characters to establish their own shops, a bespoke brewery plugin for crafting exquisite beverages, an array of exotic plants to cater to the needs of farmers and druids, as well as a vibrant cast of NPCs offering intriguing quests, and more. Step into the realm of Avandor, where you can join like-minded, mature roleplayers in crafting a one-of-a-kind and adventurous narrative.

Ascending to Avandor is a straightforward process. We don’t demand a comprehensive character biography from you, but rest assured, we maintain a high standard of roleplaying. However, fret not, for this is an inclusive haven! If you’re new to the world of roleplaying, our supportive community is here to guide you in the right direction. Simply join our discord and take a look at our MCF post to get whitelisted! It takes no more than 5 minutes!

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SquishyCore is a public Bedrock + Java server that supports all versions above 1.16, We are a small community that are forked from 4 previous servers that are all closed; FTFO, PixelPunchers, SquishyCraft and ArcaneMC. We hope to bring back the love from all of them servers as well as make our own community in the process.

Join us today using the IP listed :)!

2023 Arcane Classic Minecraft Content Dedi Download Magi Magic Modpack Progression Pve Economy Tech Technic Technicpack Upload

Arcane Classic

Arcane Classic Minecraft Server

24/7 magic/tech modpack

– 100+ Mods
– Dedicated Staff
– Active Community
– Progression System
– In-game ranks

Download and join the official server today!
Discord –

1.9 Arcane Bedrock Server Earth Factions Geo Geopol Geopolitical Java And Bedrock Politic Political Pvp Roleplay Scale Survival

Geopolitical Arcaneva

Arcaneva is a Minecraft 1.1.9 Java and Bedrock server where you can lead or support a nation on EARTH at Full Scale! What’s stopping you from having a good time?!

1.19.2 Arcane Creators Creeper Creeper Farm Ender Dragon Galaxy Mcc Playlist Smpvanilla Sugarcane Survival Survivalserver Whitelisted Wither

Galaxy SMP – Vanilla 1.19.2 SMP – Seeking Content Creators!

Galaxy SMP!

Galaxy SMP is a dedicated 1.19 Minecraft Survival Whitelisted Server. We are currently looking for 5 new members to join the server that are active. smaller Content creators are preferred at this moment!

Galaxy SMP is currently post ender dragon and pre wither with various farms, We have a creeper farm, Pigman Farm, A Mega Sugarcane Farm and more being built every day!

You can check out some of the stuff we get up to here!

To apply please Message me

Arcane Cold Construction Economy Factions Geopol Geopolitical Interesting Minecraft 1.16 Politic Political Pvp Resourcepack Roleplay Survival

Geopolitical Arcaneva

Arcaneva Geopolitical is a Minecraft 1.16 server based on the Cold War era, it’s mainly about Roleplay – Construction and more interesting activities, we have our own resourcepack and you don’t need mods!

1.9 Anime Arcane Ball Content Dbs Dbz Dragon Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Block C Dragonblockc Faction Pvp Gon Saga

Dragon Block Arcane

This is a Minecraft Server based on Dragon ball Z anime using Jins Dragon Block C Mod includes DB and DBZ content as well with DBS, and GT saga in the following updates!

Arcane Disaster Disasters Isa Mini Games Moon Natural Disasters Protected Pve Pvp Racing Roleplay Stable Sun Survival

Arcane Realm

Grief-Protected Survival – but the worldline is unstable and there are natural disasters.
Choose your timeline!
Sky Racing
Bedrock Compatible

Aesthetic Arcane Control Economy Exclusive Lets Mmorpg Occult Optifine Pve Skin Skins The Warden Vanilla Warden

Reorda Online

Join soon for the exclusive “Alpha Tester” tag!

Reorda Online is an MMORPG Server just entering Alpha!

Battle powerful bosses with friends!
Collect unique loot with awesome effects!

Command the elements and the arcane with the Occultist class
Control the flames of creation and stop time with the Warden class
Rain a shower of bullets on your enemies with the Gunslinger class

Featuring custom items and armors that work without optifine!
Choose from a collection of premade skins that fit the lore and aesthetic of the server!

Join now and explore the world of Reorda today!

Arcane Cold Construction Economy Factions Geo Geopol Geopolitical Interesting Minecraft 1.16 Politic Political Pvp Resoucepack Roleplay

Geopolitical Arcaneva

Arcaneva Geopolitical is a Minecraft 1.16 server based on the Cold War era, it’s mainly about Roleplay – Construction and more interesting activities, we have our own resoucepack and you don’t need mods!