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Are you more of a Jedi?

Or do you prefer the dark side as Sith?

You love to hunt others as a bounty hunter?

Join the unique experience of XWING MC and choose your own path!

A Star Wars themed Towny Survival Minecraft Server!

Adventure Moddedserver Starwars Story Survival

The Rise of Thrawn

This is a Star Wars modpack to represent my love for Star Wars. This modpack will hold my personal server. Within that server, there is custom npc questlines, massive hand-built Star Wars related buildings, and everything is survival based! Grow in the power of the dark side, or grow in the power of the light. Enjoy! If you did not get the server in multiplayer, the ip is (the server is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back up no later than January of 2023. We appreciate your support and patience!). I would also recommend joining our discord server:

Other Pvp Roleplay Starwars

Starpix RP Server

It is a time of strife, as the clone wars rages on in this alternate timeline, where Palpatine was found out to be a Sith and killed and his apprentice Count Dooku has taken up the helm of genuinely leading the Confederacy of Independent systems to win the war. Meanwhile the Jedi, from their temple on Taris, the capital of the Republic, seeks to unify the republic at all costs, even if it means leading clone armies in war and losing their way! Master Yoda hopes to end the wars before his Jedi order becomes corrupted through constant fighting. Choice your side, join the heroes of that faction, and bring peace to the galaxy!

(This server is still a major work in progress and I am seeking builders and staff)

-This is a roleplay survival server!
-This server requires a modpack, we also use an interview and whitelist system-
All mods belong to their respective owners and can be found via Curse Forge

Contact me at [email protected]
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Creative Enterprise Megabuild Startrek Startrekmc Startrekserver Starwars Starwarsmc Trek

TrekCraft | Star Trek & Star Wars Megabuilds in Minecraft

Welcome to the TrekCraft Server!

Who we are, and what we do

We are a Minecraft creative megabuild server which primarily builds starships from the Star Trek and Star Wars universe’s. Our server features ships like the USS Enteprise-D (ST:TNG), USS Voyager (ST:Voyager), The JJ-Enterprise (ST 2009, Into Darkness, and Beyond), The Venator Class (Clone Wars Era), and the Tantive IV (Rebels, A New Hope, etc.).

These builds are all faithfully recreated above a 1:1 scale. This means our builds can feature the highest level of detail and fidelity. We also use a custom modpack and resource pack to be able to have over 1000+ custom textures to build with.

How you can visit the server

The TrekCraft server is currently running on Minecraft version 1.12.2, with Forge v2860. To join you will need to have our custom modpack, and resource pack to be able to join and view the entire server. This can be found by going to our Discord, in #general-chat. Once you have this you can join the server by using our IP, to connect.

You can also join our Discord server where all of our team hangs out. Here you can also find links for how to join, how to build with us and more!

Can I build?

Yes you can! If you think you’ve got what it takes and wanna join us as we build out these ships, or even have a project idea of your own you can check out the #apprentice-application channel on our Discord. This will give you everything you need to get setup.

Faction Pvp Friendlystaff Models Quests Roleplay Starwars Texturepack


Have you been looking for a Star Wars themed Minecraft Server? Well join now for an exclusive look into the planets of Ilum, Tatooine, and a custom wilderness planet: Rellan. Create a faction, craft sabers, join tournaments, do quests, and so much more! PLAY NOW!

Battle Community Familyfriendly Friends Fun Pvp Pvparena Starwars

Imperial Network

Welcome to the Imperial Network!

Imperial Network is a Star Wars Minecraft server. We re-create things from the Star Wars universe, such as battles, PVP Arena, Wookie Training and more! Why should you join us? We have one of the coolest experiences then any other Star Wars server out there in Minecraft! We run battles regularly, and we are open 24/7! We also are home to a free-build creative server with features such as World Edit, Armor Stand Editor and more to come! We hope you decide to join us soon! And May the Force be with you.

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Jedi Craft

If you’ve never played JediCraft before, you’re in for a treat. JediCraft is a GTA-styled Star Wars gamemode where you can explore an open world, loot chests, and pvp using lightsabers, guns, grenades, and vehicles!

We are aiming to make the highest quality Star Wars game mode yet. At JediCraft, you’ll find:

➥ 3D Models & Textures
➥ Custom Plugins
➥ Detailed, Large Map
➥ Lots of easter-eggs and quest locations

This isn’t just any normal JediCraft, this game mode will have exciting new features such as:

➥ Variable rare chest spawning
➥ New recoverable item mechanics
➥ Lootable NPCs
➥ Player Shops
➥ And much more!

Roleplay Starwars

Galaxy Wars Star Wars

This is a Star Wars server. Join the Galaxy now!
When you first Join the server you get to choose between Jedi, Sith or Mandalorian. Each class contains 5 free ranks that you can get by winning xp and leveling up. You can craft your saber or blaster by going to the dungeon and mining materials. To get XP you can also go to the dungeon and kill all the custom mobs we have. If you want to get money you can go to Wild and start your on farm to gain money and buy better armor.

Abilities Customenchants Factions Freeworld Guns Roleplay Starwars Storyline

Galaxies Horizon

Star Wars! in Minecraft!
We offer a custom storyline for you to follow, bounties, side-quests, etc.

But to give you a reason to do that?


Complete Bounties to gain money to upgrade yourself or maybe dominate the galaxy…

With custom weapons abilities to turn you into a mandalorian, or lightsabers to become a force wielder…or maybe even guns to become a clone, rebel, you know the deal!

Oh you can also explore over 10 planets!


Beta Release is Christmas 2020, join the discord for more info!

Jedi Jeditemple Lecker Kaffee Minecraft Roleplay Smiley9000 Starwars

The Universe of Star Wars

Hello little Padawan, welcome to the Jedi Temple from Star Wars. This Server is just in the Alpha so it is not finished built, so you can’t do so much now, but later it wil be a place with hundreds of things. So why waiting? Let’s Go! Come on the server and be a real Jedi!!!