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Tranquility Craft {21+} {All of Fabric 3}

Welcome to Tranquility Craft, a private server for All of Fabric 3!

We are a small whitelisted 21+ server for All of Fabric 3. We’re a small community of older Minecraft players looking to chill and enjoy modded Minecraft with other people. If you’re interested in joining us please apply to the whitelist here:


1. Don’t be rude. Respect other members and staff.
2. Listen to staff members.
3. No large explosives or lag generating contraptions (subject to staff discretion).
4. No x-raying or exploitation.
5. No PVP unless both parties agree to it.
6. Keep the environment beautiful. No floating trees. Fill in creeper explosions to the best of your ability.
7. Claim your base. Items lost due to not having a claim will not be replaced.
8. You must be 21 or older to play on this server.
9. Common sense rules apply. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is.
10. Have fun and chill! 🙂

Here is a link to the modpack:

Multiplayer Smp Survival Vanillatweaks


Add me on discord: resolv_ #3599

Join the official enderender Discord (, drop your minecraft username, snag the IP, and craft endlessly…

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Welcome to the Latenighters server! We are a vanilla+ server with minimal add-ons.
This server is just starting out, so the world is fresh, spawn is fresh, and just looking for new people! For applications, apply on the discord server:

NO griefing, stealing, or being disrespectful to anyone. Doing so will result in a ban. We do allow cursing in moderation.
We encourage our community to stream and make videos, but you don’t have to.

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ComparatorCraftSMP {semi-vanilla} {Hermitcraft inspired} {Discord} {Dynamap} {whitelisted} {survival SMP} {Java} {1.16.3}


is a Hermitcraft inspired semi vanilla whitelisted survival multiplayer server built on trust. If you’re a builder, technical Minecraft player, or a Redstoner you will love our server. This server benefits from active long term players that want to be involved in a very active and friendly community. We will try to have a very nice community and anyone from around the globe is welcome on our SMP. The plugins, data packs, commands, and our server software are here to enhance the vanilla experience and provide additional performance benefits.

Whether it is a sick-looking megabase, a nice humble starter house, or a mega farm perimeter you’re allowed to build anything you want as long as you build appropriately and not too close to any other peoples builds without their permission. We openly allow any farms to help you gather resources but we do not allow item duplications (TNT and carpet duping are allowed though).

Our Discord (where you can apply): [url=”“][/url]

Our Dynmap:

Our rules: [url=”
[/url]Additional information: [url=”“][/url]

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Hive Mind SMP [{Vanilla1.16.3 + Datapacks}{Discord}{Scicraft-like}{MATURE}]

Welcome to the Hive Mind SMP!

We are a small vanilla Minecraft server running on the latest version of Minecraft (PaperSpigot 1.16.3) with some datapacks to enhance our experience. Our goal as a server is to stick together to work together to build big farms, gather resources, and share the game and our talent together. You can always go build somewhere across the infinite map, that is totally fine, but don’t be a hermit!

We share resources other than diamonds and Netherrite, and all farms are community farms. If you need resources for a build you want to do, take some from our storage! But please be considerate of the group effort. This is not a Hermitcraft clone, I want us to stick together and work together!

We will be launching the server starting in a couple weeks at most, maybe sooner. It’s just me and my 2 admins right now, so I want to get a good amount of players before we start!

We are looking for mature players with all ranges of experience to join us in our server, please have screenshots and/or videos of your accomplishments in Minecraft for us to see!

Server Rules

#1: No harassment, hate speech, racism, sexism, or hateful/discriminatory language of any kind. This will result in a ban.

#2: No griefing. We are all working together to progress, and some, if not all of us, will be building our own bases from the resources we collect. Griefing will result in a ban.

#3: No cheating, hacks, duping etc. We will allow carpet, rail, and tnt duping only. Again, we’re all working together, so there’s no reason to cheat.

#4: No PVP outside of dedicated PVP events/areas without consent, this is supposed to be a peaceful server.

#5: Don’t be a hermit. We want to work together on big projects, although you can go far out to work on a build, just please do not disappear forever.

#6: Keep political talk out of chat. You can have your ideas and theories, just keep them to yourself.

#7: No inappropriate builds, pixel art, etc.

#8: This is a mature server, therefore profanity is allowed. Do not abuse this permission or you will receive a warning, as we have members under 18 on our server.

#9: Report all rule violations and general questions/concerns to admin or owner in the form of a DM.

How to Join

Follow this link to join our discord, and fill out an application on the applications channel. An admin or owner will DM you to let you know if you’ve been accepted!

Feel free to DM me or comment with any questions you might have. Thanks for reading!

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Klublock Semi-Vanilla Survival Server (Soon to open) [1.16.2]

Klublock is a semi-vanilla survival server currently brunning in 1.16.2, updated whenever stable updates come out. We have several plug-ins active to enhance your playing experience, such backpacks. New plug-ins are added regularly, either to enhance vanilla or as result of players voting.

You can start off by doing /wild, to get resources, claim land, or start a awesome town with your friends. The sky is the limit and only your imagination limits the possibilities!

Our staff is always hard at work to protect your claims, resolve any problems and entertain our players. We’re not accepting any new staff, without due process, as we aim to have a well-coordinated team present at all times.

We have several well-made starter towns to help you out getting through your early days, along with public warps to farms and server-builds. When uncertain if we have a certain farm, you can always ask our staff or your fellow players!

Special arenas are made for a challenging form of PvP! Check them out via the warps.

Our patrons contribute to give a well-maintained server that will work its hardest to give you the best experience you can have! Donations grant you extra perks, such access to certain commands and daily, weekly, or monthly kits of free stuff.

(This is a new page for the old Klublock Server page set up by ItzMelty. Removal of the old one pending)

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Hermitcraft Ripoff | Whitelisted SMP Inspired by Hermitcraft | Just reset for 1.16 (whitelisted, read desc to apply)

Hey guys, so I have recently reset my hermitcraft ripoff server and I am looking for active server members to join, active meaning you will play frequently, probably around an hour or so a week at least. We use all of the same vanilla tweaks datapacks as legit hermitcraft and the same seed as hermitcraft season 7. This server is whitelisted and I do trust you guys not to grief or harm anything on the server as I want to create the most fun experience for all of the players and to make it as similar to hermitcraft as possible. If you would like to join in on the action, please join the discord server below to apply for a whitelist and if you can not do that for whatever reason let me know on this post.

We don’t really have rules on this server, more just guidelines as all of our members are treated equally and share the server evenly. I just ask that you please keep it fun and family friendly. As far as age, we don’t have an age limit or whatever, but please act mature. Thanks everyone! Also, the ip ( will work but you need to message me to be whitelisted, im only looking for 10-20 members and I will let you know if the player cap fills up.

The screenshots are from the previous season but we just reset. to apply for a whitelist

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Finite Fortress (Vanilla+) (Factions PVP) (PVE content coming)

Finite Fortress is a factions server where people have to fight to get anywhere, where no reward is without risk.

-Minimal plugins and intact vanilla power curve (you still have to go from stone->iron->diamond etc).
-Borderline anarchy: only rules are don’t cheat and don’t intentionally lag the server.
-Good server stability for 10-15 players.
-World border only goes out to 5k in all directions to necessitate fighting over resources
-Higher difficulty than vanilla hard mode so mobs actually are a threat.
-No self promotion, link spam in chat, overbearing staff, unnecessary rules, or gameplay benefits for donation.
-(top priority) Unique PvE system with player-made dungeons featuring bosses and special enemies that have to be fought over and can be repurposed as bases with special perks.
-Community of largely teens and adults.
-(coming very soon) Economy that requires physical movement of large amounts of emerald or gold to use as currency.
-(coming soon) New items obtained from dungeons or for lots of money at shops designed specifically to enhance and diversify factions and raiding other players such as weapons that destroy terrain, grant new movement options, or have special status effects on other players. Many of these will only be put into the world once meaning you should see many unique playstyles. And it will barely be even possible for the top players to run the same setup.
-Powerful loot caches and oddities scattered around the map to reward exploration.
-Tweaked factions plugin that makes the control of most of the map possible by one faction at the cost of being able to lose it just as fast.

Server in West Coast U.S
Disclaimer: both discord and server chat are offensive and not for everyone.
Version 1.13.2 (UPGRADING SOON)

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OpenCraft 1.16 HermitCraft Based Survival

OpenCraft is a vanilla gameplay survival server with minimal plugins such as CoreProtect and Vanilla Tweaks to stop griefing and add the official hermitcraft datapacks.

We are an active community of players who love survival and love the idea of a community!

Come join at

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TwistedCraft is a brand new survival multiplayer server for grown ups.

Running some of XISUMAVOIDs vanilla tweaks pack, and staying true to the Hermitcraft style.

Entry is whitelisted and is by application only.

18+ Only.
Discord Required.

We want to create a strong adult community of minecrafters to enjoy this game together.

Content creators welcome and wanted! Twitch, youtube, whatever your platform, we welcome all content creators here. Though of course it isn’t a requirement.

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