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MessyMedieval – Historical/Fantasy Build Server 「Plots | WorldEdit」

We are a Minecraft creative community and server with a strong interest in historical and realistic architecture. Our core aim is to create immersive and believable builds with fully interactive interiors at human scale, in vanilla Minecraft.

Anyone is welcome to build on the MessyMedieval server. We have a freeplots world that is open to the public, with no restrictions on world edit or other building tools. Furthermore we have a flexible plot system allowing plots to be merged to reach a desired size.

MessyMedieval has a rank progression system where users can submit their builds for approval, gaining access to larger plots and challenging themselves further in an effort to reach the rank of Master within the community.

We have a friendly and welcoming community, Join us today!

  Server features:

  • Creative Mode
  • Building Plots
  • Free WorldEdit
  • Custom plugins
  • Build submissions & coaching
  • Categories
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    Aliquam Creative [1.12.x][Private Worlds][Fawe/Arceon/VS/gB/gP] – Online since 2011!

    Friendly creative space for everyone! Since 2011!

    Too tiny plots? Small WE limits? No free WE access? Well, it is time to say no and give our server a go!

  • Plots? What about WORLDS? On our server, each player automatically receive his own world!
  • Worlds sizes are dynamic starting from 320×320(map width in blocks!) for players up to 3248×3248 and more for Architects.
  • Worlds are configurable: You can add member, set it public/private, choose generator/seed, disable physics, projectiles and many more. You can even like somebody’s world. (Forever alone version: You can even like your world!) Here you can see the screenshot from “/plot settings”:
  • Players are granted permanent access to WorldEdit straight away after joining with base limit of 50.000 blocks(per one operation). And VoxelSniper for voting everyday as well as doubled WE limit which is 100.000 blocks!(per one operation)
  • Unique plugins developed for our creative server to provide the best building experience.
  • Players can team up and get ranks together.
  • Highly experienced administration.
  • You want to finish your project from other server? No problem! We can upload your project to your own world.(limited to bigger projects) Then you can download your world at any time with just one command and upload it here on Planet Minecraft!
  • Random info:
    -There are separate private chat channels. You can see who is on which one by doing “/who”.
    -Everyday at 8:30 UTC there is a restart with backup to the other machine. It takes a couple of minutes.
    -Server was established under Polish domain in 2011. Changed to “.org” domain in 2014.

    Server Builds: