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Simply Survival is an open world Minecraft survival server that is made for fun, and only fun. There are jobs you can join with a working economy. We are planning to build a wonderful community that’s built like a family. We look forward to seeing you there!

– No Phantoms
– Keep Inventory
– Jobs
– Player Shops
– Active Staff Members
– Grief Prevention


Server IP:

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Looking for a server that stays true to the survival aspect but has just a little bit more? Looking for a server with an economy?

This is the server for you!

Shops to buy and sell your rare goods, Warps to get around to all of the mainstream places and a random teleport to explore the map, Sethomes up to five for all you peeps who like to travel and need to get back to that one specific place and Claims so that the griefers can’t touch your builds! With an almost infinite world, you can rest assured that there won’t be any shortage of supplies or space! There’s so much to see and build, why not come and check it out!!

Multiple leveling ranks!

Staff Ranks!

More updates coming in the morning!

Go check out our discord:

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Sonic MC

SonicMC is a 1.15.2 PvE Survival Economy Minecraft Server. SMC has a nice, friendly community with players that are very helpful! SMC also has an in-game rankup system that does not require real money. We are also currently looking for additional staff members.