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HotSun Server Minecraft

I am glad to introduce you the HOTSUN server

The server is running version 1.19.2.

Wipes – absent.

Donat – absent.

Lots of different, interesting plugins.

You will no longer see ordinary residents, they are in the past! (new residents on the screenshot)

Look for Christmas gifts at spawn! (example in screenshot)

Realistic seasons on the server (not with real time)

Convenient interactive menus. /menu /kit

Change the skin to a pirated version! /skins

No world limits, RPT with 30k block radius!

Over time, your prefix changes – beginner / player / veteran / old.

Cool store heads in the form of various decor items! /hdb

The game chat is connected to the discord!

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Java & Bedrock IP:

CapstoneMC – 1.18+ Network:
We offer many different servers differing to all types of playstyles. We present interactive and unique systems to create an amazing experience for everyone! All of our servers have a /SHOP and /AH. Easy to learn and convenient. Non-P2W unlike most servers. Made for a good experience!

Creative server to test your builds.
Arcade server for exclusive rewards; for free!

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Aged Realms

Aged Realms is a Minecraft Java server running on version 1.19. Its a Towny server with MCMMO, ranks, jobs and over 500 quests. There is also a Dynmap, so you can get a glimpse inside of the server before you join. More in-depth details about each of the main features found on Aged Realms can be found below.

A fully interactive live-map of all 3 main worlds, which displays updated versions of the terrain, player movement and what is built. There are multiple views for the map

On Aged Realms we use the most advanced version of the towny plugin which is extremely simple to use and operate. You can join or create your own town, claim the land for your town and get right to work! You have full control over your claim land, including disabling mob spawns, disabling PVP, choosing who can break and place blocks in certain areas amongst other aspects of the land. You can open up your town for people to join, or keep it solo and do your own thing!

Hands down the best MMORPG plugin every server needs. This plugin adds in a whole range of unique skills with special abilities, and allows you to level them up to improve the effectiveness of said skills. There are leaderboards, and plenty of skills to focus on!

Auction house and marketplace:
The server chooses a player run economy, where the players choose what they want to sell. You can sell certain items to the server, however if you want to buy items you must buy from other players. This is to ensure a functioning economy, with fluctuating prices depending on supply and demand. You can purchase items from the auction house, or from the marketplace!

There are plenty of ranks to progress through which are bought using in game money. These ranks will provide you with unique perks, and boosts that will help you along your survival journey!

One of the most exciting features on Aged Realms is the jobs plugin. This plugin allows you to join jobs, and earn money doing things you love! The jobs are all level based and can be improved as you perform the tasks.


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Welcome to Crafted SMP (1.19.4)! Our survival SMP (Beta) server has just been released for testing. We are looking for chill survival players to help start our SMP community. For our release, we are offering all new players VIP rank ($5) for free! We offer a variety of unique features on our server including some of the following,

– Voting rewards
– In-game Shop GUI
– Gambling Casino
– Mineable Spawners
– Playtime rewards
– Free crate keys /daily
– Angel Chests
– Backpacks
– Upgradable claims
– Battlepass
– Interactive chat

We are currently looking for active staff and media members to monitor and promote our platforms. If you are qualified, please make an application (links in discord)!

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Our server is suitable for every type of player, from beginner to advanced

We present you a server with interactive systems and consistent configurations and beautiful looks. HypeLegends has real quality both technically and visually for many hours of work

The server is easy to understand and fun to play, the interactive features will keep you hooked in the game and the different features will get your work done

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Kawaii Craft

Welcome to Kawaii Craft, where players can create their own adventures in a world of possibilities. Our server has some of the best plugins including Dynmap, Factions, Economy and Skills to improve the gaming experience and make it even more interesting.

Dynmap is a map plugin that provides players with an interactive map of the world. Dynmap allows players to explore their surroundings, find resources and choose the best locations for their bases. The map is always updated so players can see what’s going on in the world at all times.Factions is a plugin that allows players to create factions and ally with other players. Factions can compete against each other and compete for territory, encouraging competition and cooperation.

Factions is a great plugin for PvP fans who like to compete against other players. The Economy plugin provides players with a comprehensive economy system where they can buy and sell goods, trade and build their own business. The Economy plugin also allows players to earn money by completing tasks or mining resources. It’s a great plugin for gamers who would like to build a thriving economy.

Skills is a plugin that allows players to develop skills and track their progress. Players can earn experience points to upgrade their skills and unlock new abilities. Skills also allow players to unlock various rewards that can help them in the game. Our Minecraft server provides an exciting environment for players to showcase their creativity and skill.

With Dynmap, Factions, Economy and Skills, players can create their own unique experience and live their adventures in the world of Minecraft. We look forward to welcoming you to our server!

Feel free to join on our Discord :

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PrimeGames is a thriving Minecraft server that has been in operation since 2017. The server offers a variety of engaging game modes including prison, sky block, and more modes that are set to arrive soon. Players can expect an immersive and interactive experience that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

One of the standout features of PrimeGames is its amazing community and player base. The server has fostered a welcoming and inclusive environment where players can come together and enjoy the game modes on offer. The community is active and supportive, with players from all around the world participating in the various modes.

In the prison game mode, players will find themselves incarcerated in a virtual penitentiary, where they must work their way up through the ranks to achieve freedom. This is accomplished through various tasks and activities, such as mining, farming, and trading with other players. The sky block game mode is set on a floating island in the sky, where players must use their wits and resources to survive and thrive.

As mentioned, PrimeGames is continuously expanding and adding new game modes, providing players with fresh and exciting challenges to tackle. With its impressive community and engaging gameplay, it’s no surprise that PrimeGames has become a beloved Minecraft server among players of all ages and skill levels.

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DND Craft is a unique survival server, that is built based on new, unseen, unique, and interactive ideas and changes, to provide the best game experience. A team made of very experienced individuals, who know the game inside and out, will make sure that the players not only have an amazing experience, but also promise to leave you with long-lasting memories.

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Olymposcraft is one of the most fun and interactive Minecraft servers. Survial offers players many different gaming experiences with Creative and PvP modes. Help you have the best Minecraft experience with up-to-date server list and game guide

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Limaru City Server

Hello! We’re the Limaru City Server, a community of Minecraft players who like creative building and transportation.

Our motto is: Innovate, Create, Experience. In Limaru, we pride ourselves in being one of the most open and welcoming Minecraft communities, and we are always looking to learn and share new ideas and concepts with each other. We want to make the server experience as awesome as possible, so we strive to make our server as interactive as possible.