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Mythic Midgard

Welcome to Mythic Midgard, the LOTR+ server

We’re a brand new server dedicated to making a Lord of The Rings Mod community. We feature unique quests and playerhubs around the map. Events are held periodically in the theme of the pack. Player-led faction interactions are encouraged, ranging from warfare to trade agreements and alliances. Fight for the free people, or fall for the tempting power of the Sauron.
  We use the latest mod version of 1.7.10, along with a few other mods (list found below). The lightweight modpack can be found using the dropbox link in the description, or found on Technic launcher. If you are planning to install mods on your own, we use forge_1.7.10_10.13.4.1614, (the recommended 1.7.10 version). A dropbox link can also be found on our discord page. We hope to see you soon!


Dropbox Link

Discord Link

Additional Mods:

  -Forbidden Magic
  -Thaumic Horizons
  -Middle-Earth Thaumaturgy
  -Tainted Magic
-Ars Magica 2
– Ancient Warfare
-Carpenter’s Blocks