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Altepec Java 1.17.1 server (not available)

Please don’t try to access to server yet. We are working on it!
If you want to know the progress, visit the project

P.D.: When the project is 40%-60% complete, I will need help for build up to 20’000 houses, to give a sense of diversity. Later, I will decide if it can be in this server or by sending me the buildings.

Altepec is the official capital of Adagium, result of mutual cooperation between Gematia, Axis and Stravia. That is why it houses all the embassies, international organizations, and the nation government and its dependencies.

It’s a planned city built on a large meadow and next to the bay, it has an area of 49kmĀ². Its plan and urban design are inspired by places, like Brasilia, Songdo and Tenochtitlan.

Its buildings are based by international style and metaphoric architecture, and a lot of original ideas, which are a synthetic representation of each buildings function. Some interesting buildings are the national tower, stadium, cathedral, mayor’s palace, science and technology institute, art museum, and hospital.

The Altepec Subway (it’s really a “superway”, no underground), called Intervia, covers the transport service for population and important sites, with 10 coordinated lines and connections throughout the country. All railways pass over the ground level in color tubes.
Other transports are the international airport, able to serve crowded flights, and the passengers and container terminals of the port, which joins land and sea.

Altepec has green areas in every street and sector, to create a city in sinergy with its environment and develop creativity and imagination. The downtown is completely surrounded by a lake, where everyone can enjoy the amazing landscapes and take a boat ride. Further, there are a zoo, an acuarium, a large farmland and a natural reserve.

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Spectrum Minecraft

Welcome to Spectrum Minecraft!

Spectrum is a server run by veteran Minecraft players with the goal of offering a professional and enjoyable environment to play in, with a focus on providing an incentive-driven progression of play alongside the sandbox nature of Minecraft. Players on Spectrum MC will experience an enhanced Minecraft experience, with a player-driven economy, McMMO stats and training, community-run shops, farms, and museum exhibits, as well as friendly, active staff whose priority is creating the best player experience possible.

– PvP + PvP Arena
– Economy
– Player Shops
– Housing Plots
– Server Shop
– Museum
– Land Claims
– Natural Rank Progression
– Donor Perks!
– Jobs

We’re a new server, so take the opportunity to become a founding member of the next big Minecraft server! Join Spectrum Minecraft today!

Adventure Custom Museum Vanilla

The Museum

I built a museum in Minecraft and I figured I’d put it up because I don’t have many people to show it to otherwise.The Museum is open to explore, and I’ll probably continue to add more halls, exhibits, and whatnot.

I would love to see if anyone can figure it out.

Currently an adventure map with plans to expand survival once I figure out plugins. — * **Rules**: – No Griefing- Be respectful- No mods/hacks

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Galactic Craft 1.15.2 – Movecraft – Factions – Guns – Minigames

Galactic Craft is a server that was established in 2014 as a Realm. Since then, we’ve grown into a larger community. You can have flyable ships, guns, PVP players, join Capture The Flag matches, fight against custom mobs, and more! The server is primarily factions, but you have to be smart about what you do. We hope to see you soon! We wish to see larger battles with you taking part in them! Join at
Here’s a list of what we have!

+Custom Guns!
+Custom Plugins!
+Custom Events!
+Custom Heads!
+Flyable spaceships, boats, and submarines!
+Custom Resource Pack!
+Unique Ranks!
Here are the guns we have!

+E-11 Blaster
+DH-17 Blaster
+DL-44 Blaster Pistol
+TL-50 Heavy Repeater
+DC-15 Blaster Rifle
+DC-15A Blaster
+T-21 Blaster Rifle
+DL-18 Blaster Pistol
+E-5 Blaster
+SE-14C Blaster Pistol
+DLT-19 Blaster Rifle
+RT-97C Blaster Rifle
+EE-3 Blaster Rifle
+EE-4 Blaster
+DLT-19X Blaster Sniper
+CJ-9 Bo Rifle
+MPL-57 Barrage Launcher
+Thermal Imploder
+Sonic Imploder
+Flash Grenade
+Impact Grenade
+X-8 Night Sniper
+E-5C Blaster Rifle
+DC-17 Blaster Pistol
+E-5S Blaster Sniper
+F-11D Blaster
+FWMB-10 Blaster Rifle
+SE-44C Blaster Pistol
+Valken 38X Blaster Sniper
For ship gameplay, there’s a variety of different kinds of ships you can build and fly!

+Speeder: A small ship class used to fly around at normal speeds. They don’t require any fuel so it’s good to have one if you’re just starting out.

+Fighter: A ship about the same or slightly bigger than Speeders. These are stronger than Speeders and can move a lot faster, however they require fuel. Typically good for a crew of one to three people. Also good for one on one fighting against ships of the same class or fast attack missions.

+Frigate: This ship class is bigger than both Fighters and Speeders, but slower than them. They can take more of a hit than Fighters and Speeders can, but require more fuel. This class of ship is typically used as a mobile residence or long-range recon vessel.

+Destroyer: The Destroyer is an armored version of the Frigate. It can take 5% more damage and requires the same amount of fuel, but is slower than the Frigate. These ships are generally used as anti-fighter support.

+Cruiser: Cruisers are mainline capital ships typically good for larger factions. These ships are larger and require more fuel than smaller ships, and are generally used as command ships or heavy transports. That being said, they’re also slower than smaller ships.

+Battleship: Like Destroyers, this class of ship is the armored equivalent of the Cruiser class. Battleships can take 5% more damage than Cruisers, but sacrifice speed for armor. These are typically used as heavy cruisers and mobile weapons platforms.

+Carrier: Carriers are larger than Cruisers and Battleships, but have armor equivalent to that of a Frigate or Destroyer. These massive ships are rare and are generally used as mobile cities or platforms used to carry and launch smaller ships such as Fighters and Speeders. These can also be used as command ships, and it’s recommended to keep these ships out of the line of fire and behind friendly lines. Their main advantage would be the ability to carry tons of smaller strike craft.

+Dreadnought: Arguably the strongest ships out there, these massive ships are more armored and deadly than any other. Because of their immense size, they’re slower than anything else and require more fuel than any other ship. These ships can serve as carriers, mobile cities, command ships, or heavy assault ships.

+Boat: Boats are the aquatic equivalent of Fighters and Speeders. They don’t require any fuel and can be as large as a Cruiser, but they can’t fly or submerge under water. These vessels are generally best used as a transport for ground personnel or tactical vessels designed to destroy other Boats.

+Submarine: Submarines can be larger than Boats and their ability to submerge underwater makes them excellent stealth vehicles. However, Submarines require fuel and can’t use cannons while underwater. These are best used to assault bases that are underwater or destroy vessels of the same class.

On top of these, we have plenty of other things unique to the server! We have shields to protect your ship from damage, custom laser cannons that you can fire at other ships, and faster than light travel to get to places quickly!
We hope you decide to join us! If you have trouble joining, please visit our support center on our website! Thanks!