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Minecraft: Planet Earth

A 1.16 Movecraft earth server with a map based on our home planet.
This server includes the ability to build and sail the seven seas (or the seven skies!), to create your own empires and to wage nautical war on others! Shipwrecks containing secrets are hidden around the world, find them to claim their treasure for yourself!
We’re awaiting your presence, Sailor!

Dynmap link:

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The Abyss Server

The Abyss is a skyblock-like survival challenge where you are trapped underwater and have to use your creativity and knowledge about Minecraft to be able to survive and thrive. This challenge was originally made as a single player survival challenge map, but has since been adapted to a server format. The main goal of The Abyss is to beat the ender dragon but what you choose to do after that is up to your own imagination. There are many custom recipes and datapacks that work together to make for a truly unique experience in Minecraft. With the server format, you can choose to play The Abyss on your own or with friends. However you choose to play it, I hope you enjoy the challenge!

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Colossal Combat Network [Movecraft & Minecraft 1.12.2+] — [Star Civs 1.12.2] — [Creative 1.12.2+] — And MORE!

– MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION (1.12.2 –> 1.15.2)
– MINIGAMES –> SkyWars ~ BedWars ~ Murder Mystery ~ and More!!
– SERVER-WIDE 1.12.2 –> 1.15.2 SUPPORT

Servers so far:
Lobby: 1.12.2 and Up
Plots-Creative: 1.12.2 and Up
Star Civilizations: 1.12.2 and Up
Minigames 1.12.2 and Up
UHC 1.12.2 and Up (SOON)
Annihilation/Destroy the Nexus 1.12.2 and Up (SOON)
Towny-Modded-Movecraft: 1.12.2 ONLY (NOTICE: Public Beta) (SOON)


– C_Corp2002 (Me, myself, and I – Co-Owner and Founder of this place.);
– Gateway_Guardian (An Co-Owner and good friend);
– oshwatt/ButtonmashTP (An Co-Owner and good friend);
– millycow/millycow2 (our good friend and Co-Owner);
– crazymario5 (Our “cool” friend and semi-aware promoter.)
– Silent/Badwolf Blue (A good friend and content producer) [​His Channel]

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Official Shark Hater Server

I have hated sharks even since I was little and punched shark in the face once at age 7. Shark also have amazing swimming speed, which is one of the reasons they can sneak up on you. Before you think you’re going to get eaten by a shark, swim away. Sharks do not enjoy playing around with humans and will eventually make you mad. I even tried cuddling with a shark, nothing helps.

Player feeling bad for killing a shark in the ocean in Minecraft to gain it's loot and experience.

Common belief is that a shark can see you, I have no clue about that. Since I have no friends of my own age, there’s no way I can even experience this possibility.

Like it or hate it I will fight every shark I see until it is extinct. This brings us to the question everyone who hates sharks asks: ”what will our first nation look like without sharks?”.

I once saw a shark bite a girl and two people have become the same gender because of this or at least that’s what I told her friends.

Taming a shark in Minecraft, making a new pet for animal farm.

In the end the reason why I became addicted to sharks was their cocks. Although the semen provided me with great pleasure.

It was extremely pleasurable. The male fin is indeed rich in protein and the female is made of fat. There are many varieties of fins which we would use to seal our fin hole. And because there are no schools of fish the only safe option is to be seen by many fishery workers. So it is a happy outcome of that and certainly I enjoyed it.’

In the end the reason why I became addicted to sharks was their cocks. My “general wife” (Mia was her name) became so fixated on the high places of the shark’s reproductive organs that when I took her out for one of her first bj’s she wanted to fuck a shark. She was really into this voodoo looking clown. I gave her a free part of my own sword and out she went in that famous fatal shark attack.

Shark defeated Steve in Minecraft and climbed onto his boat to sun bathe.

The deeper you go the scarier sharks become.

You might notice that there is a camouflage factor in these sharks, their color and chest size, not to mention their overall physique. We always are attracted to sharks that can change colors and body or look like another species, but what is their utility in a hunting PvP context?

Perhaps we will know someday.

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Official Shark Hater Server

I have hated sharks even since I was little and punched shark in the face once at age 7. Shark ...
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