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Welcome to SkyFallers SMP, as of 5/10/2023 the server is now 50% complete and well on its way to being in a full open stage, we have claim’s ranks and a bunch of other things here and upcomnig, dont hesitate to join ! claim some land! build a house! come hang out! server is up 24/7 unless a major update is taking place.


Adventure Alpha Cobblemon Dventure Ert Gems Hybrid Lemon Poke Pokegem Pokegems Stage Survival Tag Venture

PokeGems Cobbled Version

PokéGems Cobbled version is a Cobblemon Server that is still in its ALPHA stage. It is a Survival server that plans to convert to a hybrid between an Adventure and Survival server. We aim to bring a unique experience to all with our unique set of features.

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JB Network

JB Network is located in UK London we are a fun server for people to chill with friends. The Minecraft version is 1.19.4. Currently on testing stages.

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Holy Network

HolyNetwork | TekBlok SkyBlock | 1.18.1+
__**Hello Dear Forum Member,**__
> *Today I’m going to tell you about an awesome* **Minecraft Single Block SkyBlock** *server*
> → A __perfect lobby where you won’t get bored while visiting.__
> → __Great events :__
> – Envoy
> – Boss
> – Pinata
> – dragon
> – Move Text
> → __rank system__ increasing with each stage.
> → A different __kit__ for each rank.
> → __daily rewards__ renewed every day.
> → Ultra Simplified __Automatic Oven and Crate System__.
> → Add-ons where you can turn creatures and mobs that spawn on your island into eggs.
> → 4 Types of __Cash__. *(Spawner,VIP,Event,Vote)*
> → __Village Barter__ System.daily rewards__.
> → Ultra Simplified __Automatic Oven and Crate System__.
> → Add-ons where you can turn creatures and mobs that spawn on your island into eggs.
> → 4 Types of __Cash__. *(Spawner,VIP,Event,Vote)*
> → __Village Barter__ System.

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Here at BloodRose we provide a unique Creative Plots experience unlike any other server! Our focus is to provide the best player experience possible and we hope to grow a welcoming community with that in mind. NOTE: Currently the server is in its early stages so I apologize for the lack of a spawn built.

Here’s what our Creative Plots offers:

  • 300×300 sized plots.
  • UNLIMITED access to World Edit and Redstone.
  • Local Chat (/tc) to keep your conversations private with other people on the same plot as you. You can also add a little name next to your username in local chat and customize the color of your username in local chat!
  • Events (/event) to show off what you make to everyone else on the server by allowing them to TP to the location of where you make an event! There’s also a GUI to get a view of the different categories you can make events for and when clicking on them you get a view of events created for the category! From there you can TP to an event created by a player.
  • Easy Armor Stands (/eas) to allow for more creativity on what you can build!
  • Ranking System where you get new ranks just through playing on the server! No extra steps required and it’s completely free.
  • Want to see these things for yourself? Don’t worry! Here are some pictures showing off these features:

    BloodRose Minecraft Server

    Local Chat
    BloodRose Minecraft Server

    Bedrock And Java Boxpvp Cross-Play Dsmp Hiring Lifesteal Lifesteal Smp Needstaff New Smp Pvp Raiding Stage Survival Vanilla Votifier

    Craftedsmp NeedStaff

    CraftedSMP is a brand new SMP/PVP server that has just been opened to the public this past week. Our main gamemode right now is Lifesteal SMP but we plan on releasing two more servers (FFA & BoxPvP). These servers with all support the most recent versions of bedrock and java so anyone can join. We are in the testing stage as of now and are looking for players to help test the server, looking for bugs and providing feedback for improvements. We are also currently hiring experienced staff members to help monitor our network so if you are qualified, please join our discord and apply! Thanks! Votifier link coming soon as well.

    360 Creative Crew Cross-Play Economy Factions Oldest Roleplay Stage Survival The Crew Towny X 3 Xbox Xbox 360


    WOSK is the oldest City RP RPG Server that began on Xbox 360 in 2012 we are in the early stages of development (Beta) on JAVA and are currently looking for new players that would be interested in helping to kickstart the community or helping build on the server as a Admin/builder. Everyone is free to join and check it out! Make sure to join our discord for updates, info, help, and talk to the crew.

    Bedrock Classes Economy Greek Hybrid Java Kings Pvp Roleplay Rpg Samurai Stage Survival Viking Vikings


    Welcome to ŁøstAGE
    Choose your Nation NOW
    With Unique Classes to Survive in Minecrafts World with 3D unique custom item… Choose what’s best for your Playstyle
    Support your Nation and WIN the Nation war every Season !!!

    CTF Duck Example Flying Girl Hacked Lgbt Lgbtq Master Religion Respectful Stage Stages Valentine Valentines

    Duck SMP | Love is in the air update.

    Welcome to the Duck SMP

    the Duck SMP has a variety of things to do like talk to friends and even explore but before I explain the things you can do with friends read this


    there are many rules that we use to make sure our players here at Duck SMP feel safe.
    1. Be respectful
    2. Be ethical
    3. Use common sense
    4. Don’t be racist
    5. be LGBTQ+ friendly
    6. Don’t cuss, words like damn, pissed, hell, are allowed
    7. No hacking for example no hacked clients, Flying, etc.
    8. Don’t be rude against someone’s religion
    9. Don’t Say you will Hack, Harm, hurt someone, and also never say you will harm the server
    10. Have a good time

    THINGS TO DOsentiment_satisfied_alt

    1. Talk with friends all you have to do is just /msg [​PLAYER NAME] [Text]  
    2. Join the discord server /discord
    And even more 

    Do you like a girl/guy and don’t have the guts to ask them out already? You can do that on our server. Thats not all you can have chocolates and hug people.

    So come join the Duck SMP is awaiting.

    Ages Bedwars Early Hun Hunger Hungergame Hungergames Mini Games Stage Stages Survival Games Tag Ultra Whitelisted Witch

    Chillcentral minecraft Server

    this server is still in its early stages if you wish to be kept up to date join our discord. anyhow this server includes currently 2 game modes, UltraRP witch is whitelisted, and HungerGames witch has its map unfinished.