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DoodCraft | Bending | Terralith | The fire

DoodCraft 1.18.2 Bending Survival
Looking for a new host? Maybe your first host? Want a high performance quad core instance with 24GB RAM and 200GB storage, all for the price of free? Follow my blog and I’ll show everyone how. I promise you won’t find another Oracle-Minecraft blog with guides quite like mine.

We will be launching our new map for 1.18.2 very soon! Join the forums or our Discord to be notified upon it’s launch. If you like SMP, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

MC Version: Java 1.18.2 + latest Bedrock (port 19132)
Language(s): English + Español friendly


Terralith [​custom overworld]

The Fire of Nether

BlazeandCaves Advancements [​announcements only display once]

Custom Chat, TPA, Homes, AutoRanks, and more.

No central spawn, you spawn randomly your first join.

If you don’t set a home or use a bed, you will respawn randomly on death.

Many QoL and immersive additions.