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ImperiumMC Whitelisted Survival

Simple, relaxed, and mature 1.19 whitelisted semi-vanilla. No hollow or confusing gimmicks, no trolls, just Minecraft as it should be. Adults (18+) preferred, minimum 16.

Join our active community on Discord to share your experience with others in voice calls or simply by showing off your latest build in text channels.

Express your creativity, grow your wealth, and purchase much-needed items in the shopping district around spawn.

Donors, test out your ideas with our community superflat creative world, then construct them in survival

Is there /home? Yes, but it only returns you to your spawnpoint/bed
Is there /tpa? No, we prefer to keep a tight-knit community, so long-distance travel will need to be done on nether highways

If you have questions, join the Discord server and ask! We look forward to seeing you!


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AXO: Land of the Lost

AXO: Land of the Lost
Java and Bedrock Crossplay

AXO: Land of the Lost (AXO:LOTL for short) is a factions Java and Bedrock server that has been running for almost 3 years and we have worked hard to cultivate a strong, kind, and accepting community. We have an awesome staff team, and we are very LGBTQ+ friendly.

Here at AXO:LOTL we are separated into 6 different factions. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. You work together to become the biggest, strongest, and wealthiest continent in the server. We have many fun features, such as

-A World Map: The server is based on a 1:3000 scale map of the world
-Dynmap: A live map in your browser that shows where you are in the world
-Land Claims: A land claim system that lets you claim more land the longer you play
-Crossplay: Players from both Bedrock and Java can join and play together on the same world
-Custom Items: Custom Items that can give you special effects
-One Player Sleep: Only one player needs to sleep through the night
-Economy and Player Shops: Run your own shop in our marketplace and become the richest on the server

If all that sounds appealing to you, feel free to join our discord! You can get the code there

AXO: Land of the Lost Minecraft Server

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Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales

What happens after the end? After the prophecies of great godly reckonings come to pass? After the apocalyptic plagues and land-mauling storms? What happens to we who were not intended to survive? It’s any fools’ guess as to what happened. Some blame the gods. Others say it’s the natural culling of the herd. The more naturally gifted can feel it- slowly creeping with cold claws into this world.

Many small towns have fallen to the chaos. Larger cities have held onto some semblance of order through sheer will and ignorance. No matter where you are, rumors linger of new lands. A place of solace for the persecuted, a blank slate for the unwanted. New opportunities in a world that has begun to fall apart at the seams.

Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales Minecraft Server

Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales is a Dark Fantasy 16+ Roleplay Experience! Our server utilizes dark storytelling and custom lore to enhance events and storylines. We utilize DnD mechanics to enhance the experience of leveling up in character with DnD & homebrew classes and races. We pride ourselves on making every character feel unique, and work to fit every character in to the lore and story, as we believe every player should feel important.
Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales Minecraft Server

Over 11 unique races with in depth lore, culture, and religion

12 classes and over 50 subclasses from multiple DnD books and outlets

Unique XP and leveling system

Roleplay focused leveling, so those who cant attend events don’t fall behind!

Unique professions and economy

Deep player involvement with player ran events, player written lore, and more!

Homebrew races, classes, items & spells, added by staff or submitted by players

Artryphae (Bugpeople)

Chimarae (Satyrs)


Hin (Halflings)


Nymphs (Mermaids)

Salamandrae (Lizardfolk, Kobolds & Tortles)

Sylphae (Pixies Fairies & Harpies)


Uruk’kin (Orcs & Goblins)














While this is our current list of approved classes, we will be adding homebrew classes and subclasses as we go!

Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales is a 16+ experience due to it’s dark themes and mature audience. More information is on our website. We also have a whitelist that you can apply for on our discord!

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Server in the Woods | Whitelist | SMP | 1.18.1 | 16+

Server in the Woods is a whitelisted, community-driven Minecraft server with some addons seen on Hermitcraft. I have been hosting Minecraft servers for over 6 years now; this is my 5th season hosting a vanilla Minecraft server (screenshots of previous seasons can be seen on the website). Also, at the end of every season, I release a world download on the website so all players can take their work with them. If you are interested in playing, join the discord server to apply for whitelist.

Requirements to join:

  • Age: 16 or older
  • Java edition Minecraft
  • How to apply for whitelist:

  • Join our discord
  • Go to the #Applications channel
  • Type /whitelist
  • Answer the questions given by the bot
  • The bot will send you a message when the status of your application is updated.
  • Discord:
  • Website:
  • Server Location: USA
  • Server Address:
  • Version: 1.18.1
  • Rules: In Discord
  • World Size: 20,000 x 20,000 (all pre-generated to reduce lag)
  • Notable Plugins: Coreprotect, Graves, Dynmap

  • Categories
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    RPDND – A 5e Dungeons & Dragons Roleplay Experience – 1.16.5

    RPDND - A 5e Dungeons & Dragons Roleplay Experience - 1.16.5 Minecraft Server
    Discord Invite: Here
    Website Link: Here
    Age Requirement: 16+ Years Old
    Version: 1.16.5
    RPDND was created through the hard work of our volunteers and community. A welcoming environment ready to teach anyone how to play DnD or interact in a roleplay setting. We do not reject or discriminate you based on your orientation, religion, race, or even how long your beard is (I see you dwarves out there). Come to RPDND with good intentions and you will find a great community to be involved with.

    16plus 18plus 18yearsold 247server 247survival 247uptime 24hrs Adult Adultfriendly Agerestricted Community Friendly Friendlycommunity Friends Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Mature Pve Pvp Semivanilla Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

    Callatos SMP | Vanilla | 1.18.1 | LGBTQ+ Friendly and Mature Community |

    “Join Callatos SMP for a unique Minecraft experience.“

    We love Minecraft, and we love playing the game with friends. We love being a community where people feel included and not judged. Callatos is a family of friendly, mature and dedicated people who simply want to play this game we all love together. We just launched with Callatos Season 1 when 1.18.1 launched! We would love to find some new friends to join us!

    We have been hosting this server from 12/13/2021, and use dedicated server hardware with 24/7 uptime and no lag. We never cut corners in our pursuit of performance. We’re proud of our vibrant and lgbtq+ friendly community ; you’ll often find people hanging out in voice-chat.

    We love playing this game because of what it is — a sandbox world with friends where we can do anything our minds imagine. We want you to love playing this game too, and we’d love for you to join our community! Please apply by joining the discord! Thank you so much for reading our post, we look forwards to talking with you soon!


    * Vanilla SMP
    * Discord
    * Vibrant Community
    * Community Build
    * Long-term No-Reset World
    * Quality of Life Plugins
    * Dedicated Server Hardware (5 GHz CPU)
    * Experienced Administrators



    Please apply by joining our discordor join the minecraft server and explore around!

    16plus Antigrief Antixray Nopvp Survival Survivalserver Votifier


    TheDudeCraft is a mature and laid back vanilla Minecraft community. Features include land claims, a player run economy with a custom marketplace, grief and x-ray prevention, as well as a dedicated staff team constantly working to improve the server!

    16plus Age Agerestricted Christian Friendly Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Mature Maturecommunity Maturestaff Private Religion Sixteen Sixteenplus Survival Vanilla Whitelist Whitelistapplication Whitelisted Wholesome

    The Fairy Garden – Whitelisted Vanilla Survival

    Welcome to The Fairy Garden!

    For a long time I’ve struggled to find a Minecraft community that shares the same aspirations of working together to combat set goals, a wholesome, kind and caring community that is welcome to ALL! If you’re interested in joining, click the button above to join our community Discord, or alternatively join here.

    16plus Brewery Deticated Deticatedserver Fluffy Furries Furry Furryfandom Furryserver Griefprevention Surival Survial Survival Survivalserver

    Furadise Survival a dedicated PVE server

    Furadise Survival

    is a 16+ Rated Minecraft Survival involving mainly the furry community.

    (16+ meaning swearing is fine)

    a spin off of

    owned by KuraiSkrap and Joshtiger.

    this server will likely be smaller but
    with a harder survival focus

    Villager trading is disabled to avoid mending

    mobgreifing is on

    Keepinventory is off

    there is no /back

    Difficulty is set to hard

    there is no /fly for anyone but staff

    its currently new and in BETA

    we are working out some kinks, and setting things up

    but i figured id post this early.

    invite your friends

    and after a hour of gameplay they can /ref yourname

    to give both of you 5 diamonds, to reward you for growing this new server

    aswell as 10 bonus diamonds for inviting 5 users

    and 20 bonus diamonds at 10 invited users

    115new 115server 115survival 115vanilla 16plus 18plus Community Communitysurvival Events Familyfriendly Funserver Hardmode Lookingforstaff Mature Medieval Minecraft115 Minecraftserver115 New New115 Newserver Nogrief Roleplay Roleplayingserver Roleplaysurvival Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelisted Whitelistedserver

    🥩 BeefMC 🥩 [1.15.2 – Small Community | 16+ Server] [Semi-Vanilla] [Whitelisted]

    Here is some information on our server:

  • Canadian Host Flag: Canada on Twitter Twemoji 13.0
  • Primarily American Playerbase Flag: United States on Twitter Twemoji 1.0
  • 24/7 Hosting (Yes that’s right all the way past your bedtime!) ⏰
  • Massive diverse community and players from all ages and across the world 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽
  • Dedicated staff team and constantly updating with new content 👷
  • Hub server, room to expand.
  • Survival:

    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn (Start your monopoly)

    – GriefPrevention

    – Pets & Trails

    – Server dynmap

    – 30k by 30k map

    – Ranks with very unique rewards

    – Timed rank system.

    – Hard Mode (For real gamers only!)

    – Massive server and community projects

    – Active and kind playerbase


    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – 1.8 PvP Mechanics

    – Gapple & EPearl Cooldowns

    – 1.7 Cannon Mechanics

    – Revamped Crates

    – New Spawn

    – New Ranks and Perks

    – Improved performance

    – supply and Loot drops

    – Risk = Reward

    :o How to join:

    Discord -> 🔗

    Server IP:

    Server IP:

    Server IP:


    Small History – ForgeMC was named due to two separate communities uniting together and forging. So we thought ForgeMC was a fitting name. We believe that everyone has a place on our server since we have so much diversity!

    Like our server, leave a nice comment and or share it with your friends! :D