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[1.16] Evercraft [18+] [Whitelisted] [Survival]

Evercraft is a small mature server for adults 18+ to enjoy the survival aspects of minecraft while also having peace of mind knowing that everything they worked so hard on is safe and protected. Keep inventory is on (but you will lose your XP and any Curse of Vanishing items still) and the difficulty has been set to normal. The world border has been set to 25,000 so there will be plenty to explore and the regular view distance is 12 with the no-tick view distance set to 16. Server will be up 24/7 unless i am doing an update which normally only takes 2 minutes.
I will hold events from time to time that will have nice prizes and be something fun for the community to do. While I may be using the same plugins as some of the bigger guys I will be keeping the server closer to SMP sizes. I want the server to have a more SMP community feel to it so looking to keep it at around 20-25 players. This is my first time at a server of this level and while I learned a lot and did my best to test and make sure everything worked properly, I am almost sure a bug will still pop up. If one does, just message me in-game or send me a DM on discord.

1.Must be 18 to apply for the server.
2.No griefing, stealing, or attacking other players or there animals in claims . PVP is allowed only in the PVP arena and things in unclaimed areas are free game.
3.No cheating, x-ray, exploits, or hacked clients
4.While cursing is allowed bullying, trolling, spam, offensive speechnames, or just being an ass are not.
5.Follow proper nether portal protocol in the portal-protocol channel on discord. Portals not following the protocol will be removed by staff.
6.There is a 30 minute kick timer. Attempts to bypass this limit as well as AFK fishing are NOT allowed.
7.Discord is required. If you leave the discord I will take it as you have left the server and you will be removed from the whitelist and your claims will return to wilderness.
8.No whining if something doesnt work. Just message me in-game or DM me on discord and I’ll get to fixing it.
9.Don’t complain if you get griefed in non-claimed areas.
10.The end is a group event. If you find the stronghold, mark cords and let us know on discord so we can coordinate the event.

Anti hostile mob greifing
Tamed horses and pigs you are riding will warp with you.
Mobs, animals, and players drop heads
Mail system.
Economy plugin and a chest shop plugin.
Players can lock doors, and storage devices with signs.
Access to 3 personal home warps.
Claim system.

To apply go to and fill out the application.

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GrindMC Beta Premier

This is the PREMIER of our Minecraft Server!!!
We are offering a unique survival experience with pve, pvp, raiding, and LOADS of other amazing features.
We want you to come experience something unique and give us all the feedback you are willing to give us, to further our development and create and overly amazing experience for any kind of player.
We have things like Specific blocks the build your base and make it stronger. Custom Bosses to fight and get items to help you progress on the server. Custom Crafting and mob drops. Player shops and auction house to sell your valuables. hourly Envoys to help you get more loot! Daily crates and achievements to complete and compete against other players. Quests to help you Rank Up to higher Tiers. Unique weapons, tag prefixes and vouchers to help you experience some, somewhat premium features without having to pay! We even have Monthly crates that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and i plan to make them worth while for anyone considering to purchase.
Overall i would love for feedback from anyone that has anything to say. even if its something negative that we can improve on.
Come join in on the fun would you?
We even have staff spots open so come apply if you think you have the experience needed to provide an amazing experience for everyone!

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Dating Minecraft Server

Dating in Minecraft is not easy. For some, it is so much like business that it is often more of a journey than an event. It is a long road, but you have been warned. It’s important to date smart and attractive women. It doesn’t mean you should fake it, but it does mean you have to look more attractive in order to stand out from the many (most) terrible singles out there.

Don’t sweat it if you never get a call from your future spouse.

The only time I see it as “bad” is if your car breaks down or if you break your arm, and that happens all the time.

Dating game

The idea that all single women (or men) are hopelessly unattractive is totally false. You can have a good dating life if you meet more than 100 people in your lifetime. What you have to understand is that dating is not the end. It’s not even close. A good career is the end. Once you have a great career, it’s time to find a girlfriend (or husband).

First and foremost, learn to appreciate women as equals. Remember that they’re not waiting for you to move them into your apartment. They’re waiting to learn everything about you and help you with your life. As you spend more time with them, you’ll realize they are often open to learning about you.

Minecraft girlfriend learning about Steve senpai while laying on her newly crafted bed.

Don’t be scared when dating women. I have heard similar quotes at local conferences. At the same time, in twenty years of dating, I have only dated two women who were psychopaths or mentally ill and played Minecraft like crazy.

Now I am not saying all women are psychotics or psychotics are all women, but there are certainly a lot of women who have been in that position. I’m sorry to go on and on, but my point is that men should not date psychopaths or psychotics because some women are in that situation.

Psycho Minecraft girlfriend and her friend spying on Steve through a key hole in a door.

Peeking into Minecraft Dating Scene

It was scary talking to girls with big tits, because I didn’t know any of them. I was really put on edge by it. I know that sounds cliche. But, I didn’t know any of them.

Date night with Minecraft girlfriend.

The secret talking to hot girls is icky and embarrassing. That’s why a nice guy don’t talk to them at all.

Also, you may be jerking off to them when you talk to them, and they will call you out on it. Guys will try to draw attention to themselves with pictures, movies, anime…they all have all this to attract attention.

Don’t stare at her luscious tits like a horny ursine as you walk past. But let me tell you something nice. Sometimes you have to make the first move. You won’t find much in here, as usual, but perhaps if you do, you might find your wish will come true.

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Piglin Minecraft Server

Some thought that pig girls can not be cute, but that’s so far away from the truth. That pig’s crotch area is too great to be called cute. The exterior of her body is slim, and the shape of her stomach is like a beautifully crafted flower. The curves at her tiny hips are exquisitely cool, and the perfect hair is so classy that it makes one want to caress it. Although, she doesn’t just have a beautiful but small face, she has a beautiful body and great melons as well.

Freshly spawned Piglin in Minecraft near the nether portal.

I get so exited when I’m surrounded by Piglin girls with big tits and big asses. With each new Piglin I try to become more familiar with, I try to sense their personality and ability to hook up or fuck. I watch their sense of humor and approach to life. Because Minecraft is real life for me…and it can be tiring watching hours of beautiful, gorgeous Piglin be sexually abused and humiliated…and watching those who just wanna have fun ignore my pleas for sex.

Steve spilled cows milk all over peaceful Piglin triggering PvE response.

Some people think of Piglin as mindless pigzombies with big tits but ive noticed that it’s not the case.. like most Piglins, they are confused about Steve and why he chooses to kill them. Most Piglins, if you ask them straight out, will say that Steve doesn’t really need to kill them. This is one of many reasons why Piglin don’t find Steve attractive, but they still tolerate his presence and will not attack unless he is not wearing gold armor.

Listen to their goals and aspirations and never hurt piglings without a reason.

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Minecraft Bee Server

Be careful around bees as they are not always nice and will attack you if you act a fool, or perhaps even just even look like a douchebag. They’re slow to adapt to new situations, have a bad attitude and will make you feel bad even if you’re not really a bad apple. Staying on the safe side and trying to get to know bees before making a move will definitely give you a head start in getting friendly with those cute insects.

Minecraft queen bee explaining to Steve how bees work in this update.

I was very close with the bees and I wanted to be with them as they continued to move up the ranks of the Long-Live-Honey program as they grew more skilled with each player they stung to death. As they became more popular, I would give them matching outfits, creating a bee paradise that would cause them to find witch girls. It’s a part of the history that my bees will buzz about from now on.

Witch girl preparing to tame a bee from the beehive nearby in Minecraft.

You might not know this, but bees will do anything to win a witch girl over.

Because bees are socialized to feel inadequate and to not talk about anything with our bodies, it’s easy to be paralyzed with doubt when we talk about body image. It works like that because of the way bees sting.

It is my obligation as a witch mother to help my daughter take control of her body and stop internalizing social norms that mean she is not supposed to be her own person.

Witch girls can do whatever they want with their own bodies, whether that’s wearing a revealing witch robe or in an all-girl-mob panel show. They can do whatever they want and have fun with it. However, in the case of young people whose preoccupation is having a baby, it is very damaging and important that the genders be portrayed in ways that are acceptable for everyone.

Witch girl successfully tamed a bee from the beehive nearby in Minecraft.

Remember that bees are dangerous despite their cute looks and bubble gum face. It takes a lot of strength and concentration to avoid getting stung by them, but some bees can go a long way towards building up immunity against bee stings.

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