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Chaotrix World

The server is running on 1.16.5 with the forge mods: Cracker’s Wither Storm and Kimetsu no yaiba (Demon Slayer). Note: You need to download both mods and put them to your mods folder in order to join (FORGE MODS).
Mod Links:

You can also Join our discord server below!

600 Almost Creativity Infinite Modded Modded Survival Moddedminecraft Moddedserver Moddedsmp Moddedsurvival Modpack Nite Smp Survival Survivalserver


A modded survival server using the TNP Limitless 6 modpack with almost 600 mods!
Heavily modded with infinite creativity!

#minecraft Allthemods7 Discord Lgbtq Moddedminecraft Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Mods Nordic Norge Norsk Norskserver Norway Survival Whitelist

SEVS Norway

Welcome to SEVS Norway’s Official Minecraft server, this is a server for anyone over 13 who wants a nice and active server with mods.

On this server we run “All the mods 7” which is a modpack on CurseForge.

In order to be whitelisted, you must join our Discord channel which is and go to “Spielbua” –> “#minecraft rules”.

Remember to read the rules for both the discord server and the Minecraft server when you join, see you soon 😀

Cracked Crates Demon Demonslayer Hashira Kimetsunoyaiba Mod Modded Moddedminecraft Mods Pvp Slayer Survival Titles Twelvekizuki

Allied’s Demon Slayer

We are a Demon Slayer modded Minecraft server, that includes loads of community loved mods, with a newly popular KimetsuNoYaiba mod, that brings Demon Slayer into Minecraft.

Explore the world of Allied’s Demon Slayer and choose between becoming a Demon Slayer or a Demon and fight your way to the top! You can also complete quests, aim to become the Demon King or the Sun Hashira, gain money by participating in the server’s activities and earn your title!

During your time in the server you can visit places such as the Entertainment District, The Mugen Train and take the Final Selection Exam!

– Story and side quests
– Events
– Custom Items
– Economy
– Survival

Download our modpack here!:

Server IP:

420 Butter Hermitcraft Server Modded Moddedminecraft Moddedrp Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Server Servers Survival Youtube Youtuber Youtubers Youtuberserver

The Generic SMP

this server aims to do what the hermitcraft servers can do, just, yknow made by someone with no contacts to help out, dm me on discord for the mod list, or shoot me an email for the files if thats more your style ˜˜˜butterscotch#5249˜˜˜ ˜˜˜[email protected]˜˜˜

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Modded minecraft! FrinkaMC

Welcome to FrinkaMC!

This is a public modded server with the Valhelsia 5 modpack. Valhelsia 5 is a popular modpack by the Valhelsia team. It has tech, magic, exploration, shaders, dungeons, custom mobs, and lots more that a vanilla experience just can’t replicate. If you haven’t gotten into modded minecraft this is the perfect opportunity to join the modded community. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!



At the time of this posting, we are using version 5.0.5. Join the discord for the most up-to-date information.

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Just Modded Survival! – 1.16.5 – [Diverse mods] [Harder mobs] [Player Groups]

Just modded survival!

As simple as that, join us as we make groups and figure out how to do everything this modpack has to offer! (You can play solo if you want)

Unique biomes, improved nether and end, new dimensions, dungeons, bosses and more. What else can I say?


Join the discord, download the modpack and join the Minecraft Server bruh. (Announcement chat has everything you need)

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Diabolical Dungeon’s

Ever Want to Play a Modded Minecraft Server with OVER 200 MODS? Now’s your Chance! We Have 228 Mods Running on Our Server and Its Super Simple to Join! Just join our Discord Server and check out the #How-To-Join Channel!

Do you Have a Favorite Mod? We’ll Literally add it! Just Join the Discord and Post it in the #-add Channel!

Excited To See You Online!

World Started on 9/28/2022, So Everything’s Fresh!

Here’s a ModList if you’re Interested!

AppleCore (by squeek502)

Waddles (by Girafi)

XP Tome (by bl4ckscor3)

Just Enough Resources (JER) (by way2muchnoise)

PneumaticCraft: Repressurized (by desht_08)

AOBD/JAOPCA Ore Chunks (by RCXcrafter)

RFTools Power (by McJty)

Hwyla (by TehNut)

EnderTanks (by ShetiPhian)

BetterNether (by Quiqueck)

ProjectEX (by FTB)

More Chickens (by GenDeathrow)

In Control! (by McJty)

Cosmetic Armor Reworked (by LainMI)

Better Third Person (by Socolio)

Shadowfacts’ Forgelin (by ShadowfactsDev)

Actually Additions (by Ellpeck)

Progressive Automation (by Forge_User_98128854)

Signpost (by Gollorum)

Morpheus (by Quetzi)

NotEnoughIDs (by fewizz_)

Tesla Core Lib (by face_of_cat)

inzhefop’s Core (by inzhefop)

ZeroCore 2 (by ZeroNoRyouki)

CXLibrary (by cubex2)

Botany (by Vazkii)

IvToolkit (by Ivorforce)

Blood Smeltery (by smileycorp)

Tetra (by mickelus)

GottschCore (by gottsch)

Thermal Foundation (by TeamCoFH)

ShadowMC (by ShadowfactsDev)

Mekanism (by bradyaidanc)

Redstone Flux (by TeamCoFH)

PlayerRevive (by CreativeMD)

Mekanism Generators (by bradyaidanc)

Straw Golem (by Fradige95)

Mekanism Tools (by bradyaidanc)

CoFH Core (by TeamCoFH)

Ender Storage 1.8.+ (by covers1624)

Thermal Expansion (by TeamCoFH)

Skewers (by Casadis)

Greed 1.1x (by Morpheus11011)

Waystones (by BlayTheNinth)

Ding (by ohaiiChun)

Treasure2! (by gottsch)

CoFH World (by TeamCoFH)

Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)

FTB Ultimine (Forge) (by FTB)

iChunUtil (by ohaiiChun)

JAOPCA (by TheLMiffy1111)

Wings (by pau101)

Back Tools (by ohaiiChun)

Better Advancements (by way2muchnoise)

Tool Belt (by gigaherz)

Hats (by authorChun)

Hat Stand (by ohaiiChun)

MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy) (by MehVahdJukaar)

Morph (by ohaiiChun)

Flux Networks (by sonar_sonic)

GraveStone Mod (by henkelmax)

EnderCore (by tterrag1098)

Portal Gun (by Chun)

CC: Tweaked (by SquidDev)

Moar Tinkers (by AshuraNoYami)

WanionLib (by WanionCane)

Doomlike Dungeons (by JaredBGreat)

GunpowderLib (by Jackyy)

Leviosa (by Shivaxi)

Pam’s HarvestCraft (by pamharvestcraft)

Trash Cans (by SuperMartijn642)

Bloodmoon (by Lumien231)

Extreme Reactors (by ZeroNoRyouki)

Building Gadgets (by Direwolf20)

Mo’ Bends (by IVESIRIS)

Open Modular Turrets (by Keridos)

Spartan Weaponry (by ObliviousSpartan)

More Planets – Galacticraft Add-on (by SteveKunG)

The Aether (by GildedGames)

Chickens (by setycz)

Netherending Ores (by ic_trab)

Draconic Evolution (by brandon3055)

OpenComputers (by Sangar_)

Ice and Fire: Dragons (by sbom_xela)

BiblioCraft (by Nuchaz)

Carry On (by Tschipp)

Random Things (by Lumien231)

Refined Storage (by raoulvdberge)

Farseek (by delvr)

Brandon’s Core (by brandon3055)

Greed IO (by tfarecnim)

Large Ore Deposits (by EnderLanky)

Spice of Life: Carrot Edition (by lordcazsius)

Xray Ultimate (by Filmjolk)

Wither Skeleton Tweaks (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Immersive Engineering (by BluSunrize)

Better Survival mod (by block_vader)

Wawla – What Are We Looking At (by DarkhaxDev)

ConnectedTexturesMod (by tterrag1098)

Barrels, Drums, Storage & More (by Funwayguy)

CraftTweaker (by Jaredlll08)

Mob Grinding Utils (by vadis365)

SteveKunG’s Lib (by SteveKunG)

Wolf Armor and Storage Legacy (by satyrnidae)

YUNG’s Better Caves (Forge) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)

Advanced Generators (by bdew)

ProjectE (by SinKillerJ)

Industrial Foregoing (by Buuz135)

Quark (by Vazkii)

AutoRegLib (by Vazkii)

Construct’s Armory (by TheIllusiveC4)

Quark Oddities (by Vazkii)

Torchmaster (by xalcon)

McJtyLib (by McJty)

Pyramid Plunder (by Laton95)

Streams (by delvr)

Mantle (by mDiyo)

Chance Cubes (by TurkeyDev)

Bibliotheca (by EwyBoy)

Mo’ Zombies Wave (by Wilyicaro)

Inventory Tweaks [1.12 only] (by JimeoWan)

Random Loot Mod (by milomaz1)

Tinkers’ Complement (by KnightMiner)

Biomes O’ Plenty (by Forstride)

Compact Machines (by davenonymous)

Controlling (by Jaredlll08)

MekanismOres (by phantamanta44)

Tinkers’ Tool Leveling (by bonus bonuses)

Animated Crosshair (by bugfroggy)

BdLib (by start)

Chunk Animator (by Lumien231)

Blood Magic (by WayofTime)

ForgeEndertech (by EnderLanky)

YUNG’s Better Mineshafts (Forge) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)

Refined Storage: Requestify (by Buuz135)

Roost (by timrwood)

Enchantment Descriptions (by DarkhaxDev)

FTB Quests (Forge) (by FTB)

Cyclic (by Lothrazar)

SwingThroughGrass (by exidex)

AttributeFix (by DarkhaxDev)

More Furnaces (by cubex2)

OMLib (by Keridos)

Industrial Craft (by sfPlayer1)

Tissou’s Zombie Pack (by Tissou)

Recurrent Complex (by Ivorforce)

Faithful 32x (by Faithful_Team)

Mod Name Tooltip (by mezz)

Avaritia Tweaks (by Jackyy)

Clipboard (by ShadowfactsDev)

Mekanism Fluxified (by EndangeredNayla)

FastWorkbench (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Animated And Emissive: Ice and Fire and Spartan Weaponry (by ArtsyDy)

Treasure2: Twilight Forest Loot Pack (by gottsch)

Simple Generators (by TeamKrypticLink)

“To the Bat Poles!” (by EnderLanky)

FTB Utilities (Forge) (by FTB)

Fast Leaf Decay (by olafskiii)

Spawn Temple (by Iastre)

Iron Furnaces [FORGE] (by XenoMustache)

Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)

Progressive Bosses (by Insane96MCP)

The Twilight Forest (by Benimatic)

Baubles (by Azanor13)

Iron Chests (by ProgWML6)

Numina (by machinemuse)

Modular Powersuits (by machinemuse)

Chunk-Pregenerator (by Speiger)

ValkyrieLib (by ValkyrieofNight)

Atlas Lib (by smileycorp)

More Loot Stuff (by Daomephsta)

Mowzie’s Mobs (by bobmowzie)

Ender Utilities (by masady)

Overloaded Armor Bar (by tfarecnim)

OpenComputers Drivers for Tinkers Construct (by BrisingrAerowing)

Hammer Time! (by EwyBoy)

SuperMartijn642’s Core Lib (by SuperMartijn642)

Patchouli (by Vazkii)

MixinBooter (by Rongmario)

DupeFix Project (by Focamacho)

Thermal Innovation (by TeamCoFH)

FastFurnace (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Artifacts (by ochotonida)

Applied Energistics 2 (by AlgorithmX2)

Blue Skies (by ModdingLegacy)

FTB Library (Forge) (Legacy) (by FTB)

ShetiPhianCore (by ShetiPhian)

LLibrary (by mmdlexiconn)

Avaritiaddons (by WanionCane)

Seed Protect (by vsngarcia)

Inventory Pets (by Purplicious_Cow_)

Blood Arsenal (by Arcaratus)

Chameleon (by Texelsaur)

Roguelike Dungeons (by Greymerk)

Better Questing (by Funwayguy)

Better Questing – Standard Expansion (by Funwayguy)

Guide-API (by TehNut)

CoroUtil (by Corosus)

Tinkers’ Addons (by oitsjustjose)

Potion Rings (by Shivaxi)

Zombie Awareness (by Corosus)

Tinker’s JEI (by possible_triangle)

Spartan Shields (by ObliviousSpartan)

CreativeCore (by CreativeMD)

Toast Control (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Dogs (by Vazkii)

Refined Storage Addons (by raoulvdberge)

Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR)

Storage Drawers (by Texelsaur)

Customized Dungeon Loot (by XxRexRaptorxX)

Clumps (by Jaredlll08)

Railcraft (by Covert_Jaguar)

Furnace of Greed (by inzhefop)

CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ (by covers1624)

Ender IO (by crazypants_mc_the_second)

JourneyMap (by techbrew)

Nature’s Compass (by Chaosyr)

More Avaritia (by TheUnderTaker11_)

Exotic Birds (by ThePavoReality)

Faithful32 Modded (by anders0nmat)

Item Filters (by LatvianModder)

Buildcraft (by Covert_Jaguar)

Tinkers Construct (by mDiyo)

Screenshot to Clipboard (Forge) (by comp500)

Better Animals Plus (by cybercat5555)

Foam​Fix (by asiekierka)

WrapUp (by TheLMiffy1111)

Refined Avaritia (by PricelessKoala)

Boat Boats Darkage Farmer Medieval Medievalminecraft Minecraft Moddedminecraft Roleplay Samurai Soldier Survival Thedarkage Viking War

The Dark Age Medieval Server

The Dark Age Medieval Server!
It includes everything beneath:
Java Forge 1.16.5
Casual roleplay
Viking like boats
Immersive world
Dynamic sounds
Custom terrain and caves
Nation building
Voice proximity chat
Enhanced visuals
A wide variety of weapons
Cosmetic armor, be a knight, viking, samurai, or anything you like!
Diverse PVP, there is no “best set up” there are many different weapons and tools
Something here for everyone
Diverse game play, be a soldier, king, assassin, samurai, farmer, a citizen of a nation, traveller, a miner, it’s YOUR story. Play how you want.

If you wanna join here’s the link!

Buff Darkness Demon Demon King Demonslayer Hashira Kim Kimetsunoyaiba Minecraft Moddedminecraft Queen Rdm Roleplay Slayer Survival

Kimetsu Reborn

MCMMO RP Modded server! Kimetsu Reborn offers the Kimetsu No Yaiba mod! Which brings demon slayer to minecraft!

Become a demon slayer and make your way to the rank hashira and eliminate any demon in your path!

Or lead the slayer’s into battle as the Slayer Commander!

Or toggle your inner darkness.. become a demon and battle your way up to become a member of the twelve kizuki!

Or even better! The Demon King/Queen..

We also offer a clan system! Which gives you all sorts of buffs and gains!

The main thing we want for this server though is too have enough people for a full functioning roleplay/lore!

That includes casual rp, battle’s and war!

If you wanna join the Kimetsu Reborn server then join our