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Kimetsu Reborn

MCMMO RP Modded server! Kimetsu Reborn offers the Kimetsu No Yaiba mod! Which brings demon slayer to minecraft!

Become a demon slayer and make your way to the rank hashira and eliminate any demon in your path!

Or lead the slayer’s into battle as the Slayer Commander!

Or toggle your inner darkness.. become a demon and battle your way up to become a member of the twelve kizuki!

Or even better! The Demon King/Queen..

We also offer a clan system! Which gives you all sorts of buffs and gains!

The main thing we want for this server though is too have enough people for a full functioning roleplay/lore!

That includes casual rp, battle’s and war!

If you wanna join the Kimetsu Reborn server then join our

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Demon Uprise

Welcome everyone.
This is our new Demon Slayer Minecraft Server.
it has 41 mods so far with Demon Slayer being the main one.

Our server main focus is survival but also the faction like style,
progress thru ranks by killing npcs under supervision from Trainer Instructior
Thru ranks and gain buffs and then fight other hashiras/moons

What we have:
Demon and Slayer Faction
Boosts for Hashiras/Moons
Fighting between Demons and Slayers


Map & Story
Weekly events & bosses
And much more

Server is quite new so take that in note, we don’t have much people working on it but we are trying to find way how to make it as fun as possible.

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Demon Slayer: Dying Breaths

Become a Slayer and climb through the ranks to become a Hashira, or a demon and climb through the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki, possibly even becoming the Demon King. Demons Slayer: Dying Breaths is a fun lore-based Minecraft SMP with the Kimetsu no Yaiba mod. We offer server-wide lore, as well as your very own lore, exclusive to you! Join now and create your story! Join the discord for more information.

Demon Demonslayer Magic Modded Needstaff Roleplay Survival

Demon Slayer RP

We are a small modded survival / RP server. We have our own lore and storyline based off of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) rise the ranks of the slayer corps and become a hashira! or maybe become a demon in the hopes of becoming the next demon king/queen?

Discord =

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Demon Slayer Battle

This server is just for fun and nothing very special you don’t lose you items when you die so you can die without worrying. Pvp is allowed and griefing is ok just don’t go to far. Hidden near spawn in the outskirts of the village are powerful swords they wont be there forever so get em fast. There is no whitelist and all you need is kimetsu no yaiba

Demonforge Demonslayer Survival

Ashello’s Demon Slayer Server

This is Ashello’s Demon Slayer Server, Join the Demon Slayers, to end the wrath of the demons, or join the Demons in their conquest to take over the server

Join the discord!

Demonslayer Demonslayerserver Minecraft Minecraftserver Modded Survival

Demon Slayer Minecraft Server

This is a Modded Survival server. It’s not crowded and in it you can do practically anything the characters can in the anime. If you like, you can also become a ranked member. By a ranked member I mean something along the lines of a Hashira or a Moon. You could even become Muzan or Yoriichi if you like. However, we’ve a ranking system in place for that so it won’t be too easy but neither will it be very difficult. I can take suggestions for new ranks as well as long as they are reasonable. Everything is explained in more detail in the Discord Server. The modpack is also provided there.


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Project Joestar★

Project Joestar★ is a anime themed vanilla minecraft server based on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”
The server will include RPG elements to create a online JoJo themed experience these include:
★PvP through the use of Stands, Races, and Sub abilities★
★Story and Mission elements to create an immersive world★
★Progression elements to build your strength through missions and pvp★
★In addition: Modeled Stands, Custom Bosses, Custom Missions, and Custom Plugins★
!Check back for the discord soon!
★More to come soon!!★