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Create Survival Server

A Create mod survival server.

Made for builders and engineers wanting to build a community among other builders and engineers.

Discord will be added later.

Download modpack here:


o Veinminder

o Treecapitator

Got more mods or datapacks, let me know!

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Galaxy Modded SMP – FTB Revelation 1.12 – Seeking Content Creators!

Galaxy Modded SMP!

Galaxy Modded SMP is a dedicated 1.12 Minecraft Feed The Beast Revelation Whitelisted Server. We are currently looking for new members to join the server that are active. Smaller Content creators are preferred at this moment!

Galaxy Modded SMP is currently pre ender dragon and post wither with various farms, We are very diverse group of players and everyone is focusing on completely different mods and a few of us are trying all of them at once! So why not join in on the chaos and apply to join today!

We also have a dedicated 1.19.3 Survival SMP Server you can check out here!

You can check out some of the stuff we get up to here!

To apply please Message me

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Welcome to IGUANA SMP. Its so awesome you gotta trust me on this. We got mods like Origins, Minecraft Dungeons Stuff, Mythic Mounts and other stuff. The server isn’t that strict on rules at all!!! You can steal from people and stuff and murder people and hold their family and dog for ransom and kill their dog after they gave you what you wanted.


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World of Life and War

Life and War is a multiplayer server owned by the YouTuber MATTCASTGAMING where you can fight in wars, protect the leader of your nation, or join the simple way of life and become a farmer, own a shop or even pizzeria! Work hard and maybe even buy a mansion! We have awesome mods for the server and even sports cars! Join the discord for the extra mods to join!

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Hello! My name is PanPan and i’d like to invite you to my Modded smp minecraft server. we use over 90+ vanilla friendly mods to expand the already amazing Minecraft world. we only have a single owner and we are planning on keeping it that way (The server is whitelisted)
(NOTE) If you would like to join add my discord (PanPan#7367) and i will run you through how to join!
you will need forge 1.19.2!
this is a very fresh server and the the end and nether are both unexplored as of now plenty of adventuring awaits in this modded smp!

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Chaotrix World

The server is running on 1.16.5 with the forge mods: Cracker’s Wither Storm and Kimetsu no yaiba (Demon Slayer). Note: You need to download both mods and put them to your mods folder in order to join (FORGE MODS).
Mod Links:

You can also Join our discord server below!

1.19.2 2023 Does Explore Fres Fresh Modd├ę Modded Moddedserver Mus Smp Smp Minecraft Survival Vanilla Whitelisted


Hello im PanPan this is my fresh (4/26/2023) modded smp minecraft server with over 90+ vanilla friendly mods. come help explore this world together!
This is a whitelisted server and you must add my discord to be able to join!
My Discord is (PanPan#7367)
there is no staff only a single owner and a single admin we want to keep this as player friendly as possible this server is for a vanilla++ experience not a staff rules and does everything experience.
If you have any questions please ask!

Automation Beyond Contraption Create Creations Engine Engineer Engineering Gadgets Machinery Machines Modded Moddedserver Modpack Survival

~|| TECHTOPIA ||~ [Minecraft Above & Beyond Modpack Server]

Welcome to Techtopia: The Engineering and Machinery Minecraft Server!

  • Learn and create: The Above & Beyond modpack has all the mods you need to build impressive redstone contraptions, automation systems, and gadgets.
  • Build a community: Techtopia is a friendly and welcoming place to meet like-minded people who love engineering and machinery.
  • Join the fun: Explore, build, and chat with awesome people. Who knows what kind of epic creations we can come up with together?
  • Server Details:

    Server Name: Techtopia
    Modpack: Above & Beyond
    Server IP:

    Thanks for considering Techtopia as your new Minecraft home. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Best Fabric Mods Competitions Engaging Fabric Mods Innovative Minecraft Minecraft Origins Moddedserver Optimized Origin Origins Origins Minecraft Overhaul Supportive Survival

    Capy Origins Minecraft Server

    Immerse yourself in a unique Minecraft experience with Capybara Minecraft Origins Server

    – Discover a brand new world with custom biomes and terrain generation
    – Choose your own path with several different origins to start from, each with unique abilities and traits
    – Build your own base and explore the world with friends in a friendly and welcoming community
    – Take on challenging quests and earn rewards to enhance your gameplay
    – Experience regular events and competitions to keep the game exciting and engaging
    – Enjoy a lag-free and optimized gameplay experience with powerful server hardware and anti-cheat measures

    Some mods/features we have:
    Spectrum – An extremely innovative magic mod
    Better End & Nether – Completely overhauls the Nether and End
    Origins – One of the best fabric mods ever
    In-Game Chat – Allows you to speak with the Minecraft players while in discord
    Active Staff – Ready to help you at any time

    Join now and be a part of the growing Capybara community, with friendly and supportive staff always available to assist you.

    Access our minecraft server at
    Our modpack is on
    You can join our discord at´╗┐

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    Globetrotter SMP

    Globetrotter SMP is a modded vanilla+ server for the modpack of the same name on CurseForge. To join you must first whitelist your java username on our discord, whether or not you stay after posting your name is completely up to you.
    The server itself is a wonder to explore. With several generation mods active, such as biomes o’ plenty, oh the biomes you’ll go, and plenty of structure and dungeon mods to explore and loot, it’s hard to get bored with exploration. To get a headstart, we have commands like /rtp and /warp to teleport you to a completely different area instantly!
    We have a very helpful, though sometimes sparse, community who are always posting lootable location coordinates in the discord, helping one another with bug fixes, and who over time have helped us craft the modpack from the ground up.

    We can’t wait to see you online!