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One Piece modpack! Owl Pirates

This pack is built to cater to our multi-gaming discord community

is hosted on curseforge and the curseforeg launcher is needed to
download the pack and join the server

focuses of the pack are create, minemine no mi, minecolonies and ice
and fire. Crafting recipes are used to integrate all of the following
mods for an interesting change in gameplay loop.

Cobblemon Moddedserver Modpack Pixelmon Pokemon Survival

New Pokémon server! Minecraft 1.20.1

  Imagine the simplicity and realism that Pixelmon has the potential. Can you do that? Yes? Ok, now would you want to experience this? Do you enjoy Pokemon? Do you ever dream of Pokemon being realistic?

  Have you heard of Pixelmon? Oh boy, you are in for a treat! We added Cobblemon to this pack in a theme not too similar to our other Pokemon modpack project “Pixelmon – Master Ball (MB Craft)” It not only is better but also promises better performance and a newer version of Minecraft. This means better tools, mods, and more!

  Master Mon does its best by bringing the world of Pokemon to life in a very Minecrafty way. Try and out-master the world of Pixelmon! Hop on and download the latest release!

Sponsored by Bisect Hosting! Use to get 25% off your first month on any of their gaming servers!

Follow me on Twitch to see gameplays of the pack here: MasterCJ

Join The Official Discord if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions here: World of Ninjas

Anime Animeserver Devilfruits Haki Luffy Minecraft Mineminenomi Mmo Modded Moddedserver One Onepiece Onepieceserver Other Piece Roleplay Rpg Server

CraftPiece | One Piece Server

Server releases: 16th march, more info in our discord

One Piece minecraft server with a different game modes:

Story: Quest line and navigate between islands like luffy +30 islands

Dungeons: Get with your faction and fight strong npcs

Freebuild: Build your faction Base and play with your friends in normal minecraft

Haki, +40 DevilFruits, 3 sword styles and much more

Check our Discord:

use technic launcher for join the server:

Chill Chilled Modded Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Smp Survival Survivalserver


Chill Minecraft server with slight modding, but that doesn’t completely change the game.
Active members from all over the world, and from many different time zones.
You need Curseforge to play, but we have a server mode file you can download to make this as simple as possible. you must join the discord in order to download this file and be whitelisted.

Adventure Cpm Customizableplayermodels Customplugins Hazbinhotel Helluvaboss Modded Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Other Roleplay Roleplayingserver Roleplayingsurvival Roleplaymc Smp Survivalrp

Hazcraft Hotel

This server and it’s source material are intended for Mature Adult Audiences, sry kiddos.
Welcome to
A Minecraft (Java 1.20.1) Roleplay server based around Vivziepop’s two iconic shows of Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel.

Currently our server is a GIANT work in progress and we’re currently looking to expand our build team while we’re in our beta stages!
Hazcraft currently is in it’s survival stage due to how Pentagram City and various aspects of Hell aren’t done yet, however, in the meantime we are open for a more survival-based gameplay like Vanilla with some extra perks such as;

  • Unique items for each character with custom enchants
  • Fully fleshed out (yet WIP) resource pack that changes EVERYTHING to be hell
  • Longer days… Longer nights…
  • Ability to sleep in the nether and end without explosions!
  • Fire and Lava immunities
  • A fully-implemented roleplay chat system and character profiles
  • Customizable Player Model support with FREE custom models of (most) canon characters that is constantly updated!
  • And more to be added!!
  • If you would like to be whitelisted join our DISCORD SERVER to get started!

    Atm Atm9 Modded Moddedserver Nobanneditems Survival

    S-G Hosting ATM9

    New server with NO banned items/restrictions! Our community is small, but friendly. We at S-G Hosting believe in playing the modpack how its meant to be played! With simple easy to follow rules and no banned items you’ll have all the freedom you need to create and explore!

    Faction Pvp Moddedserver Pvp Roleplay Survival

    Austerium: High Fantasy RP

    Welcome Travellers!

    Embark on an epic adventure throughout the land and discover your own path.

    Engage with the indepth magical, combative and economic systems our modpack includes!

    Join Austerium today and play alongside fellow adventurers on our RP server!
    Join our discord!

    Features include things such as;

    – Dungeons, spanning across great horizons

    – Magical abilities, that allow you to create your own special place in the world

    – Intuitive combat, to ensure that every fight has you on the edge of your seat

    – An amazing world generation, filled with plentiful biomes and expanses to explore

    So what are you waiting for? Drop into the world of Austerium and forge your own destiny…

    Goodluck and have fun!

    Faction Factions Modded Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Pvp Survival

    Twilight of the Rhomaioi

    Welcome to Twilight of the Rhōmaîoi

    “The year is 1444 and the eyes of all of Christendom are once more focused on the Balkan Peninsula. The seemingly unstoppable expansion of the Ottoman Empire continues, with soul goal of extending their borders all the way to the Danube and beyond. Many have turned to the Papacy for salvation to the ever shrinking Christian states of the Balkans, hoping that a successful crusade could achieve what has been lost at Nikopolis decades before, driving the Turks out of Europe. Who would come victorious in the perpetual struggle of the Eastern Mediterranean, and can the relentless tide of fate be undone? Only time will tell.

    Welcome to the Twilight of the Rhomaioi Modpack server. We are a minecraft modded server for 1.19.2. Our ModPack focuses mainly on bringing in the Late Medieval experience, We have;
    – Combat system based around Epic Knights and its two expansions
    🔸 Combat system based around Epic Knights and its two expansions
    🔸 Siege mechanics supported by Medieval Siege Machines mod
    🔸 Factions management, monument system, quests, ranks and prefixes of the Konquest plugin
    🔸 Creative Plots with World Edit for easy build designing
    🔸 Deep lore and regular events for every faction, with unique mechanics of Cardinal Collegium, Crusades and civil wars

    Server for CurseForge and Technic Launcher.

    Kingdom Kingdombreak Medieval Mod Modded Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Pve Pvp Survival Survival Multiplayer Town Towny

    Kingdom Break

    Kingdom Break

    Kingdom Break Minecraft Server

    Kingdom Break is a high performance, easy to run modpack for the purpose of combining three things into Minecraft: a stable, low fantasy Medieval experience, a detailed combat system, and all the personalization a player can ask for, so that you can play, your way!

    Epic Fight! Within this modpack are an array of spectacular mods, all organized to be played around the Epic Fight mod, with some of the highlights including Iron’s Spells and Spellbooks, Epic Samurai, Epic Knights, Weapons of Minecraft, YDM’s Mob Health Bar, Corpse, Let’sForgePirates, L_Ender’s Cataclysm, and YDM’s Weapon Master.

    Epic Samurai and Epic Knight

    Breathe Life into Your World! Using William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld, and River Redux as the world generation mods, this modpack brings Minecraft truly to life with a host of mods that enhance NPCs, mobs, and villages, such as: MCA Reborn, Better Villages, Overhauled Villages, Alex’s Mobs, Mutant Monsters, Dragon Mounts: Legacy, and Towns and Towers. The breath-taking experience is taken to another level still, as this modpack contains Embeddium, supporting both shaders and resource packs, and Distant Horizons, a fantastic mod that allows players to increase their viewing distance of their world without extending their render distance!


    A True Medieval Experience… As a themed medieval modpack, we’ve included a few fun mods that while preserving Minecraft’s core features, enhances them by adding new tools, blocks, decorations, and foods that fill your world with culture and decadence, some of these including: Villager Recruits: Cavalry Update!, Farmer’s Delight, Fairy Lights, Handcrafted, Harvest with Ease, Medieval Paintings, Lucky’s Block Siege, Rechiseled, Simply Tools, Traveler’s Backpacks, Serene Seasons, Supplementaries and many more!

    Be sure to visit our included dedicated server and join our Discord!

    Our dedicated server includes not only our modpack, but all of the plugins you may need to enjoy a full multiplayer experience. This includes Towny, to help encourage players to build true kingdoms themselves and rise to the ranks of monarchs and emperors!

    Now Controller Compatible with Controllable Mod!

    Bmc Economy Moddedserver Pve Economy Smp Smpearth Vanillaplus


    Welcome to OVVYS WORLD, A Minecraft BMC4 Vanilla+ server:
    IP: Ovvys.World , Discord:

    We’ve curated an immersive experience that captures the essence of a single-player world while fostering a sense of community. Designed specifically for Better Minecraft 4 (BMC4), our server seamlessly integrates basic plugins to enhance gameplay, establish a thriving economy, and introduce quality of play improvements. With a commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable multiplayer environment, our server is strategically hosted from the east coast to ensure optimal connectivity and a smooth gaming experience for players across the globe.

    As you step into the world of our modded Minecraft server, you’ll find a carefully balanced blend of individual exploration and collaborative gameplay. The incorporation of basic plugins not only adds depth to the gaming experience but also introduces an economy that encourages trade and cooperation among players. Whether you’re delving into the depths of caves for resources or constructing elaborate structures to showcase your creativity, our server offers a dynamic and vibrant space where you can carve out your own niche. Join us in this Better MC 4 adventure, and let’s build a thriving community together.

    Adventures Arme Bots Coins Farmer Farmers Mcmmo Minecraft Skyblock Minecraft Skyblock Server Mobcoins Oins Pets Robot Robots Skyblock


    HoaxMC is a Minecraft skyblock server featuring: pets, adventures, mobcoins, farmers quotas, robots, mcmmo, power items and more!

    Destiny Economy Factions Gamemode Huge Mods No Mods Pixelmon Poke Pokemon Prison Skyblock Survival Tiny Towny

    The DestinyMC

    Welcome to our Vote page, we at the DestinyMC offer a huge diversity of gamemodes including Pixelmon, Pixelverse Pokemon with no mods, Skyblock, Survival, Prison, and more!

    Advertising Competition Competitions English Exploit Global Hob Homo Offensive Overview Party Pve Sex Stealing Vanilla


    Overview: Join by yourself or perhaps invite your friends to start your adventure on our network. A survival based experience that is semi-vanilla. A network containing regular event and competitions and other servers like the creative worlds.Server rules:No griefing/stealingNo hacks or exploitsNo advertisingConditional PvPNo racial, homophobic, sexist or offensive slursOnly English in global chat use /partyKeep entities low 200~Be safe and have fun!

    1.16.4 Aim Awa Away Economy Event Events Experience Feature Give Giveaway Giveaways Nectar Rive Survival

    Nectar Survival

    Nectar survival is a brand new 1.16.4 survival server. We try to give players the best game experience with various features, events, giveaways, and aim to strive as a wonderful community.

    Awesome Community Creativ Creative Drive Eso Exp Experience Give Playing Pos Ranch Rive Survival Who

    Ranch Minecraft

    We’re a fun community driven server who strive to give the best survival experience possible, with awesome and creative players playing already, you too can join them!

    800 Critic Economics Economy Holiday Honey Menus No Donations Plugins Ranks Rules Sorting Souls Survival Teen

    ⭐ SenTeeNell ⭐ Minecraft server

    Description of the serverает What distinguishes us from others: ● The server was 100% configured from scratch; ● A large number of its own plugins and mechanics; ● The ability to register from a licensed Minecraft account (happens automatically when you first log into the server); ● Easy and understandable system of rules; ● Ranking system; ● Balanced economy; ● Huge development potential; ● Voiced, juicy menus; ● More than 800 achievements; ● Unique character leveling system; ● Mob arena with unique gameplay; ● No donations that break the economy; ● Great community. ? About us: A young server, we are actively developing due to the irrepressible potential and the number of bombing ideas. We drown for the quality and painstaking work on each innovation. At the moment, server core mechanics are based on flirting with ranks and economics. In the future, we plan to combine survival with an interesting role-playing system. The server community is built largely on rapport. Administration is honey. The players are even bigger bugs. We want to create around us an active community of the sweetest souls of the players, so that every day it becomes more and more tube. ✔️ Latest cumulative update Build from 11/24/2020: ♻️ Updated: – Sorter core. You can now customize the inventory sorting group. For example, you can sort by the type of items or by their name. – Description in the server list. ? ️ Fixed: – A bug due to which the chat was displayed incorrectly. – Incorrect display of mobs on the spawn. – Internal critical bugs and errors. – Holiday mobs were removed due to incompatibility of the old plugin version with the new server version. ? Known bugs: – Technical bugs (to be fixed).

    Contracts Fighting Game Minecraft Hardcore Pvp Infinitycraft Parkour Pvp Save Skins Stores Stupid Survival Survival Fr Teleportation Vanilla

    Hard PVP | Clan Wars | Survival from scratch Minecraft server


    ➜ Group VKontakte

    ➜ Website for buying donate

    ➜ IP –

    ➜ Version – 1.12.2-1.16.x


    Vanilla Survival, PVP, Trade (/ ah)

    Daily prizes, Cases with donation and money

    Parkour, Assassination contracts, Change skins (/ skin)

    Player Tops, Fishing, Weddings, Clan System,

    Worth Anti-Relog (fair pvp), Player Tops and much more!


    ★ ➜ Instant donation

    ★ ➜ Low prices for donate services

    ★ ➜ Wipes rarely occur

    ★ ➜ Donators have many teams



    ★ Balanced and hardcore PVP server

    ★ All Donate services are well thought out

    ★ No lags at all!

    ★ We do not cheat for donation, we are honest!

    ★ Kind and responsive administration!


    InfinityCraft is a large-scale project created for the game Minecraft. At the moment it consists of one server, but has a huge plan to grow into a complex of servers.

    We provide our players with the most balanced and hardcore pvp server, where you will find many interesting things to do besides PVP.

    The administration of the server monitors its stability, and in case of rare malfunctions, it restores everything that was damaged.

    On our server you can quickly move around the map. To save your time, we have an auto mine and teleportation around the world. There is also a daily case from which you can even get a privilege. Here you can relax, honestly surviving and fighting in an interesting arena. Or you can find yourself new friends. We have no stupid prohibitions that would severely restrict you.

    InfinityCraft – we strive for quality and provide maximum comfort for our players!

    Air Beta Core Disco Discord Good Good Game Mod Mode Pro Sco Score Stalker Talk Welcome

    AirMine NetWork server Minecraft

    Welcome to AirMine NetWork!

    There are modes such as:

    • Stalker [BETA]


    • IP:

    • Discord: –

    • Score: –


    Good game!

    1.16 1.8 16x Added Ate Donate Free Free Minecraft Life Minecraft Donate Pers Person Persona Personal Ree

    LifeMine 1.8x-1.16x Free Minecraft Donate Server

    The owner of the server “LifeMine 1.8x-1.16x Free Donate” has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

    Complex Delight Dream Everything Happy Light Normal Power Powerful Quarantine Schoo School Show Sol Survival

    Dream Complex Minecraft server

    Do you know what to do with yourself in quarantine? ?

    Do you want normal survival without school donation? ?

    Then your choice is ????? ???????!

    ? ????? ??????? – this is a powerful server, on it you will play absolutely without lags.

    ? ????? ??????? is a server where you can play with pleasure.

    ? ????? ??????? – this is a server where from the very spawn, you will be met by the administration, who will show you everything.

    ⚠ ????? ??????? – a server that can make you happy

    I’m sure you will be delighted with what you see on this server.

    ➡ Interested? Come in! We are waiting for you ❤

    Good luck! ✅

    Admin Aus Case Donate Donation Fly Kind Mcd Media Price Prices Quest Skyblock Strat Swe

    SpinnerCraft server Minecraft

    SpinnerCraft as you like!
    Go to the SpinnerCraft server, because only there:
    1. Spinner cases (Where can you find this?)
    2. SkyBlock. Well tuned! Try it and you will like it!
    3. Low prices for donation!
    4 Fly to any user!
    5. Kind administration, which will immediately answer your any question

    Come to us, we are cool! IP:

    Best Best Mods Case Cozy Eso HiTech Kit Mods Rce Resource Resources Survival Multiplayer Tech Use Useful

    TwikMine Minecraft server

    Cozy HiTech with the best mods!)
    A case with useful resources every 10 hours! (/ kit sd)

    Dupe Dupes Friend Friendly Industrial Lag No Dupes Player Players Plugin Plugins Riendly Trial Working Zak Minecraft server

    : Industrial 2 server, no lags, friendly players, no dupes, all plugins are working.

    Cheat Cheating Esp Forever Fun Griefers Group Heat Insta Instant Mcd Oup Port Support Tech

    DestGrief 3.0 Minecraft server


    ◆ Server site:

    ◆ VK group:

    ◆ IP:


    ✔ Instant donation

    ✔ Donate – no cheating and forever!

    ✔ Responsive tech. support!

    Arena Beau Beautiful Best Crafts Dcraft Eau Paw Pvp Pvp Arena Spawn Survival The Best Vanilla Worldcraft Minecraft server

    The best server for vanilla survival!

    Beautiful spawn, pvp arena and much more!

    Bill Crave Danger Fights Grieving Hordes Justice Laugh Merchant Political Pvp Survival Survive Territory Trusted

    FRISPERFOG Minecraft server

    Welcome to the young FRISPERFOG server!

    Hardcore, PVP, grieving and clans, no wipe! What else is needed for life?

    Difficulty turned to the maximum! The administration has reworked the concept of ordinary survival and now it is a real hardcore server for those who like to fight hordes of zombies! But you can fight monsters alone … But servers are created for joint play with friends and against other people. Gryfering allowed on the server! Someone decided that they could cope without a private chat or trusted you? You have the right to take all his resources and kick him out of the house. But you also be on the alert. Outside your private area, there are many dangers in the face of players. Do you want to arrange massive raids on an unwanted player? Create your clan with loyal subordinates and do justice, establish your own political regime on the server! Don’t you crave fights? Pretend to be a peaceful merchant and while everyone else slaughters each other, earn billions and become the main baron of the server.

    The server is constantly evolving, the administration listens to the wishes of the players and tries to add new functions. We ourselves survive on the server and often contact the players. And we even come out to meet enthusiastic builders, offering private territory (not without conditions, of course).

    We are waiting on the hardcore FRISPERFOG server!

    Atm Atmosphere Developer Developers Disaster Food Going Isa Life Plugins Ship Strike Survival Vanilla Void

    ShipCraft server Minecraft

    Private vanilla survival, as the developers envisioned it, devoid of unnecessary plugins, will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of that very cozy game, where friendly and close-knit players can help, if a disaster strikes, suggest something urgent or even give you the night and food you need.

    However, on this server you don’t have to feel fear of life at the spawn – for even if “griffing” is not prohibited, no one is going to use it!

    Buy Currency Death Economy Empire Lose Ortal Pire Place Plugins Portal Projekt Sorting Survival System

    EMPIRE PROJEKT Minecraft server

    Our server is great for people who just want to play survival. There is a system with a well thought-out economy. An in-game store where you can buy in-game items.
    There is a portal system that can send you where you need to for in-game currency.
    For convenient sorting of items, a special plugin is present.
    So that you do not lose things on the server, there is a plugin that will collect all your dying things at the place of your death.
    Of course, no one wants to start all over again every time, so the server has a whale system …

    200 Almost Discord Eng Impossible Live Mob Mobs Nut Port Pos Survive Tren Urban Vive

    URBAN HARD (port 20034) Minecraft server

    Test your strength! Here all the mobs are against you, it is almost impossible to survive! Good luck to live 5 minutes

    PS here is our discord

    good luck

    1.16.3 Discord Empire Free Join Long Pire Private Ree Smp Tim Time Tps Vanilla Version

    Smp_Empire Minecraft server

    Have you wanted to play on a vanilla server for a long time? Then join us, join the free server for now (don’t miss your chance) on version 1.16.3 of vanilla without private.

    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of servers.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!