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Um, yeah yes yep yup we are a mostly vanilla, economy SMP, single multi player. With the option of wars between players/clans whatever.

We have /home, /msg, /tpa and the essential commands.

The server is three days old and created, 11/20/2020.

Ip is

We have a very friendly community that averages around 4-10 active players at a time. We have a discord: with 29 members and are currently looking for staff. We have 4 staff members right now but are looking for a few more.

This server is non-pay2win and has plugins enabled to stop griefing and roll backs available so you don’t have to worry about your progress.

  We are currently running 1.16.4 Java edition. 😀
  Server currently supports up to 40 people.

Economy Netherupdate Roleplay Signshop Spells Towny


Notable Features:

– Fantasy Role Play

– Spells

– Towny

– SignShops


Anivaria is a brand new Minecraft Fantasy Role Play Server. The Sol storm swept across the land, changing the entire known world as we know it. This catastophic event has introduced a new near-magical substance called “Sol.” It’s mysterious and invaluable properties make it into the global coined currency used by all civilizations in the land. The Sol storm has been on a decline and has left new areas of the world livable again and available for resettlement. “Koth” is one such place, and is the focal point of the server.


MC Version: 1.16.3

Anivaria Awaits!

Economy Essentials Landclaim Sethome Signshop Survival Towns Warps

Community Craft 2

Come join our community based server, make new friends and enjoy playing minecraft we have many plugins like Land claims, sign shops ,economy and more to make your experience fun!!, come into our server town and build a house, or if you prefer to be a lone wolf venture out and find a good spot to build 🙂

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This is GybiMC, a pretty average survival server running Spigot 1.10.2!

We have various plugins such as mcMMO, GriefPrevention for claims, Multiverse, SignShop, and more!

Aside from normal survival, I currently have two other game modes set up. Planetoids, which is similar to skyblock, but the sky is full of differing planets, and a “UHC” mode on sky islands controlled by the ExtraHardMode plugin if you think vanilla survival is too easy.

Also, as I really dislike the combat update, I have installed OldCombatMechanics to remove some of the new 1.9 features while keeping the neat ones like end cities. I also installed ViaVersion, so you don’t need to worry about downgrading your client to play! (Keep in mind, you can’t use any 1.11+ features as it’s still a 1.10 server)

Economy Geyser Griefprevention Landclaim Shops Signshop Stargate Survival

PuddingMC [1.16.1]

PuddingMC is a freshly reset survival Minecraft server. We have a friendly, medium-sized player base, with around 5-15 active players online at any given time.

Some features of the server include:

  • GriefPrevention for land claims
  • SignShop for regulated player shops
  • A regulated economy (called “pudding cups”)
  • Stargates for easy transportation
  • One-player sleep
  • Bedrock clients can join the server with port 19132 (this is currently pretty buggy though)
  • Constant updates and improvements
  • Player-based decisions; we have public polls for most decisions
  • Thanks for checking out our server listing and we hope to see you soon!

    Fun Games Parkour Pvp Shop Signshop Survival

    Happyjump’s Server

    We are a 1.16.1 Minecraft survival server fitted with a server shop so players can sell unwanted or expressive items to make money to buy desired items (Yes diamonds) Work together or go solo to be the strongest player on the server. We also have 2 Parkour arenas ready for players who are bored and want a break from survival with the in game command /Warp Parkour.
    Warp list: /Warp Shop /Warp Parkour /Spawn
    Players can use the /Set Home command and also the /Home command to never lose your house.

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    A new Survival plots server where the objective is to go out into the wild and gather resources then come back to your plot and build away to show off.

    Claims Jobs Playershop Signshop Survival Warps

    Void Craft

    Void Craft is a Survival based server with some added features to increase the multiplayer experience! We offer claim blocks, warps, sign shops, player jobs, and more! We are fully staffed and ready to help! Come play!

    247server 247uptime Customenchants Customplugins Earth Earthmap Economy Faction Pvp Factions Playershop Pvp Signshop Survival Towny Voterewards Votifier

    Minecraft Earth

    Minecraft Earth is a server that has a map of the whole earth that you play on and build up your country/state/empire, forge alliances, trade, wage war, and make your own history. I have no clue what will unfold but I’m excited to find out.

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    Grandma’s House

    Welcome to Grandma’s place! Would you like a cookie?

    Here at Grandma’s place, we love and accept everyone, we are a drama free survival server. Grandma’s place is a 1.15.2 server, with Marriage, No Phantoms, ChatFeelings, and so much more! Our aim with Grandma’s place is to have an open, accepting, drama-free and relaxing place to just play Minecraft.

    We are protected with GriefPrevention and our Long Furby Security Team.

    Our websites are:

    Grandma doesn’t have forever you know. Come visit grandma soon!

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