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NationsMC – [PVP] [Roleplay] {1.18.2} {Worldbuilding}

NationsMC – [PVP] [Roleplay] {1.18.2} {Worldbuilding}

About Us:

The NationsMC server is a community-driven Minecraft server with a focus on roleplay. Our goal is to build an interactive, fun atmosphere where people can come together to create their own path! As time goes on, we hope to add more to the server to keep creative minds engaged and coming back for more!

What Can You Do In NationsMC?

In the server NationsMC you can start your own nation, religion or anything you’d like!

You can also enjoy some of the many plugins that come with the server, including the Towny plugin that allows you to claim a spot in the world and build whatever you’d like there.

If you decide to join, just let one of the staff members know that you’re new and they’ll set you up and help you get started!


Version: 1.18.2 (Java Edition)




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Towny earth map with guns, tanks, planes cannons unique items and more!

Our server has restarted, the new map is 1:500 scale, the map is nearly empty and new players have a chance of becoming major powers! we have many unique items in the server, and more are added every few weeks, such as custom ores like chromium and opal, with wich you can craft unique items!

The community of invictaMC is known for being balanced, power is never in the hands of one empire alone, this gives you the opportunity to rise and become a major power!

Wars are very dynamic in our server, we have a big variety of guns, as well as anti-gun armor, we have tanks and planes that can fire big explosives that can remove a entire town from the map, and cannons / mortars to help you protect your town from attacks
any damages done by explosives will naturally regenerate so you wont lose your town even if it is bombed during a war

Join us today and build your empire!

IP: [1.19]
Online store:


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ALATHRA MC | World Building | RP | Survival

Alathra is a world building server with a mix of geopolitics and light roleplay, focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and story telling.

If you are looking for a server to build a town, start a religion, or just want to be a nomad and live in the forest, or even take over the world this is the server for you!

More Info can be found in our discord:



  • TOWNY โ€” Start your own town and nation with your friends or join an existing one to make new ones. Towny allows players to claim protected areas of the map to safely build in, this is where you can participate in the world-building. You can make sprawling metropolises dedicated to worshiping your mysterious gods, or a nation built on wealth and trade. The limit to what you can create is up to your imagination.
  • MCMMO โ€” MCMMO introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft enhancing the native mechanics whilst extending the gameplay in ways that feel natural. With over 13 skills to train, there are many different paths you can take to mold your experience. You can become the best swordsman in the land and lead nations to victory, or a strange nomad-alchemist who sells potions only they have the knowledge and skills to make.
  • CUSTOM GENERATION โ€” The overworld was generated using custom terraforged generation. The goal of using this generation is to make playing and exploring Alathra a refreshing experience compared to vanilla. With our custom settings, we believed we reached a perfect balance of a “minecrafty” world with an enhanced experience (not just giant mountains/unbuildable terrain, cool landscapes are uniquely spread out). When exploring Alathra you can expect to see rivers that actually connect to oceans, beautiful mountain ranges, harsh deserts and many more upgrades to vanilla overworld generation. Alathra was also generated using custom caves! You can experience exploring the many different styles of caves within the world.
  • LORE WIKI โ€” AlathraMC has its own wiki with the goal to document the lore and worldbuilding of the server. Create your own pages to document religions, towns and much more. Our hope is for the wiki page to continuously grow and become more filled out as time goes on.

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    FUNxMC]NOW OPEN!!!!!!

    The best minecraft server

    IP =

    ใ€‹What we have

    A world Map 1:500
    Boss fights
    cars planes and tanks and more
    claims that cost diamonds for days
    Custom enchants
    A cool discord
    Cool staff
    And bedrock support


    Airplane Block Bloof Bloofmc Bloofskyblock Challenge Cmi Creative Custom Customislands Dynmap End Guimenus Guishop Iridiumskyblock Islands Map Nether Nolag Other Paper Premiumplugins Private Rosestacker Silvergemini Sky Skyblock Skyworld Strahil Survival Tuinity Vulcan Worldmap

    BloofMC – Adult SkyBlock – SkyBlock.Bloof.XYZ

    SERVER IP: SkyBlock.Bloof.XYZ
    (Don’t include port number)

    This is an Adult SkyBlock Server designed for long-term gameplay


    Server Location: Ashburn VA, USA
    99.9% Up-Time – Online 24/7
    Official Contact: Discord



    BloofMC Survival Server

    BloofMC Creative Server

    Earth Earthmap Earthmc Earthrp Factions Historic Historicalrp Nationrp Nations Recrafted Recraftedcivs Roleplay Rpserver Worldmap

    Recrafted Civilizations [Opening Soon]

    Hello and welcome to Recrafted Civilizations!

    Who are we?
    Recrafted Civilizations is a long-standing Historical Roleplay server which is set in the year 1848. We use an Earth map and we allow players to join and lead nations from the year 1848. Recrafted has been around since 2013 and is now coming back after a short hiatus which has allowed us to improve the server and the fundamental mechanics of how the server operates. We are now back with new, innovative ideas which no one else in the Historical RP genre offers.

    What do we offer?
    Recrafted offers a wide variety of features, such as technology trees for nations through our factory system which lets players invest resources into their factories to get a technology advantage over other nations. Example technologies are better guns, more efficient production methods and many more.
    Players are able to join an immersive RP environment, develop their characters and conduct diplomacy between nations. Wether you want to lead your nation to create new allies, go to war for resources and territory, work alongside nation members to build entire cities or simply enjoy hanging out in the local tavern to make friends, there are many possibilities for you here at Recrafted.

    How can I play?:
    The server is currently preparing for it’s official launch on October 9th 2020. In the mean time, we invite you to find out more about Recrafted and the community by joining us on our discord at:


    Colonize Faction Pvp Tech War Worldmap

    War on the Block Front

    Our modpack is a war/tech based pack with HBM’s Nuclear Tech Mod, Flan’s, and Galacticraft, among others. Our official country based war server has a real Earth map and and active community. Check it out!

    Technic Page: