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DenericaMC – Nations | Worldbuilding & Roleplay | Playerbased Economy | Geopolitcs

Hello Player!

Welcome on DenericaMC. We are a great and nice community offering the great adventurous world of Denerica. You can do a lot of stuff with the many custom mechanics and quality of live changes our server offers. A detailled Economy will offer you wealth to govern your people in this Geopolitic Adventure. Roleplay and History awaits you on DenericaMC.

The IP is:

The Link to the Dynmap:


Join our server and see it by yourself.
A lot of fun and much more,
– DenericaMC

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Divided Earth

Terra Divisa has launched its fifth Version! Set in WW1, Terra Divisa: World At War is a Towny server that features EventWar, TownyResources, and more to make an enjoyable server for all of your Geopolitical needs. Check the image gallery to see some additional features!
Join us on Discord!

! You must be using at least version 1.19.4 to join !

580 Aero Betweenlands Blood Bloodmagic Community Dynamic Forge Industrial Smp Survival Tinker Trial Whitelist Worldmap

CA-SMP Forge Server

CA-SMP is a server based around a Forge-Modpack called “The Betweenlands” we actively are trying to grow the community, moderate the server, and develop the server further to bring more interesting content. Generally, if you want to join (which I do recommend) click the discord-invite link as we do whitelist-only.

Key-Modpack list

  • The Betweenlands
  • TinkerConstruct
  • BloodMagic
  • DynamicSurroundings
  • IndustrialForgegoing
  • JurrassicWorldReborn
  • IronChest
  • XaerosWorldMap

  • Categories
    Bioms Cart Cliffs Creative Creepers Iffs Intense International Minecart Minecarts Notes Survival Vanilla World Map Worldmap


    We are a small, friendly, international, young community running a semi-vanilla 1.19.2 Minecraft server that everyone can join! What we offer:

    – Both a survival (“SMP”) and a creative world. (A minigames/event world is planned for the future!)
    – A set of datapacks and gameplay tweaks for some variety. It includes: Bigger cliffs, smaller bioms, much more structures, extra crafting recpies, more powerful TNT, creepers and minecarts.
    – A unique ruleset including both friendly community regions and semi-anarchy regions for intense PVP in the same survival world!
    – World maps that are available here: Survival Worldmap, Creative Worldmap.
    – A full world download in case the server ceases operation. Don’t worry about losing your builds!
    – A friendly community with active, fair/mature moderation and no griefing or cheats.
    – Our Discord lounge: (Notes: The lounge is mirrored into the game, joining it is not a prerequisit.)
    – Currently no whitelisting so you can just check by easily. If we get overrrun by bad actors this may change but then there will be an easy way for everyone to join back unburocratically.
    – Much more details can be found at our homepage:

    We are looking forward to see you!

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    NationsMC – [PVP] [Roleplay] {1.18.2} {Worldbuilding}

    NationsMC – [PVP] [Roleplay] {1.18.2} {Worldbuilding}

    About Us:

    The NationsMC server is a community-driven Minecraft server with a focus on roleplay. Our goal is to build an interactive, fun atmosphere where people can come together to create their own path! As time goes on, we hope to add more to the server to keep creative minds engaged and coming back for more!

    What Can You Do In NationsMC?

    In the server NationsMC you can start your own nation, religion or anything you’d like!

    You can also enjoy some of the many plugins that come with the server, including the Towny plugin that allows you to claim a spot in the world and build whatever you’d like there.

    If you decide to join, just let one of the staff members know that you’re new and they’ll set you up and help you get started!


    Version: 1.18.2 (Java Edition)




    Ash Aus Building Earth Economy Ender Rading Render Road Roleplay Silk Silver Trading Ush Worldmap


    Silkroad is a brand new server for trading and nation building on a WorldMap pre-rendered map! asduasduahsudhausdhaushdiaushdiaushdiuashdiuahsduiahsiudhasiudhiaushdiuashdiuahsduihasiudhaiushdiuashduihasiudhiuashdiashdiuashdiahsuidihuas

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    Towny earth map with guns, tanks, planes cannons unique items and more!

    Our server has restarted, the new map is 1:500 scale, the map is nearly empty and new players have a chance of becoming major powers! we have many unique items in the server, and more are added every few weeks, such as custom ores like chromium and opal, with wich you can craft unique items!

    The community of invictaMC is known for being balanced, power is never in the hands of one empire alone, this gives you the opportunity to rise and become a major power!

    Wars are very dynamic in our server, we have a big variety of guns, as well as anti-gun armor, we have tanks and planes that can fire big explosives that can remove a entire town from the map, and cannons / mortars to help you protect your town from attacks
    any damages done by explosives will naturally regenerate so you wont lose your town even if it is bombed during a war

    Join us today and build your empire!

    IP: [1.19]
    Online store:


    Aero Furnace Landmark Leather Miami Minimap Purpur Pve Resource Packs Respawn Survival Vanilla Voodoo Weather Worldmap

    Silent Survivor | Click for full details!

    Silent Survivor

    Server IP:

    Online Map:

  • Ramped up Vanilla 1.18.2
  • Backpacks with auto-fill
  • PvE Only
  • Land Claims
  • Custom World Gen
  • Many Data packs Installed
  • Tree Capitator
  • Chests Restock
  • Mount many creatures with right-click!
  • Use /back to return to your body
  • Use /warp to move around to landmarks
  • Use /sethome and /home to return to your base which can be separate from your bed respawn!
  • Use /help for all commands! (some commands may not be available to guest players)
  • This server makes use of almost all of Voodoo Beard’s Data and Resource packs! Check them out here to see extra stuff you can do on the server!

    TIP: Did you know that a Forge MC client with client-side only plugins installed can still join vanilla servers? We recommend trying a Forge client with Optifine, Xaero’s Minimapand Xaero’s World Map while playing on our server!

    TIP: Try standing on a bed! You can click links in chat to set the time of day and weather!

    TIP: Throw an Elytra and any Chestplate onto an anvil and they will combine, giving the elytra an armor rating equal to the chest plate used.

    TIP: A use for rotten flesh? Turn it into leather in a furnace!

    Server hosted in Miami, FL on dedicated hardware.

    Backups Earthforce Friendship Growth Longterm Longtime Minecraft Player Minecraft Players Minecrafter Multiplayer Server Smp Survival Wiped Worldmap

    Earthforce Minecraft Server [Dynmap] [Vanilla /w Grief Prevention] [16+]

    Thanks for checking out my post kind Minecrafter!

    Earthforce is a longtime community of veteran Minecraft players who love a sense of community, friendship, and longterm server growth. We started in 2015, and built a beautiful vibrant world. We are now back, opening our server up from whitelist to public, with a freshly wiped world (roughly 1 week ago) and we are allowing new members in! All of our current members are between 17-25 so join a mature, levelheaded, fun community!

    Our server is basic SMP, but features land claiming with greif prevention, hourly backups, 1000 starter claim blocks, a TOP OF THE LINE SELF HOSTED PRIVATE SERVER. Not some cheap monthly rented server.

    We are welcoming anyone and everyone. We currently only have less than 10 members on our new wipe, and would love any long term players who want to build with a community to join our discord and connect!

    Please join our discord to connect with members, check out our live server worldmap, take part in giveaways, community events, and more!

    Aero Command Block Economy Hardcore Operator Pve Pvp Redstoner Roleplay Salvation Stoner Stoners Survival Vanilla Worldmap

    Salvation Middle School

    — please do take 2 mins to read through this as otherwise you won´t be able to join —
    – We are 18+ Server we were 16+ we have a few members that are 16 or 17 and they´ve shown solid interest but we have switched back to 18+, there are no exceptions for under 18.
    – Now for the very important parts , what we offer and what we´re looking for:- a friendly and welcoming community- wonderful shopping district modeled after Hermitcraft’s economy system
    – Completely survival-oriented experience ; there is no creative mode, tps or command blocks at all including the operators
    – Proximity chat as well as a dedicated discord server
    – We use xaeros’ worldmap in place of dynmap as we personally find it way better
    – Coreprotect’s inspector command available to everyone to check their chests and gear
    What we´re looking for (very important to read):
    1. Ambitious and creative builders, redstoners or both;
    2. we´re strictly not looking for people that hop on and off servers and never finish a single project;
    3. we´re looking for people that want to be part of a community as well as have their own projects and aspirations to build
    If this sounds like it would interest you then please fill out a whitelist application form on our discord.
    Thanks for reading and see you in Salvation.