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🐝 The Colony SMP (Bedrock + Java) [1.19.3] 🐝


The Colony SMP
A 1.19.3 SMP Survival Server [​Bedrock & Java]
IP [​]

Welcome to The Colony, the premier pure vanilla Minecraft server with a twist!

Our server is designed to provide a unique and creative environment for players of all types, from the casual player looking for a place to build and relax, to the creative builder, to the experienced PvP veteran. We offer a variety of features to keep the game interesting and challenging, such as a custom world generator, custom mob spawning, and custom enchants.

The Colony server is hosted on both Bedrock and Java editions, allowing for a wide range of players to join in on the fun. We feature an extensive economy system, with auction houses, custom shops, and player-run businesses. We also have a unique resource management system, where players must manage their resources to get the most out of them.

The Colony server is purely vanilla SMP, with no additional plugins or modifications, making it a great place to experience the true vanilla experience. Despite this, we still offer a unique twist on the classic SMP experience through our custom game mechanics, such as custom mob spawning, custom enchants, and our unique resource management system.

We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all players, and we have an active team of admins and moderators who are always willing to help out with any questions or issues that may arise.

So what are you waiting for? Join The Colony today and experience a unique and creative twist on the classic Minecraft SMP experience. See you in-game!

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SilkiEcon: Survival RPG

‘SilkiEcon: RPG Survival ‘ (Running 1.18.1) Has been a RPG/ Economy / Survival project that we’ve been working on for nearly 4 years. Through many iterations, we’ve streamlined what works and what doesn’t and put our ear to the audience to create a custom experience like no other. This time around, we are recruiting you to Co-Develop this project and make your ideas into reality. This isn’t your daddy’s minecraft. Expect a challenge. We are opening Beta Testing to the public. Your character builds are unique through the use of classes and attribute distribution. Between Armor combinations, and stat/skill development you will be able to contend in any dungeon or battlefield. There is no pay to play here! Every plugin and feature is accessible through leveling professions. Every normal move you make in minecraft contributes to your characters growth. Use lands to forge alliances and build nations. Wage war on your geopolitical adversaries. The economy is %100 player run. The amount of industries a player can create or dominate are never ending, with the help of the server developers. Come join us. Be a part of a growing community and contribute to something that is ever expanding. Help us build the greatest minecraft. A minecraft with longevity, community, and infinite capabilities.

ViaVersion; ViaBackwards installed | Accept resource pack or prompt

Staff Needed || Making Ideas Come to Life

Cosmetics Customitems Custommobs Rpg Survival Towny Uniquegameplay

DayDream RPG/Towny Server 1.17+

Import info: The server will open on 30 May 2022, those who join the server on that day it opens will get a free cosmetic key and will be in a group screenshot. The server is bedrock and java with tons of cool features, you won’t find 90% of servers. I and the other owner have spent tons of money on plugins. And have an amazing and professional team. We do tend to goof off a bit, but mostly serious. Donations will let you add the custom comedic and mobs of your choice. It does not pay to win, but you get to choose what we add content to the server by your donation. We also plan on doing mob votes in the future. It has races such as Dragonborn, elves, werewolves, demons, angels, etc. Marriage and unique NPC villagers, you can interact with and even marry. Purely Vanilla, we also have a client-side fabric modpack to enhance your time on the server. The server is whitelisted and you must join the discord server. Over 100 new biomes using vanilla blocks and future mobs addons in the wild and future dungeons hidden throughout the world. dungeon puzzles and/or clues that will give their cords to their location, the dungeon events to gain comedic keys, and money prizes.

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MineArch SMP 1.8-1.18.1 | Custom Plugins | No Lag | Choose your own vote rewards | Win Ranks | Not P2W


Welcome to MineArch, where your survival adventure begins in a city abandoned by its protector, an unnamed deity. Players have stepped up as staff to run the abandoned city and the land it inhabits. Will the deity ever return?

MineArch is a survival server which is unique with a new way to play survival – How it should be played. Tridents are rarer and more useful, Mending isn’t game breaking and our custom plugins provide additions to gameplay never seen before. Are you tired of crates on servers? Us too. We’ve replaced the standard reward system with shards and unlike crates.. You can pick your own reward! Upgrade your shards, get better items and odds and win free ranks!

Our goal is to provide a family-friendly, not-for-profit community. Any money donated will go right back into improving our server. We have plans for future servers also so what are you waiting for! Come join us today with any MC client 1.8-1.18 (Java or Bedrock edition!)

: minearch: How to connect to MineArch SMP in Java Edition

Step 1.: Open Minecraft (Premium account required)
Step 2.: Click on Multiplayer
Step 3.: Click on “Add Server”
Step 4.: In the server name box, type “MineArch SMP” or something along those lines.
Step 5.: In the Server Address box, type:

: minearch: How to connect to MineArch SMP in Bedrock Edition

Step 1.: Download an app on your phone called Bedrock Together or MC Server Connector. Make sure your device using the app is connected to the same wifi your console is
Step 2. Open then app and type in
Step 3. Open Minecraft and navigate to the friends tab and connect to the server using LAN tab.
Step 4. Once you join that, click on direct connect and type and set the port as 19132 then connect to the server.
Make sure the app is running at all times while playing. (Don’t close the app)

Autobots Decepticons Dotm Faction Pvp Factionspvp Pvpfactions Roleplaying Survival Tfp Trafomc Transformers Transformiummc Uniquegameplay Wfc



This server is a Minecraft Transformers themed Faction-Survival-Roleplay server, we have ALOT planned for this server
we are in the building stages as of right now. We would love for anyone who loves transformers to join our war, create a faction and fight for a side in which you can pick. JOIN US TODAY!


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—————————-[- WEFAMC -]—————————-
WEFAMC is a server based on faction and survival, but there is also a
possibility to use bending.
         What we offer

⛏️Survival and claim your base!

🏆Monthly events with prizes

⚠️No Queue
⚠️No Lag

✨Special Ranks
🌊 Water Bending
🪨 Earth Bending
🔥 Fire Bending
💨 Air Bending

Server Website:


We are a small team of 3 staff members, still looking for other staff members
who can fit the job
If you are that person you may contact us on the discord metioned above.

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✰TheAbyss✰ 》Featuring: ⋆Earth 1:1000⋆MMORPG⋆Quests⋆CustomMobs⋆CustomEnchants⋆《》Versions: 1.8-1.16《》✰JAVA⋆BEDROCK⋆VR✰《 JOIN NOW!

Good Day!
I am Sunny, the Owner and Developer at TheAbyss.TheAbyss is An Earth Server with Unique Features. We support Java, Bedrock, And VR Players!
Discord Invite ➞
Server Trailer ➞

What Features our Server offers?
The Earth Map is 1:1000 with 7 Kingdoms scattered across the 7 Continents. Towns would capturethe Outposts to get Boosts on Exp’s, Money, and more! These events would be held weekly. To preventOverpowered players bullying new players, We used the plugin AdvancedEnchantments, and turned off the Vanilla ones!These would be obtainable from the Quests and The CustomMobs at the Fantasy Map. The FantasyMap and Earth Map areIntegrated with each other, meaning you can transfer your items from the FantasyMap to the EarthMap and vice versa.

◈125+ Custom Enchants◈Unique Storyline and Quests◈Unique Mobs◈Weekly Capture the Outpost event◈Paypal Payouts at the end of the Season◈Dungeons◈Earth Map 1:1000◈Fantasy Map 6k x 6k◈And much More!
We are also one of the first Towny/Earth server that will Introduce Payouts at the end of the Season!

What to Expect?
TheAbyss hopes to establish A network that will feature GameModes such as
And Much More!


Friendly staff and Players,
Toxicity is strictly prohibited,

Hope to see you there!

Castle Castles Castlewars Custom Customplugins Ophion Pvpraid Raiding Raidingandpvp Team Pvp Unique Uniquegameplay

Castle Wars [1.9 – 1.16]

Castle Wars is a unique gamemode where you can build a castle with your friends, form alliances, and raid other castles for loot and points.

Read the text below, or watch the one-minute video What is Castle Wars?

More about the gamemode
You begin with a small castle which you can modify to your liking. When you join, your castle is protected with a shield. Use this time to build up your defences and get guns, armour, and other gear to prepare for raids.

When one castle raids another, both castles are copied into a raid arena opposite each other. Each side can invite up to two allies. The winners receive money, gear, and status points. Make sure to always be prepared – you may be raided at any time!

Other features

  • Guns and grenades. Fight with snipers, RPGs, grenades, and more.
  • Custom bosses. Defeat one of four custom boss mobs and their minions in the boss areas located in the castle world. These bosses will not prove easy to defeat — be prepared!
  • Levels. Level up by meeting money and item requirements to earn progressively higher shop discounts, item rewards, and other perks.
  • Creative. Plan your castle out on a creative plot, or build your own unrelated builds with WorldEdit and Armor Stand Tools.
  • Minigames. Relax with some rounds of Capture the Flag, Mob Arena with building, Spleef, or parkour.
  • Easter eggs. Explore the elaborate spawn for hidden easter eggs and achievements.
  • Learn more about Castle Wars in detail by reading the FAQ on our site here.

    What to expect when you join

  • When you first join, you’ll find yourself in the new player area with several short tutorials explaining the gamemode. Jump into the portal to generate your castle in the castle world.
  • The default castle is fairly simple. A common way to start is by mining some stone and building a quick roof to protect yourself from snipers, a wall to allow you to expand your castle in safety, and buying a gun or two. Your castle will be protected by a shield for the first couple hours after you join to give you time to prepare some basic defences.
  • Gather resources at the mines to craft weapons and armour to add to your raid inventory, the special inventory that you have during raids.
  • When you raid or are raided by another castle, your two castles will be copied into a raid arena opposite each other. Each side can invite up to two allies. Common offensive raid strategies often include pre-loaded TNT cannons, sniper positions, RPGs, and enderpearls; defensive strategies often include traps, obsidian, and walls. The side that kills all players in the opposing castle wins and may choose their rewards.
  • Ophion Castle Wars is a highly polished server with a close-knit community. We look forward to meeting you!

    1122server 112x 18plus 18yearsold Abilities Adultserver Adultstaff Customenchants Customitems Custommobs Economy Economyserver Economysurvival Minecraft Modified New Oppvp Pvp Pvpsurvival Skills Skillsystem Survival Ultimatepvp Uniqueeconomy Uniquefeatures Uniquegameplay Uniqueplugins

    StormLands Survival🌩️

    ⛈️ | GROW, FIGHT, EXPLORE.⚔️

    Development since 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣✳️
    Economy Survival & Towny

  • Unique PvP experience:

    ⛏️ Powerful items with abilities | special powers
    📟 Rune stone upgrades (Health, PvP damage, hit rate, critical chance)
    ⚔️ An RPG system allows you to level-up your weapons and your class
    🏹Two handed combat, combine your deadly weapons
    💵Economy system with banknotes, bank account and interest.
    💹Unique currency with moving value.
    (Depends on the server’s economy status)
    You can earn real money with StormLands Golds!
    (1000 Gold = $1) /Exchange at the Store/

  • Gameplay improvements:

    🏞️ Buildable elevators, gates and bridges.
    🎣 New fishing, baits, fish fatigue, biome related fish types.
    🍻 Brew alcohol, drink with your friends at the tavern.
    🗡️ Cusom enchants and scrolls.
    💼 Crate opening with keys.
    🕷️ Stronger and unique mobs.

  • Categories
    Buildersneeded New Roleplay Staffneeded Storymode Uniquegameplay – Need Builders! Project

    This project aims to create a new RPG server with amazing quests, unique mobs and items and a wonderful storyline. The server won”t be P2W ( Pay to win ), all donator ranks containing only cosmetic items ( none of those items have a good/bad influence in the quests ).

    If you want to know more please join our discord server here:

    – a percent of the server’s profits
    – credit
    – you can use what you build in your portfolio
    – being part of a great project
    – if the project becomes popular, you do as well

    – you will build what the quest writers need
    – you will terraform if needed
    – you won’t be toxic ( be a decent person, don’t piss of anyone )