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Odin’s Playground SMP

[​Basic Server Settings]- Java and Bedrock compatible
– Hard mode.
– Mostly vanilla.
– No inventory drop while in PVE mode.
– Inventory drop while in PVP mode.
– Server currency (pennigar – ancient nordic metal weight based currency)
– Earned by play time.
– Earned by mining, killing mobs, crafting, building, cutting wood, brewing, farming, digging, etc. Most everything.
– Will also earn crate keys through this same mechanism at various intervals.
– Trading with players.
– Possible for more ways to come, i.e. voting, but not selling. Likely to also have crate keys for rewards.
– Can be used at admin sign shops to buy many different things with more stuff coming.
– Quicker tree felling (chop one, up to 30 connected, not diagonal blocks can break). Still uses the same amount of durability as manually breaking each block.
– Player to player teleporting.
– Teleporting to one’s own homes (number based on rank).
– Able to teleport to last death location.
– Able to set, grow, and administer a claim to prevent being griefed.
– Available claim area grows directly through playtime.
– Can also increase available claim area by purchasing more blocks.
– Able to use a command to access Enderchest.
– Able to send a private message and mails to other players.
– Able to play either PVE, PVP, or switch between them with a cooldown between PVP and PVE.
– Able to edit signs IF holding another sign and right clicking on the sign.
– Able to use some stair blocks as chairs.
– More mobs drop their heads to collect.
– Can make collapsing/hiding bridges and doors using signs.
– Can use craftbook IC’s 1219, 1234, 1235, 1238, 1239, 1421.
– Gravity and TNT duping re-enabled. Duping of TNT, gravel, and sand only is allowed. All other duping is forbidden.

Bedrock Connection
IP: Port: 19132
Java Connection

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Davidscloud is a long-standing gaming community that believes in creating a place for all gamers to get together and enjoy playing various games together without worry of pay-to-win spoiling the enjoyment. Our community is friendly and works together to achieve a place everyone can find something to enjoy. Our Minecraft server, specifically, has been around since 1.7.10 and plans on staying around for a long time to come.

Our Minecraft server has variety of features for our members to enjoy. Key to keeping your experience enjoyable is our grief prevention system and friendly admin team. Players start off with 2,000 blocks they can claim, and accrue 120 every hour of playtime. These claims cannot be destroyed or built upon by anyone other than the Owner of the claim, or Trusted players. Plus your pets are also protected in the same fashion! If for some reason there’s ever a problem, our Admin team will investigate and assist whenever necessary.

With us focusing on your security, you can focus on enjoying the features on our server that add to your survival chances should you choose to use them, completely free without pay-to-win! Such as our banking system that gives interest for every hour you play. This lets you save up some cash to spend at the Market set up at the Survival Spawn, where our new Merchants offer a small variety of goods, like fish, potions, wood, and other miscellaneous goodies you might be looking for.

Bit bored traveling over the same old Minecraft landscape? Our server isn’t just the one traditional Survival world, it’s actually linked to another realm giving you more to explore! Find Zedmun at the Survival Spawn for the opportunity to be transported to our new Amplified World! Added in 1.18, it has all of the new caves and cliffs you could want with the added craziness of being amplified. Additionally, we’re working on adding an Event World and a Creative Plot World that would be accessed via our Hub so you will have even more places to enjoy. We would love to see you here when they launch!

Our server now allows cross-play between the Bedrock and Java versions! Anyone can play on our servers regardless of if they play on console or PC, provided they have a paid Java account of course. That means you get to play with friends you might not of been able to before due to platform restrictions! Plus, with more people able to play on our servers the more fun can be had by all as our community grows. So we are looking forward to seeing you and your friends join us at Davidscloud!

Got questions? Join our Discord to learn whatever you might like to know about our Minecraft servers such as commands, admin support, community rules, and more.

Vanilla (Latest Version) IP:
Bedrock Crossplay Port: 19132. For connection tutorial, visit:

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Legionaries is a newly generated 1.18 server that aims at a self sufficient community. Griefing is very discouraged. The only modifications are quality of life, however in my opinion teleportation is too outside of vanilla so it is not enabled. Currently I have no intentions of restarting this map ever, but I will be changing spawn every update.


Will run on the latest update as datapacks/plugins become available.

Rollbacks are available upon request but this will not be abused.

German hosting.

No land claims.



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PrometheumMC | SMP | Vanilla+ | Terralith 2.0 Worldgen | 1.18.1 | EcoEnchants | Treecapitator | No Griefing

Welcome to PrometheumMC! A vanilla+ SMP server with an emphasis on quality of life improvements! No griefing is allowed, and will result in a permaban. If you want to join a mature community, look no further!

Everything you can do in vanilla you can do on the server! All additions are built on top of vanilla, instead of changing the entire game!

Features include:
– Custom enchantments! Over 200 of them!
– All enchantments can be combined and overlevelled!
– Nether portals can be manually linked!
– Trees can be cut down with a single block broken!
– Chests can be turned into automated shops!
– Most Vanilla Tweak datapacks!

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🏹 ZeldaCraft 🗡 – RPG Survival –

Server Address:


ZeldaCraft is an amazing Legend of Zelda themed minecraft server that has been running strong since May 20th 2012. There is a wonderful community of friendly players and a quality staff team to help out. The staff team have worked together with the community for years to create a community that’s fun for fans of all Zelda games or Minecraft in general to play.

About Us:
– 2 Year Old Map, Plenty of exploring to do.
– Custom Spell Plugin
– Custom Items and Recipes
– Long-Term Players and New Players constantly
– Zelda themed builds and events
– Custom coded dungeons
– Vanilla survival gameplay
– Shops

– Custom Resource Pack
If you’re a fan of Minecraft or The Legend of Zelda, come join our server and discord! We’d love to meet you!

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Lazy Days Middle School

Welcome to LazyDays SMP

We are a small survival server that dedicates itself to giving players the best SMP experience they can have!
We have implemented a toggle pvp system along with land claiming ability
to really give you the best.

Join today, and start your new vanilla adventure!

Discord Link:

Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvival Smp Smpve Smpvp Survival Survivalmode


Are you ready for the best Minecraft SURVIVAL experience in 2020?
Come join us, in a place where everyone belongs.

We are very community-driven and are always developing great new events and ideas to better YOUR experience!

Join us, see what we have to offer – you wont regret it!

Worth Mentioning?
– Unlimited Parkour
– PvP Combat Arena
– Weekly Events for Players
– Many Ranks
– Active Staff

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MineSlip [Vanilla] [Whitelisted] [SMP] {Snapshot} {1.16}

A SMP for anyone who dares to brave the newest horrors of the Nether update of 1.16! Considering the Ender Dragon has now been beaten, I suppose the server will become something similar to a Hermitcraft-style server, but that’s up to the players.

But seriously, even with full diamond you die a lot. And then you lose those diamonds. This is not for the faint of heart. Finding Blaze Rods just got a whole lot harder.

(At times this can be a bit weird and/or laggy, because the MCProHosting Control Panel at this time does not work, but hopefully by Season 2 that won’t be an issue!)

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Welcome to Gibbscraft Survival Multi-Player.
Gibbscraft is a classic survival server, we use well established plugins to keep things running smoothly, so you can enjoy survival care-free with other players.

Important stuff:

  • Teleport and sethome
  • Dedicated Server with Intel I7 64 GB RAM.
  • Strong connection worldwide
  • All languages allowed
  • Random Teleport Function
  • Better sleep
  • Trading-based economy. Fully vanilla chest shop and player trading.
  • Diverse, friendly and social community of regular players from all around the world
  • How to join the latest SMP world:
    New maps are created every season, and the previous map is playable anytime

    Gibbscraft should have something for both newbies and veterans to enjoy, so give it a try!

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    Our website says it all! Take a quick peek:
    Join us on Discord: