Antispam NarutoWorld 1.7.10 Minecraft server

Ever dreamed of meeting the characters of your favorite anime? Thanks to the NarutoWorld server, you can plunge into the colorful world of Naruto!
On this server you can:
Travel to famous places in the anime series;
Open a wide variety of techniques;
Complete single missions, as well as visit team dungeons;
Participate in RP-events;
Complete your own storyline;

Antispam Города Кейсы Кит старт Магазин

RNIMU Minecraft server Minecraft

We started with the construction of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, now this is the first virtual copy of the medical university in full (!) Size, which plays the role of a spawn with merchants, portals, a PvP arena and much more.
Its entire territory is completely accessible for research, you have never seen anything like this!

There are a lot of rooms in the building that you can buy for in-game currency and use for your own purposes, for example, set up a store!

At the moment, a full-fledged survival with a unique economy, NPCs, donations is configured and available on the server, interesting gameplay and decorative mods are available.

Client installation – just a few clicks! –

VK project group –

Come to our server! In the future, you will be able to join one of the factions and wage clan wars, the struggle for resources and territories.

Antispam Uralpassport Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Питомцы Работы

⭐ EnergieMC Games ⭐ Cases for Beginners ▶ / free Minecraft server

EnergieMC server on version 1.8 – 1.12.2 – 1.16.2 ❤️

A project with a cool PVP system, good anti-cheat and experienced administration.
Create your own clan and advance it to the TOP of murders!

10 cases as a Gift for every newbie! ❤️

Open cases, win at MobArena and just get high!
Play here. You will remember it for a long time, maybe even for a lifetime.

Herobrine comes here at night …
There is no time to get bored at AlphaCraft! ❤️

✅ Clans, arena for hard PVP, as well as top clans

✅ Top players statistics

✅ Mini-games: King of the Hill, Splif, MobArena for 50 waves

✅ Entertainment: parkour, trampolines, club, hangout, fishing, recreation beach, cases

✅ Unique plugins made by our programmers

✅ Good and fair administration

✅ Secret Easter eggs, secrets, hidden gifts

✅ Honest and cheap donation

Dominate, rule and humiliate, come in and take the reward / free! : 3

⚡ IP:

Antispam Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Работы

Mat-Craft server Minecraft

Hello, today we are glad to present you a brand new MaT-Craft server.

Top clans and players, Cases with donation, No dupes, Many warps, Improved anti-cheat system, Well-thought-out system of privileges, Complex and well-thought-out economy, Improved system of work on the server, System of preventing players from hacking

Most are their own plugins, so the server is not like most of the others

We regularly add new plugins to the server to keep players from getting bored. Also, every player with a good imagination can contribute and offer a good idea for a new plugin through our VK group.

We look forward to seeing you!

Antispam Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Работы

GreyMoon Minecraft server

Greymoon is a cool survival server.

We offer:
• Inexpensive donation – if you want more, you can always buy it for a small price.
• A cool whale start with its help you can develop very easily
• Jobs and weddings – with us you can earn money for yourself and your family, which you can also create yourself)
• Want PvP? – We also have an answer to this decision.
Fight other players in the PvP arena and win.
• A lot of all sorts of cool buns – of course, there is an auto mine, a good economy, a glass and so on. Everything is in place: D
• Clans – create your own clan and gather people to fight against other clans.
• ๑ Friendly staff of the server administration ๑ – we are always ready to help you, solve all your problems or punish violators.

We are waiting for you

Antispam Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Питомцы

Millenium ⭐ Minecraft server 1.16.1 Minecraft server

We are creating a cozy server for playing vanilla MInecraft on version 1.16.1.
Join our community!

– loyal administration
– various mini-games
– donate groups
– skill leveling system
– Discord channel

Antispam Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Магия Питомцы Работы

BunnyCraft 1.0.5-1.0.9 Minecraft server

1.PvP arena [warp pvp]
7.SHOP [warp shop]
10 bank robbery

We have a server at 0.15.x
Port- 19136

Antispam Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Работы

KelogramServer Minecraft server

Server description Minecraft server KelogramServer!

Antispam Кит старт Магазин Работы

Classic [Survival/Creative] 1.8-1.12.X Minecraft server

Server description‼ Classic [Survival/Creative] 1.8-1.12 +
✅Classic Survival / Creative

Antispam Города Кит старт Магия Питомцы Работы

OwnHub server Minecraft

Server description ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
OwnHub – Minecraft server (1.9 – 1.15.2)

– 40 New, unique biomes
– Magic, magic wands and new types of arrows
– New types of monsters and a boss in the castle
– Jobs, quests for professions
– Unique achievements
– New crafting of armor and weapons.
– Purchase, rent of apartments and buildings.
– Auction and balanced economy
– Clans, friends and groups
– Daily rewards
– Medals
– Referral system
– Custom banners

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