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TrophySMP [Whitelisted] [Hermitcraft-like] [Community]

Are you on the hunt for a BRAND NEW SMP Well, you’ve found the right place. Whether you’re more technical, into redstone, or love creating majestic builds, TrophySMP is the place for you. We have a few datapacks to spice up the vanilla experience, but other than that, our server is 100% vanilla. We always have room for new players and our welcoming community makes everyone feel at home. We are heavily inspired by hermitcraft and their community as a whole. We have proximity chat and an installation guide for it. This gives us a much larger sense of community. Of course, proximity chat is optional and isn’t forced. We are whitelisted and we have a way to apply. We strive to be the best SMP one could ask for. With our expanding staff and playerbase, we’re always looking for new friends.

Server Version: Paperspigot 1.18.1

Join discord to apply!´╗┐

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Reventium Factions

Reventium is an upcoming factions server, which offers Factions, McMMO, Friendly Staff, NPC Shops and so much more, below are the features we currently offer.

– Overhead map: Players can view our overhead map to locate structures, or see a top-down view of their home.

– McMMO: Rank up in certain skills such as Mining, and use abilities such as Tree Feller or Serrated Strike

– Jobs: Earn money through Jobs such as Exploring the World around you, or Mining in the depths of the world.

– Factions: Either group up or play solo, ultimately it’s up to you.

– Crates: Now featuring 3 different types of crates, a vote crate, mysterious crate, and a pet crate

– Pre-Generated World: our world has been pre-generated up to a 3900 block radius, no need to worry about lag when exploring, the chunks have already been generated for you.

– And so much more coming soon.

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Hi, First off thanks for clicking on this page it means a lot to me since ive been trying to get a good playerbase for about 11 months now. Anyways this server is by the title called demolishedsmp, Demolishedsmp is a anarchy/smp type server. Basically there are only 2 rules, No hacking and No Spawn Killing. That means you can grief, troll, do anything on the server. (Just make sure not to be a bad sport and just quit the server if your stuff gets destroyed GET REVENGE!) We have seasons and the seasons do get longer and longer the more people play on the server! If we can get multiple people on the server as a player base then we can do wars, etc.

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Hunter Survival = Classic Factions = MCMMO = Economy = Backpacks = PvP = Bedrock Support

*Server Location:** London, UK.

**Server Goals:**

This server’s goal is to remake what it was like to play a Minecraft Factions Server, back when Factions first came out in 2014.

Back before TnT cannons, Giant Obsidian Monolifs and walls of Water and Lava were the meta and servers had Pay to Win Kits and crazy custom enchantments like sharpness X (10).

To do this we have disabled explosions in claimed land meaning you are able to build a base however and where ever you want and know your items are safe! Unless of course you die too many times and lose faction power.

Because of this, our server is more PVP and strategy based, looking for weakness’ in opposing Factions bases and also makibg sure youre own base is well fortified!


Factions – MCMMO – Citizens – Econony – Shops – Survival – Crates – Vote Rewards – PvP – RankUp – Custom Enchants – Permanent World – 24/7 – Active Admins – !NEW! Bedrock Support
World Border 5000×5000 to encourage more player interaction/PvP/Raids/Faction wars


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The Wolf Den – Custom Biomes for All Worlds | Magic | Factions | Survival Based | Economy

Welcome to The Wolf Den!

The Wolf Den is a community based factions server who has just integrated the new 1.18 Caves and Biomes system into our server. Our server still runs on 1.17 so don’t worry, you can experience the newest of minecraft inside of our server, for free!

Open to all Bedrock and Java players (Bedrock Players use port 19132 to connect)

Why should you join The Wolf Den?:

We offer a friendly and inclusive environment, as well as respect players who want their time and space to theirselves. We have tons of fun and useful plugins, such as:
– Magic
– AureliumSkills
– LevelledMobs
– Factions (Premium)
– Anti – Cheat / Xray
– Player Bounties
– Auction House
– Economy
– Shops
And much more!

Still not sure? Check out a few of our links to really grasp the server!:

Website –
YouTube – The Wolf Den – – OPEN NOW! – YouTube
Tik Tok –
Discord –

Connect to the server using this IP (1.1-1.17) –
Bedrock users can connect with this port: 19132 (

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LCL Network

LCL Network is a survival server on 1.16

LCL Staff are well trained and will try their best to give you the best experience possible. The Owner Auxria and the Co-Owner Aoesis work closely with the staff to fix bugs and stop hackers!

we are open to ideas and feeedback!

we are currently looking for staff!

LCL Network and Tunnel-Vision UK are not affiliated with Mojang AB, Minecraft

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FamousBros – Java Edition Server

Are you looking for a classic vanilla server with a community of skilled and like minded crafters, custom datapacks and much more?
Check out our Minecraft Server: The FamousBros Server!

Currently in 1.15.2 Vanilla.

We like to think that our server is somewhere between the level of

“No Try Hards” and “SciCraft”
Very Chill and Very Technical.

Always happy to welcome new folks to the server,
there is always something being built and there are new features introduced every so often.

If you are a skilled or technical player of java edition,
looking for a chill community of technical players please shoot us an Application:´╗┐

Extra Notes:
Mature Community.
There is a huge item shop on the server. As well as an Inn for new players.
PvP/Mob/Spleef Arenas will be built.