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Eden Project Minecraft server

Server DescriptionHello, dear player!
We are a young project, without experience, but with a great desire, ready to listen to the players and change for the better!
The server is a hardcore survival with RPG elements, no buildings, except for the spawn (more on that later). An unrealistically beautiful world with mesmerizing landscapes, pumping skills, work, illness and injury, 3 factions with their buffs (by the way, there are no clans ^^), wandering bosses and dungeons!
Of course, the main thing on the project is its atmosphere, an excellent texture pack and a sea of ​​decorations with furniture are responsible for this.
Returning to the buildings! There is no better place than one that was built by our own sweat and blood. We decided that all buildings will be created by you. Further in the group, we will lay out the best buildings, in addition, very hardworking players can swing at entire cities, which we will lay out on the global map of the world.
Donate! For each, the meaning of this word is different, in our understanding, this is something that does not interfere with others, but at the same time makes life easier for the player himself. GM, YEAR AND DIFFERENT MULTI-PANELS FANTIFLYUSHI would spoil the whole atmosphere, so they are not there (DON’T DREAM!) But the same flight (for 60 sec) and mega heal for 3 uses are present.
Thank you for choosing our server!
PS Oh yes, if you find a bug on the server, write to the admins in a personal message, you can buy donations from them)

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HardCraft server Minecraft

HardCraft is an online server with tons of privileges and various possibilities, only real survival and hardcore. Survive on our server with your friends!

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CrazyCraft Minecraft server

Server Description[b][/b]Hello, I want to recommend you my server, updates every week, a lot of goodies, my own assembly, free donation, cases, a beautiful menu, a beautiful spawn.
I recommend that you personally go to our server and find out all its advantages over other projects.
The server is actively engaged, making it better, and so on.
Now we have a small one online, but every day we go further and further, the administration will try to help you. Waiting for you! 🙂
PS We have open applications for the Helper post on our forum


DEVCRAFT Come in the coolest anarchy Minecraft server

This is anarchy with a unique map and a very powerful anti-cheat, there is also a zombie apocalypse every 10 days, so it’s fun here, you won’t regret it. You can arrange a clan battle, Plugin for cutting trees, skins, auction, they give money for killing mobs


EAWORK is the best Minecraft server. Minecraft server

The best server for anarchy on version 1.12.2 and higher!
Interesting and unique mechanics, unobtrusive donation, which does not provide incredible benefits.
No schoolchildren with admin panels, adequate administration and a pleasant community.
Technical support responds quickly, and if you find a bug or dup and tell us, you will receive the maximum donation on our server!
Many new modes will also open soon, including SkyBlock, minigames and anarchy with full version 1.16.3 functionality!
Happy playing at!
Our website is!

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PassionMine Minecraft server

Medieval Minecraft server that really has something to do: work, a bunch of cheap donations, a menu, a beautiful spawn and much more!

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SaldeCraft server Minecraft

The owner of the SaldeCraft server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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Hello dear friend! Do you want to play on the best grief server? Then you are here, Drops with things on / warp pvp, well, the timing is cool, so come in and play! Version 1.12.2

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Vanilla Survival 1.16.3 Minecraft server

Good afternoon! Let’s get acquainted with our truly unique, but minimalistic game server, or rather, vanilla servers: Vanilla Survival 1.16.3. As the name suggests, the server runs on version 1.16.3. We present to you an absolutely simple and vanilla server for survival, without any bells and whistles, it is ordinary and simple, go in and start surviving, you don’t have to think about any difficulties, just a game, and other players will be able to share this simplicity with you. We love you all and are waiting for you on our project, Respectfully, Vanilla administration

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ETERNAL WORLD Minecraft server

Welcome new players on our server!
Here you will find:
– Normal survival with good players and friends!
– Some plugins that do not affect the difficulty of the game!
…and much more!
Our Discord:

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