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Vanilla Plus – semi-vanilla survival

Vanilla Plus is a semi-vanilla survival freebuild server with a focus on PvE and several custom made plugins. Griefing/Looting and PvP are not allowed.

When you first join you will be spawned in a random location in the world with a waypoint set at your spawn location and for the first 30 minutes of play time keep inventory will be enabled. To avoid getting griefed you will need to claim your area using a golden shovel which you get when you first join.

We also have a fully custom waypoint system with unlimited waypoints available and a waypoint that will be set on death to help you find where you died.

A few of the custom features that the server has are:

  • waypoints
  • custom recipes
  • improved drops from specific mobs such as shulkers
  • notifications in the action bar when your tool durability gets low
  • There is also a map of the world available at and you can use this to find a place to build, specific biomes or other players.

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    Tech Fortress – a near-vanilla experience

    Tech Fortress aims to provide the closest you can get to a vanilla Minecraft experience, while providing self-service protection against griefers (which is the main issue with vanilla servers, without resorting to things like a whitelist or large/always-online staff). Join the near-vanilla experience while enjoying simple, grief-proof property protection.


    The current map was created from 2013, with no plans to reset.

    Server updates and info: