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Stone Zone SMP

Vanilla with Data Packs!

Survival of the Dankest!

This dank server is over one year old with no plans of shutting down anytime soon. The world has chunks that date back to 1.15 beautifully blended with new 1.18 chunks. This server has no plans of resetting the world, and takes back ups fairly often. Stone Zone uses a mixture of unique custom data packs and popular QoL data packs.

Stone Zone is a small SMP that offers the dankest survival experience that you can partake in. Copious treasures and challenges await You. Hostile mobs will attempt to overwhelm your defenses, but with the dank loot You’ve collected along the way You’re bound to over come the challenge. Use emeralds to buy all sorts of things; including villager eggs. Create your own massive villages and farms to match. But be careful who you share your coordinates with! Someone may loot your stash! Stone Zone could be mistaken for an anarchy, its definitely not. We have a few basic rules.

Join the Dankest SMP on the West Coast!

|=- Treecapitation & Paper Bark
|=- Silk Touch Spawners, Amethyst Buds, & Cake
|=- Multiplayer Sleep
|=- Hostile Monster Loot Boxes
|=- Smarter, Faster, Deadlier Hostile Monsters
|=- Creeper Birthday Party
|=- Emerald Economy & Emerald Shop
|=- Player Heads
|=- Name Colors & Hats
|=- Copper Beacons & Climbable Chains
|=- Multiple Homes & No World Border
|=- No Claims & Raiding/Griefing are Allowed
|=- World Never Resets & Back-Ups Happen Often
|=- Four-Twenty Friendly

Always running the latest Vanilla JAR from Mojang!

Join @ StoneZone.ServeMinecraft.Net

Join the Stone Zone Discord Server @

Crackshot Custom Customitems Custommobs Customplugins Economy Friendly Friendlystaff Gta Guns Jedicraft Looting New Pve Pvp Starwars

Jedi Craft

If you’ve never played JediCraft before, you’re in for a treat. JediCraft is a GTA-styled Star Wars gamemode where you can explore an open world, loot chests, and pvp using lightsabers, guns, grenades, and vehicles!

We are aiming to make the highest quality Star Wars game mode yet. At JediCraft, you’ll find:

➥ 3D Models & Textures
➥ Custom Plugins
➥ Detailed, Large Map
➥ Lots of easter-eggs and quest locations

This isn’t just any normal JediCraft, this game mode will have exciting new features such as:

➥ Variable rare chest spawning
➥ New recoverable item mechanics
➥ Lootable NPCs
➥ Player Shops
➥ And much more!

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Yorimskar [McMMO] [Quests] [SurvivalPvP] [Custom Items] [Custom Mobs] [1.17.1]

Yorimskar Officials hereby invite you to come be a part of our server!

McMMo Survival with economy and Zenchantments.

We have an absolutely massive questing world that is being prepared for you! Coming soon with a deep storyline, immersive world, special RPG gear that doesn’t drop from your inventory on death and has special stats, names and abilities. Within this world you are also able to have conversations with npcs like you could in any RPG game like (Skyrim, Fallout or Oblivion). Discover ancient ruins with story’s in every nook and cranny. This has been a 3 year project. Currently we are still developing the questing world but you are free to ask to test it!

Not much of a Questing person? Don’t want to indulge yourself in the secrets of Yorimskar? Fear not we have 2 Survival worlds to play on! (3rd coming in 1.18) All are accessible right when you spawn by doing /rtp! You are able to use the gear you have acquired through quests in your survival playthrough as well. Players can gather items and sell them at our Shop which is run by npcs with neat trading GUIs! Fear the greifer? Well fear not we have a nice and easy to use plugin called GreifPrevention! Claims expire within 15 days of being offline! PvP and raiding unclaimed or poorly claimed bases are allowed! Our server is also equipped with McMMO! Level up your skills like Swords, Mining, etc. We also have Cartographer, adding a nice mini map item! The Zenchants plugin adds many new Enchantments for you to acquire! Some are rare but some you can only get through RPG Gear!

You can freely choose to ignore the quest side of our server if you just want to play survival. We want to make your time on the server as expendable as possible!

Friendly staff and players.
We are always open for suggestions please submit them into the suggestions channel in our discord. Spawn and the questing area are genuinely built by staff in creative using some World Edit.



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Super awesome fun prison 9000

Come join a one of a kind crafted server experience.


RP-Prison features

  • Quests to feel a great sense of immersion.
  • Fight players in the centre courtyard. or start a fight with the guards anywhere.
  • Rank system to progress through the prison and earn respect.
  • A constant hate for the warden and his minions.
  • Extreme frustration when guards find your contraband.
  • Mob arena. We have it.
  • Feel like being a rich prison king-pin. Shops, auctions, trading and more included.
  • Scheduled events all around the prison.
  • A underground Ratrun for all the lawless players.
  • Role-play and lots of it.
  • Boss fights.
  • RP-Prison rules

  • No cheats or hacks, obviously. We use anti-cheat.
  • No advertising other IP addresses.
  • When outside role-play scenarios, respect staff and do as they say.
  • No spamming in the chat.
  • No racism, Ever.
  • One large, one small prison cell per player.
  • Abuse of flawed plugin mechanics is strictly forbidden.
  • Never ask for admin.
  • A message from the warden

    Welcome to my prison. This is my domain and will be your hell for the rest of eternity. If you step out of line I will not hesitate to end your miserable life. You are scum. Worst of the worst. Its my duty to make sure you have a horrible time. Something I very, very much like doing.

    112x Custom Discord Drug Economy Event Events Gang Gangs Gangster Grandtheft Gta Guns Halloween Looting Npc Pack Plugins Pve Pvp Resource Resourcepack Scrap Seasonal Skins Vote Votifier Warzone |1.12.X | GTA PVP | Custom Resourcepack |

    Brand new GTA styled PVP server – RebelZone

    Get involved with a new project with friendly small playerbase.
    Join others or join your friends on the battlefield with over 20+ 3D modelled guns with over 100+ skins at this moment.
    Store your items and cash in our ATM and Storage area. Trade your exclusive loot found on our map with other players or NPC´s.
    Create a gang with your friends or maybe new friends.

    Join our seasonal event such as Halloween. Earn Halloween tickets to purchase limited edition items with custom effects!

    And most importantly. Have some fun!

    Server IP:

    1163server Coexist Eastereggs Exploration Looting Netherupdate Nogriefing Nohacks Noplugins Snapshots Survival Vanilla


    Vanilla Survival Server with the latest updates. Was closed for the first few months and then edited to be public-friendly. (Respawned the Ender Dragon, tidied up some destroyed areas, etc.)

    Rule are no hacks or cracked clients of any kind. Be respectful, and no intentional griefing.

    Looting in most cases is okay. If someone is actively playing don’t loot from them.

    Lots of easter eggs within 1000 blocks of spawn.

    World was started purely survival but since making this public the owners have tweaked some things using creative mode.

    Hacking, botting, or griefing can result in immediate ban.

    At this time, alt accounts are allowed.

    Customgems Customore Customterrain Dungeons Griefing Looting Mcmmo Pvp Quests Survival Towny War

    Haven Craft

    Haven Craft is a PvP, Towny, McMMO server which allows raiding and stealing on unclaimed land. We have custom dungeons and bosses filled with tons of epic loot. Player owned shops and trading provides a heavily player driven economy with tons of cosmetic rewards to be had. Come join the fun.

    [​1] Raiding of unclaimed areas is allowed

    [​2] No advertising

    [​3] No intentional lag of the server

    [​4] No hate speech or excessive swearing

    [​5] No Cheats or Hacks

    [​6] No Harassment

    [​7] No Spamming

    [​8] No Glitching on top of the Nether

    [​9] No portal trapping