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|~✦~| LIFE |~✦~| Survival Upgraded

Hello player! Nice to meet you my name is Cygnious I am currently developing one of the best survival experiences one has to accept…this invintation to greatness…! :O But seriously…This server will make you addicted less then 5 mins ;P wink.
This is a Astrology Themed Server! —–…… 😮 Astrology themed? Astrology Themed Survival I have done it I coded custom zodiac signs into the game yayy! 🙂 here is the list of signs you can choose from they each have different passives which is a boost to your gameplay to view the passives join our server today!
– Aries -Taurus – Gemini – Cancer – Leo – Virgo – Libra – Scorpio – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarius – Pisces –

Anarchy Anarchysurvival Greifing Survival

Memcraft Anarchy

Memcraft is a 1.16.2 anarchy server.
Uses old combat plugin + no shields
only guideline is to not lag the server and no edgy spam.
have fun

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Privileged Anarky

Hi, we are a small 1.16.1 Minecraft anarchy server, (survival with no rules, yes, even hacks are allowed). we have about 1-4 players online at a time. If you don’t join you will die tomorrow.

also if u wanna join the server discord, the link is:

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Smokes Survival – Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New]

Are you looking for a Minecraft server that is as good as the one you played back in the day?

Or are you just getting into Minecraft and looking for a quality server?

Look no further!

Join Smokes Survival and get the full experience! We have a variety of amazing plugins to make our server stand out from the rest.
We want people who like PvP and are into building their faction up to be stronger than the competition!

Looking to take a break from running the best faction in the server? Relax and claim your own creative plot and build your stress away!

We also host weekly events such as Drop Parties, PvP Tournaments, Parkour, Raids, and many more!

Stop by and give us a try!


Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchyserver Build Building Classic Economy Farm Farming Freebuild Freeloot Freetoplay Fun Greifing Griefing Items Itemspawning Kits Mobspawners Money Newmap Nolandprotection Nowhitelist Pvp Pvpsurvival Raiding Sell Sellhand Shop Spawnitems Tnt Unique | Spawn Items With /I | Economy PVP releases their 2nd Minecraft Server, ANARCHY!!!

In this server you can spawn items and make bases.

Spawn Items With /I

Make a Crop Farm and use /Sell To Earn Money For Mob Spawners / Enchantments

PVP & RAIDING Enabled!

Map Size 5000 x 5000 in Each World.

Hacking Is Bannable

This Server IS Very Unique And You Might Not Think It SOUNDS Balanced, but it Is. Come Give Us A Shot.

We Also run a Classic Team Server WIth Soup Healing And Trackers. Visit our website for more information and to join our gaming community.

247server Events Greifing Pve Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival Vanilla

– 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐦𝐜 – Semi-Vanilla

is a vanilla raiding survival server. On the surface that is, going down the rabbit hole, players will soon discover hidden structures scattered across the world, secrets at spawn, cryptic deep lore and foreshadowing to something more…

Using all the newest features of Minecraft we here at have created a survival experience like no other! With TP/SetHome public trading system, parkour, arena, custom structures with boss battles, custom mobs inside and server wide events all made mostly entirely with command blocks!

Join our server: !

[ Raiding and Greifing are ALLOWED ]
[ Difficulty : Hard | Mob Greifing : ON | World Boarder 100k ]

<< More Info >>

What are Relics and What’s the best way to find them? :

features many unique structures across the map which contain lore and special rewards called terrain relics, or just relics for short. These structures run in tandem with the server lore making them a key role in the plot.
– However the only trade off to them is that, as they are rewarding, the terrains are also very hard to find. Ranging from great underground strongholds, to temples encased entirely with surrounding fona you would have to be VERY lucky to naturally stumble upon one.

So what’s the best way?
Using channels like #𝔩𝔬𝔯𝔢 and working together with other players on the server, in order to pin point a location you must put together the story and solve puzzles and cyphers. The better the loot/lore importance the deeper the rabbit hole goes taking you from to image boards, to subreddits, to cyphers, to in game locations all to give players one of the most unique experience possible.
Once the location is found, majority of the time the coordinates will release publicly 30 minutes after,
So be quick! And work together!
+ The story put together will lead to climatic server wide events (think of the likes of fortnite ik ik fortnite bad Minecraft good) for every player to enjoy! Making for one of the most unique experiences!

How will PvE and PvP play with terrain relics, dungeons and outside? :

Outside of relics and dungeons :

PvP and PvE will mostly stay true to vanilla survival, your free to make groups, build grand structures and towns, raid others, grief and betray, engage in trading, (check #greekmc-info for more on that), and do what you would normally on any other vanilla survival server, just don’t be breaking any server rules and you’ll be smooth sailing.
Relics:With these structures come various different play styles for each different player, for example :if you enjoy pvp certain relics have public openings basically meaning this relic will be released early to the public and everyone can’t get into the relic until the countdown ends. This can make for a koth type event where you or a team can choose to defend the doorway from others who wish to enter for their own gain. (Side note majority of the time these public opening relics will have some of the higher rewards so if you manage to catch one you better be racing over )

or maybe if that wasn’t enough, if you aren’t careful and you unfortunately fall for a trap inside, that relic could potentially put a bounty on your death for 24hrs, releasing publicly your coordinates every hour until you either get killed by a player or survive. Nothing is safe! Even spawn is a endangerment towards you, every visit only having a limited grace period (to prevent just afking your bounty at spawn) before the “guardians” slowly start to diminish your hp bar… If in the case of a emergency it’s recommended to not visit your base to not risk leaking your coordinates, and to find a fast way to travel to avoid players catching up. Not to mention that leaving the server your log out spot will be compromised so be smart on how you go about protecting yourself.

Only the brave, and determined will survive. Making for one of the most challenging events you could ever put upon yourself.However, it’s not all that bad as, if you manage to live half of what was priced for your bounty will come to you.

Onto PvE , every relic will have many unique encounters with enemies giving pve lovers tons and tons of enjoyment.

• Dangerous mobs crawl within, if you want to get any loot at all, then you better be ready for a fight!
Bringing a group of friends really can make a difference, as not only will you be seeing large amounts of enemies but even challenging Mini Boss battles inside.

• Think out of the box, you may need to use the abilities of those enemies to fully loot the relic, for example (a ravager miniboss charges at the player, on impact it makes a small explosion, weaker blocks can be damaged by these, so you end up using this to open a new section of the relic. Inside you find new lore and a chilling revealing …) Not to mention the various puzzles, and challenges too!

• Part of the fun doing relics is also the journey to discovery. As mentioned before (under “Best way to find relic”)
Many clues and adventures come with these relics some more complex than others, a simple book with one page can lead to many many unique storytelling and opportunities for players to explore. So keep that in mind next time you find a weird item or text inside this may be code for a even larger relic.

1161server Greifing Raiding Raidingallowed Survival


Welcome To MineCubeMC! A Survival Raiding and Griefing Server! There are no Claims. /home bed is the only way to tp to your base. I recommend that you build At least 10k blocks out. IP: No Port Needed! The world border is at 50k. Make sure to invite your friends!

Anarchy BDSM Bondage Female Femdom Girl Girlfriend Girls Greifing Griefing Hardcoresurvival HealSluts Java Javaedition Javaserver Kink Kinky Lesbian Mistress Pain Roleplay Sexy Slave Slut Sluts Socialexperiment Spanking Whore Women

BDSM Minecraft Java Server

The thing that I find appealing in BDSM is that you get a good deal of autonomy. You’re not a slave, but in the event of a conflict, you can ask for the resources that you need without having to give in to the demands of the dominant party. My beloved girlfriend did not join me in my Mistress role, but instead had the nerve to say “I want a woman to do what I want and when I want to do it.” I am a huge fan of BDSM and adultery and whatever the women are into, so I tied up my girlfriend and turned on VR Minecraft to begin our play time if you know what I am saying.

Experiencing BDSM VR Minecraft for the first time with my girlfriend

Sometimes I secure my girlfriends friends in a bed and make sure they hold the position, although that hurts and makes me want to cum.

Alex laying on a white bed inside of BDSM Minecraft server

I take off her bra and undress her, my hand playing with her lovely boobs.

She looks at me, but I have seen that face so many times, and I know how she would react to being treated as a woman. She seems to be enjoying her new life and slut outfit, though she does want a divorce. She needs a man to take care of her and she doesn’t get one from me. But at least we get to share her breasts now. It’s great.

Steve changing Alex to a nicer outfit

House maids can also be quite slutty, they love playing with girls nipples to get the nipples wet.  Naked new maid girls are a recent favorite with these girls.  

Minecraft BDSM Maid Base Inspection Party

I am an expert in BDSM.

I know how BDSM is used in the world. But seriously, BDSM is the key to achieving super sensation! It is not just sex! BDSM is something good that happens in the world, it is about fun!

I am going to tell you many secrets that i have found for you in my life. They are real!!! But this website is not about that. As a matter of fact, i need to tell you a new secret of my life!

One of my girlfriends likes doing what the mistress commands! She helps her bring dreams to life and she drives me crazy all the time as i watch them moan in pleasure, peeking through the door of their sex chamber!

BDSM Minecraft Secret Dungeon

Tying ropes around big breasts of girls and their slender bodies is but one part of BDSM, but it is certainly one of the most popular.

We must remember that bondage and discipline is the act of restraining an individual or group of people and controlling their actions. A bondage scene requires extensive preparations such as ropes and girls with big boobs, but the end result can be truly incredible. Not only does bondage give a couple a much-needed release from their shyness and pent-up feelings, but it also shows them how to best take care of themselves and cope with situations, emotions and situations they may encounter in their daily life. 

What happens on a BDSM world in Minecraft

For me personally bondage means much more  than that. I like to try to concentrate on what makes bondage an erotic play with my butt being spanked by a mistress with breast envy.

I like to see what happens when I am involved in a severe, really bad spanking from time to time. This girl gets really angry with me, because she knows that my reaction to it will be extreme. But she still can’t resist, because I’m such a fun partner and they can’t make me stop. And when she likes the idea of using her palm and leaving a print of my ass, she does it with me. It gets me very wet as well.

Minecraft BDSM Server Spanking
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Axebane – [Semi-Anarchy] – [1.8.9] – [2008 Factions!] – [Economy] – [Raiding]

I am trying to bring back the nostalgic 2008 factions that I played when I was a kid but in 1.8.9!
there will be cussing, raiding and no wipes so beware!, also there is no /tpa as the old factions I played didn’t have them and you and your squad had to walk to a raid or build a raid-base with /home and a faction base with /f home, I also did this to give a uniqueness to the server as now you must walk to a raid and not /tpa your 10 man clan across the map to raid a poor 2 player base and overall makes the loot you get more enjoyable, Also this is a new server so the community is little but slowly growing I hope too see you in the axebane discord or on the server ~ thanks!

World Border: Border expands with player size, the border starts at 10k

–RULES–No AdvertisingNo SpammingNo HackingI want users to have a fair pvp/factions experience other then that there aren’t any other rules.
p.s reporting a hacker or bug is easy with ” /report ” within AxeBane

Staff is not needed on Axebane, So I respectfully say no to staff applicants but I thank you for wanting to help

Release Date: 05/05/2020 Version: 1.8.9 IP: Discord:

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