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SkyronSMP | Survival

SkyronSMP is a brand new Minecraft survival multiplayer server that is looking for an active player base. It is a semi-vanilla server and features a lot of things, there are giveaways often as well. It’s aim is to provide the best experience possible for players. We’re also looking for staff, so if you think you can get the job done, make sure to apply!

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Corruption SMP {1.18.1} {Player Shops} {Player Warps} {Dynmap} {Vienminer/Timber} {Custom generation} {Extreme difficulty}

Friendly survival server
Chest claim
Magic Wands
Player Warps
Player Shops
Land Claim
Drop Heads
Player Warps
Come join Corruption SMP, A modified survival server for just about anyone.
We have plugins that make the survival experience simple and fun for everyone!
Come join us at
Thanks!- Abom

Corruption V2:
  The growing of the corruption ceased due to the limited energy in the area. In search of said power, the islands have floated towards a new area. The world here is much different than Machadva, with new biomes and structures for people to find. The islands seem to be linked to this place, like it lived here long long ago. The settlers of Machadva followed the islands for unknown reasons. Explore the new region of Dorlandsvis in Corruption V2.

– Fixed multiple issues with plugins.
– Moved the server to a new area.
– Brand new non-vanilla structures and biomes.
– Insanely high difficulty (Harder mobs, bosses, new bosses/loot, pretty much for the worthy in Minecraft. [~6 hits to kill a normal zombie with a sharpness 10 netherite sword.])
– Shrank borders.
– 1.18.1
– Bedrock crossplay
– Realistic item dropping
– Hundreds of new advancements
– Fortune on diamonds nerf (at most get 2 diamonds per block)
– Netherite dungeons to make netherite mining harder and more interesting.
– Bundles can be crafted
– Nether portals can be any shape
– More statistics
– Wandering traders have a use now
– Blood moon (Makes mobs more dangerous)
– Festival night (Makes crops grow faster, axolotls and glow squids spawn on the surface.)
– Nether moon (Nether mobs invade the overworld.)
– Zombie horses can spawn.
– Glow berries make you glow
– Mark enemies with spyglasses.

tutorial on how to survive Corruption V2:
1. Don’t fight mobs. They will kill you.
2. Don’t let your ego take you over. That mob will kill you no matter what you do.
3. Don’t fight bosses with low gear, for example, the ender dragon can not be killed with stone equipment like it can in normal Minecraft.
4. Always overprepare.
5. Keep away from glowing mobs unless you 100% know what you’re doing.
6. Build a house as soon as possible. Make it strong. Blood moons can and will happen and you will not be able to sleep through the night.
7. Stick to large caves. Fortune isn’t as powerful so make sure to go for areas with multiple veins over strip mining.
8. End cities are nearly impossible without good tools. Be careful.
9. Team up, its the only way to survive.
10. Build walls, big walls around any cities or bases you have to protect yourself from blood moons.
11. Absolutely avoid any mobs possible early game. They are fast and strong and will kill you.
12. Try to get advancements, they usually come with rewards that will aid you during your survival.
13. Stay away from fortresses and large scary castles.
14. Netherite is both harder to find and comes with a surprise every time you find it. Get good gear before you go out.
15. Take a spyglass with you. They give you temporary night vision and can outline mobs for you and your teammates.
16. Stay safe and have fun.

Special thanks to:

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JustChillMC Relaxing Survival ⭐️Brand New 1.18 Cave Generated World!!! ⭐️Semi-Vanilla ⭐️ Anti-Grief ⭐️ Economy

❄️ JustChillMC 1.18 ❄️is an anti-grief, friendly, serene, and relaxing server that seeks to preserve Minecraft’s semi-vanilla experience. The world is purely 1.18 and it’s generated with the new cave generation. Play with your friends, make land claims, towns, player warps, buy & sell items to others and more. Our economy is majority revolves around the players. In JustChillMC, you will always have some fun to do. We try to make the server simple as possible. Join now, and have unlimited fun and a genuine Minecraft experience. See you there!

📌 Version: 1.18
📌 Discord:
📌 Store:
📌 Live Map:
📌 IP:

❤️️ Awesome Features:
1. Purely 1.18 Brand New Cave Generated World!
2. Anti-Grief and Land Claiming System
3. Keep Inventory and XP
4. Player based and balanced economy
5. Acquirable Mob Spawners and Eggs
6. Professionally Made Spawn 5 Cool Crates
7. 26 Vote Ranks
9. Live Map at Website
10. Separate Resource World
11. Player Warps, Auctions, Chestshops
12. Particles, Disguises, and Glow Cosmetic Options!
13. Professional Discord Server Setup
14. Discord to Game Chat and Vice-Versa
15. Multiple Store Items
16. 60+ Payment Methods on Store!
17. Optimized Server Settings and Lag Free
18. Running 24/7

❤️️ What are you waiting for? Join Now and see you there!

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Sudden Death Anarchy 1.18

__Sudden Death__
Sudden Death is a 1.18 lifesteal Anarchy server with no rules whatsoever
– LifeSteal (when you kill a player you gain an heart and they loose one, more info on website)
– Cracked
– 1.18 (can join in 1.9+ though)
– Craftable Guns
– Craftable Vehicles
– War and nations system


the server was first loaded in 1.18 so any loaded chunks will be 1.18 style. New chunks will generate at the latest version that theyre being loaded in.

118cave Semivanilla Survival

1.17.1 Clover SMP 1.18 Generation LGBTQ friendly

This is clover SMP with 1.18 generation we welcome all people we have /hat /sit /rtp /claim /sit /lay /crawl

Join the discord at —>