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Bad Intentions MC

This is a survival server, with multiple plugins such as diablo drops, towny, mcmmo, etc. We are adding things every day. If you want to give us suggestions make sure to join our discord. We hope to see you on our server!

Creative Economy Kitpvp Mcmmo Pvp Towny

Euphoria Network

Welcome to EuphoriaNetwork! We strive to provide the greatest minecraft experience possible, With our own spin on great gamemodes like, KitPvP with Custom Kits!, Towny with findable ranks! and Massive 300×300 Plots!
This isnt all, We are constantly working on great new gamemodes!

So What are you waiting for? Come join our Network! Play, Explore, Make friends and Thrive!

Server IP:!

Economy Mcmmo Raiding Survival Towny Vanilla


Are you borred playing survival on vanilla alone?
Come join us and have fun crafting new items, Defeat the new boss, Buy and sell on shops or on auction house and be number #1 on the leaderboard.
What are you waiting for? Join now!

Economy Mcmmo Survival Towny

Explorers Bay

Discord Link:
Server Version: 1.15.2

We provide an adventurous Minecraft experience with a relaxed and enjoyable environment, friendly community, and dedicated staff. If you like to have fun and are looking for a casual game-play environment with events, fun and friends, then come check us out!

We are an economy based survival towny server that offers resetting resource worlds, quests, mcmmo, slimefun, jobs, ranks and levels, voting rewards, referral rewards and much more!

Explorer’s Bay Discord Invite Link:
Come join us today!

Creative Factions Mini Games Prison Pvp Skyblock Towny

Advancius Network

Hello and Welcome to Advancius!

Advancius is a friendly server where every player is a part of a fun community!

We offer several gamemodes including: Factions, Skyblock, Creative Plots, Prison, KitPvP, Towny, Vanilla, and many Minigames!

We also offer ways for players to earn free ranks by playing our games, earning in-game currency, and more!

Economy Pvp Roleplay Towny

Wild West Frontier

Welcome to the Wild West Frontier!
A friendly community where there’s always fun to be had, whether it be farming crop for a few coins or diving headfirst into the bandit underbelly. All ages welcome.

How to play:

For those wishing to play the pack, you can either find it on curseforge here:
OR if you use the technic launcher, you can find it here:

To install it on curse, simply download the curse client and then under the minecraft->modpacks section, search ‘Wild West Frontier’ and it will appear. To play it on the technic launcher, simply download the launcher and go to the modpacks tab and search ‘Wild West Frontier’ and press install. If you don’t want to use any software, you can install it by downloading the pack and pasting the contents into the root directory of a forge install. Please note that we have only tested the current version on forge build 1614.

Join us on Discord (accessible through the pack)
Find us at:-

Economy Mcmmo Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Survival Towny


* Aquatic 1.13.2 Survival
* Aquatic 1.13.2 Skyblock
* Daily Updates
* Daily events with YouTubers! Even LoverFella himself!

Creative Economy Kitpvp Skyblock Towny


HarmoniCraft is a tight-knit Minecraft server founded in December 2014 that features many popular gamemodes such as Towny, KitPvP, Factions, Skyblock, Creative, Minigames, and Mob Arena.
Join the community now!

Economy Mcmmo Pve Skyblock Survival Towny

VoidedMC | Network |

We bring an experience to minecraft like you have never seen before! From custom plugins and features such as In game Rankups better farming, grief prevention, vouchers, crates, rank upgrades and more! We have no doubt that you’d enjoy our server, but don’t take our word for it, check us out yourself!

Economy Mini Games Towny


Hello fellow minecraft players! Welcome to the ArchCraft voting page! ArchCraft is a relatively new server and is owned by TheAmazingArch and the ArchCraft staff. We’re a family-friendly minecraft server that focuses on positivity, having fun, and playing an awesome game! We’d love to see you on the server, and if you play on it at 7pm CST, you’ll get the chance to be seen on a YouTube stream!