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Haste Miners

Haste Miners | Minecraft Servers
Haste Miners is a non-p2w towny server. We strive to provide an amazing experience to our players. The server has jobs, a progressive rank system where you gain more and more perks the more you play, an integrated towny plugin. On top of this, buycraft items like crate keys are granted to everyone online whenever someone buys them.

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Archaic SMP

Welcome to the Archaic SMP!

The Archaic SMP is a Towny server with numerous custom features, frequent updates, and a friendly, non-toxic community! Our main goal is to provide a friendly place for people to play Minecraft together! Not only that, but we have numerous custom features which enhance the experience!
Also, feel free to check out our Discord!

Archaic SMP Feature List

  • Custom Overworld, Nether, and End generation, as well as custom structures in the Overworld and Nether! The nether also features custom monsters accompanying the structures!
  • Land claims to prevent griefing (Towny).
  • A webmapso that players can more easily locate towns near them to form alliances / join another town, and so that players can access various other features!
  • Opt-in warfare, so that disinterested players can simply go “neutral” (opt out), thereby preventing them from declaring war, but also allowing them to avoid war declarations themselves!
  • A Powerful anticheat to make sure that you can play without disturbance from hackers and other cheaters!
  • A Player-driven economy, with no server-run shop, instead relying on players to create their own shops (powered by BossShop Pro + Playershops)
  • A custom skills system (similar to MCMMO, albeit more balanced and user-friendly)!
  • Unique, balanced custom enchants with a focus on quality over quantity (received just like any other vanilla enchantment! No fancy GUIs or overcomplicated menus)
  • Frequent content updates, and near-immediate bug fix updates
  • Slimefun to encourage grinding / long-term activity and give veteran players more things to do beyond netherite!
  • Custom Crafting, allowing players to craft various unique items!
  • Streamer Benefits, ranging from twitch drops to additional permissions (/nick and such like that)
  • No Pay to Win, Premium, or any other form of donating money for in-game benefits!
  • Active and helpful staff team!

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    Viacraft is a new minecraft server that strives to be different and make a change in the Minecraft community. We are a public Towny server with a unique FlagWar system to make it exciting yet fair to those who are more casual and want to only build.

    Discord: 2gVjPmS6ne


    Because this is a new server, I do need staff but please don’t take that as an invitation to troll / staff hunt. This is a professional server with rules and standards which will be enforced.

    The following is from
    Custom Dimensions (NO MODS REQUIRED):
    Sculk (Deep Deep Dark) – If you successfully kill the Warden, it will drop a key that can be used to activate the portal in the center of the city. Upon entering you will end up in a new mysterious world filled with sculk and decayed/corrupted biomes. This is the most dangerous place on the server as sculk sensors and shriekers are everywhere and multiple Wardens can spawn. The little camps and structures around the world have custom mobs in them which can one hit kill you similar to the Warden if you’re not wearing good armor. They’re like the mobs found in mansions but stronger. The air is also toxic in this world and you slowly become “corrupted” which adds negative potion effects to your character. At 70% you will start to die from poison, at 90% you will get withered, at 100% you must die to remove the effects even if you escape back to overworld.

    Teleportation, flying, and town claiming are disabled in this world. You must find a naturally spawned portal to return back to overworld. Coordinates in the Sculk world mirror that of the overworld.

    Why would anyone want to visit this place? There are some rare items which can only be obtained in the sculk dimension. Special totems which give effects indefinitely similar to beacons (regen, resist, water breathing, etc) as long as you hold it in your hand. A sword which gives you as many hearts as the Warden and a sword which allows you to move really REALLY fast. The sculk dimension is also a great place to hide stuff from other players.

    Aether – Making a portal out of glowstone and activating it with a water bucket will send you to a sky dimension.

    Super Amplified – A place you can visit to build and see epic mountains and world generation similar to old minecraft farlands.


    Gameplay dynamics

  • PvP is enabled everywhere on the server except certain admin claims (like spawn) and home/core chunks, regardless of a town’s settings. All towns only get 1 chunk which has pvp disabled which is the H. This is to encourage castle building.

    Friendly fire pvp is only disabled for members in the same town and not nationwide nor allies. This is to encourage discipline and honor systems between towns within the same nation and allies. As a town misbehaving within a nation can cause them to be kicked from their nation and lose protection on chunks.

    A player may purchase invincibility from PvP for $1M for 24 hours. Useful if you want to be left alone regardless of where you are on the server. Keep in mind that this will NOT work upon visiting admin created special dungeons or certain dimensions. You will not be able to attack any players until the 24 hours has passed. Also does not protect you from mobs.
  • Chests and most storage blocks can be opened regardless of a town’s settings. This is to encourage players to actually protect their stuff instead of leaving it out in the open. Viacraft’s goal is to make gameplay somewhat realistic.
  • Town residents have the ability to fly by typing /tfly by default all town residents have access to this a mayor can disable this though. Allies (and of course enemies and outlaws) do not have /tfly in your town, however mayors and viziers can trust a person with flight in their town. VIA rank, although they have the ability to fly anywhere, they are NOT allowed to fly in towns that aren’t apart of or trusted in. Please report abuse to staff.

    This is to encourage building great things while also maintaining fairness in PvP. As I want walls to be effective and players not be required to put a roof/ceiling on everything.
  • Towns only get 10-20 claim chunks by default and does not change regardless of residents or monetary status. Once a town creates or joins a nation the amount of chunks a town can claim increases substantially; 100 chunks and then increases based on how many residents you have. This is to encourage competitive gameplay as FlagWar does not allow nationless towns to attack or be attacked. Towns can purchase neutrality which makes them invincible to being war flagged for $100K a day. Nations can purchase neutrality for $10M a day, the price is high because this protects ALL towns within the nation regardless if the town itself paid for neutrality. This encourages taxes and grinding/farming.
  • All towns within a nation have wilderness around them protected by about 2-5 chunks. Residents of the town and nation will be able to do stuff within these chunks as normal but outsiders will not be able to do much of anything. This is called NationZone or NZ. Nation capitals will have larger NZ.
  • (…)
    World and dimension borders
    Overworld, Nether, End, and Sculk are 100K by 100K. This will be increased to 1m, 5m, and 10m depending upon the playerbase growth.

    Gameplay Features
    Weapon cooldowns
    Because most people disliked the 1.9 combat update due to this change, Viacraft has restored hit cooldowns back to their pre-1.9 state.

    You can use items like swords and pickaxes in your offhand just like in your dominate hand. Mojang should have done it this way instead, because fighting someone with 2 swords is cool. So Viacraft made it possible.

    Notch Apples
    Enchanted Golden Apples are craftable again on Viacraft with 8 gold blocks. Notch apples are also given a little buff from their default potion effects.

    And much more!

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    Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom

    Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom Minecraft Server
    Empty Ego is a community based on creative freedom…WebsiteDiscordPatreon




    The journey you are about to embark on will bring new friends, adventures, and more.
    You may experience great achievements, or suffer through immense peril.
    Choose your path, and become whoever you desire to be.
    Start PvE towns with public shops, or become the leader of merciless bounty hunters in search of glory.What you do is up to you; Let the sky be your limit!

    When building the server we put time into keeping things simple.

    Although this may seem counterintuitive, we promise it’s not.

    Many servers offer tons of plugins, mods, add-ons, and more.

    We believe this takes away from the natural creative freedoms of Minecraft.

    Because of this, we thought deeply about what plugins would make for a well handled community that offers personal growth and development.

    TownyAdvanced – Allows players to claim land, protect it, wage war, and build the history of our community.
    EssentialsX – hosts our integrated Towny economy with Vault.
    DiscordSRV – Allows you to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts, plus, access our Proximity Voice!
    Vault – Connects the dots between economy functionality.
    DecentHolograms – Helps us make the server more informative in a simple way.
    InsaneAnnouncer – Offers a framework for chat announcements/notifications.
    LuckPerms – The basis of our rank/group and permission system.

    With Towny at our core, an Economy is essential – All money can be earned by with /Sell.

    Gold, Copper, and Emeralds can be sold in ANY FORM (Nuggets, Ingots, Blocks, etc.).
    Selling items as Blocks earns 10% MORE than Ingots, and Ingots earn 10% MORE than Nuggets.

    By default, you are a Nomad looking to Claim land to start your Town, or Join others.
    ALL TOWNS HAVE RENT! Rent is based on Town Size and can be paid with your Bank by using /Towny Deposit.
    This is where starting a Shop and Mining for currency becomes important.

    If you don’t pay your Rent for a few days, That’s OK! All towns have a small Debt Limit, for safety reasons.
    If you hit your Debt Cap, your town will be Deleted, leaving your base open to Attack!
    Be sure to always have money in your town bank, so that you can feel safe when logging off!

    If a Town gets large enough, it can chose to become a Nation.

    Nations host Towns within their Regions, and can develop much more In-Depth Ecosystems.

    The map is 50,000×50,000 blocks
    The Inner 500×500 Blocks is a Community Zone (Shops, Public Towns, Safezone Building)
    We do have ranks/perks available to our community as a whole (Discord, Minecraft, etc.)WebsiteDiscordPatreon




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    Ambrosia Towny

    Towny how it was supposed to be!
    Ambrosia's Cosmetic Hotels

    Welcome to Ambrosia! This world was made for you to bring your friends and build up from a little town to a great nation. Ally with other nations and players to become the strongest force in the whole world. Use your power to either build up even more or bring great destruction, ITS ALL UP TO YOU!
    Ambrosia Towny Minecraft Server

    Ambrosia will have a big map consisting of an 8000×8000 world border to which you can modify and build to your liking. Ambrosia has no theme to it and you can build cities, empires, castles, or simple towns from any time period.

    Enough reading! Come join us at!
    Remember HAVE FUN!

    And It’s All Up to YOU!
    Ambrosia Towny Minecraft Server

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    Sleeping Forest {PVP} {SMP} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {1.16.5}

    Sleeping Forest is your go-to Premium Survival/Economy Minecraft Server. We currently offer a single game mode with a multitude of additions that allow for a very creative and fun experience for everyone, no matter what it is you are looking for.

    Sleeping Forest {PVP} {SMP} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {1.16.5} Minecraft Server

    Server IP:
    Server Version: Java 1.16.5

    Sleeping Forest is a server for everyone. Want to PvP? We have just the PvP Arena for you. Don’t want to PvP? We have a built-in PvP Toggling system so you can build and feel safe. Want to rule the economy with an Iron Fist? We have an auction house with your name on it.

    Do any of those things sound fun? Well, why are you sitting here still reading? Get in here! You can’t be the best of this world from the outside!!! And if all of those things aren’t enough for you, here is a bunch more that you can jump right in and do:

    Earn money with a balanced Economy setup! Don’t just sell things to a store, trade things with your friends instead, with our unique Trading system or our built-in Auction House!

    Farm Crops, place blocks, or destroy it all using special tools like Harvester Hoes, Trench Pickaxes, and Build Wands!

    Run a town with your friends: Become the Mayor of a Town/Nation, or join and help expand an existing community! Are you going to be a benevolent ruler? Or will you make your subject bow upon logging in?

    Increase your McMMO power level to unlock special abilities! Do you want diamonds to drop from sheer dirt? Hey, do we have a feature for you!

    Other Prominent Features:

    – Towny
    – MCMMO
    – Player Shops
    – Jobs
    – Economy
    – End-Game Raid Bosses for you to tackle with your friends (Not for the faint of heart or weak-willed)
    – Tiered Mob system
    – Over 200 Custom Enchantments
    – Marriage Feature with Special Commands and Perks!
    – Status indicator for fully grown crops
    – Stackable spawner system
    – Weekly giveaways and contest
    – Custom Textured (and highly valuable) tools and weapons
    – an integrated Ticket system in our Community Discord for easy reporting of bugs/glitches/or player reports.

    **Please make sure to have Auto-Resource Pack download Enabled prior to joining**

    ***We are currently looking for active members who would like a chance at a Staff Position. If you feel that you would be a good fit, please head over to our Discord, and into the channel marked ‘Staff Application’ for more information or contact the admins and they would be happy to assist you further.***

    Rules for our Server:

    Full server/Discord rules can be found on our Discord.

    Sleeping Forest MC Social Media:

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    BGC Survival | Cross-Play

    BGC Factions
    A Survival and Factions server in the latest version of Minecraft, with PvP in the style of version 1.8!
    Open to original and pirate.
    With cross-play! Play in Java, PE, Bedrock, etc. version.

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    CraftYourTown | Towny | Jobs | mcMMO | Slimefun | Dungeons

    CraftYourTown – The most advanced Towny Server

    What makes us unique you ask?

    • Tons of Custom Items

    • Heavily Optimized (20 TPS)

    • Challenging Dungeons

    • Economy (fully player-based)

    • Events on a regular basis

    • Custom Barrels

    • Custom Player Shops

    • Re-coded Slimefun (No lag/bugs)

    • Envoys (Crate Drops) per hour

    • Custom Banks

    • Quests (Basic and In-depth to suit you)

    • Lucky Blocks

    • Jobs (well balanced!)

    • + Much more!

    Why join us instead of another server?

    We’ve been around for 3 years, we know exactly what we’re doing. We do
    huge monthly content updates to keep things fresh and exciting. CYT has
    gone under extreme situations and has always managed to pull through.
    It’s destined to succeed.

    Links – IP Address – Forums – Discord – Twitter

    Chill Create Creative Creativeplots Creativeserver Creativeworld Faction Pvp Factions Factionspvp Other Skyblock Skyblockserver Skyblocksurvival Survival Survivalserver Survivalworld Towny Townyeconomy Townypvp Townysurvival Wizcraft


    We have a uniques skyblock that is still in beta so bear with us with custom made spawns and some of them are a W.I.P., but we would still like to see you on and have fun with us!

    Fun Other Pvp Shop Shops Survival Towns Towny Townypvp Townyserver Townysurvival

    Land Of Legends

    Land Of Legends is a towny server with a friendly and active community. We have many custom plugins and unique features including Custom Biomes, Custom Items, Custom Mobs, Jobs, MobArena, Envoys, Cosmetics, Crates, and many more!
    Come join us at