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Porn Minecraft Server

Porn stars like playing Minecraft after work, I know it might surprise you, because they have sex, and Minecraft doesn’t involve sex. I mean, it does, but not in the way you might expect. They don’t do anything lewd or kinky with a block or a sword or an axe, which is amazing, because Minecraft does have… well, some kind of a sex aspect.

r34 Porn Minecraft Java Server

After basing with couple guys in Minecraft I started fantasizing about sex with two men. It doesn’t have to be a full on threesome (though that’s probably a lot of fun) and you don’t need a bunch of people. Just having two men in your life and knowing they’re both faithful is a powerful thing. It allows you to be you and makes you stronger as a whole. Just be sure you’re with two people that you trust and that you’re not just looking for a hookup with.

Basing with the boys in Minecraft

I mean, porn for Minecraft. I would love to see somebody play Minecraft, use their blocky avatar as an avatar for a porn star, and then, while her husband plumber is blasting away at zombies, the porn star can quickly marry her dog. That would be brilliant.

Minecraft Dog Husband

Life as a porn star is not easy as you don’t have much privacy or a partner to go home to. With this story, I would like to have thought that life in the porn world would be more interesting than in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the life in porn industry, but at times I wish I was back in the real world.

Factions Freemoney Gemscraft Minigames Money Payouts Prison Pvp Wizards

Gemscraft | factions x Prison | payouts

**Gemscraft 3.0**

4 weeks map
10 mans factions
7 alts
160 walls max base (20 chunks)
8×8 chunks main base max
3s cannoning



» 2 mines : pvpmine and mine
» autosell upgradable pickaxe *(Gemscraft Pickaxe)*
» mining random rewards


» second economy
» used at /token shop basic
» earnable from random mining rewards, envoys, koth …


» used in /ce to buy custom enchants
» earnable from mines , mobs , crates , envoy …


> Vote crate , Rare Crate , Epic Crate , Legendray Crate , Golden Crate , Mines crate , Rank Crate
» all crates contain ranks
» Physical keys
» earnable from /vote , /buy , envoy , koth …


» overworld map + Nether flat map + End flat map
» 5k x 5k maps (2500 blocks to reach corner)
» /f corner to claim a corner


» 10 types of spawners
» Chunk hoppers to collect spawners drops
» Upgradable sell wands to sell mob drops
» Tnt wands to bank creepers drops (tnt)


» throwable Ceggs
» /f tntfill to fill your cannon
» 8×8 cannon claim
» spawner drop chance 90% with creeper explosion
» spawner drop chance 50% with tnt explosion
» printer mode to print your cannon /printer on|off


`Week 1
f top 1: 7$ buycraft
f top 2: 5$ buycraft
f top 3: 3$ buycraft
Week 2
f top 1: 10$ buycraft
f top 2: 6$ buycraft
f top 3: 4$ buycraft
Week 3
f top 1: (5 to 50)$ Paypal + 15$ buycraft
f top 2: 10$ buycraft
f top 3: 5$ buycraft
note: no payouts during grace week

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