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Bazookas server

G’day and welcome to my server. It is a vanilla server (no plugins etc) and currently can have up to 20 people but can change that in the future. We are a 1.16.4 Java server with a welcoming community. The server is hosted in Australia and Americans claim to get good connections so that’s cool <3 Server Also has 10gb ram dedicated but will upgrade that for when the server needs it in the future because I physically own the server. (no monthly bills!!). There is also a discord so feel free to join. (

Just the basic rules apply:
1)No griefing
2)No hacking/cracked accounts
3)No child exploitation material of any kind for the obvious legal reasons….
Some things are however allowed:
1) you can swear.
We are a mature audience and don’t want to be running a day care center.
2) though it is normally frowned upon, it’s the players responsibility to hide their property to reduce theft.
3)Pixel art of graphic content is allowed as we do not hinder the creative potential of the players as that reduces the games experience overall.

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Hentai Haven Replacement Server

Kawaii Gang live

It’s crazy but one day I woke up in hentai heaven, with an angel looking at me. But nothing came of it because Angel didn’t want anything to do with me asking for a video of herself… At all. She wanted her ass looked at. So off to the office we go. Not even dressed in jeans and only a white top, she doesn’t hesitate to display her amazing body. Vibrators have been invented for centuries but Angel doesn’t know what to do with them. When we get inside the office Angel shows me what her Minecraft PvP skills can do.

Hentai haven girl showing off crazy PvP skills with legendary weapons

Seducing Angels is something I am an expert at irl, and my role-playing group regularly gets a big kick out of our role-playing group irl: “Goddess, you’re an angel!” These are so fucking dumb, but then I realized that perhaps not only did they not think that way, maybe they didn’t even realize that they were wrong.

This blog could probably kill God. Anyway, there are the usual problems. And this is the worst one for me, because the “Goddess, you’re an angel” line is usually delivered in the voice of the “Barbarian, yeah, but they’re not angels!” character. That’s why it’s awkward. But with my homegirl Angel liking strawberries it was only matter of time until I made her mine with one simple fruit in her mouth.

Hentai haven girl eating strawberries

While eating strawberries she finally revealed herself to me, and because of her shape my heart was wounded. We were quite the sad couple. However I told myself that God’s loving heart was not set on losing a loving woman.

We eventually stopped playing around for awhile and came to think that we ought to start again. We planted and harvested many more strawberries from the bushes to create forbidden strawberry jam.

Steve helps hentai haven girl make strawberry jam, delicious!

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Mature Vanilla Minecraft Server [1.15.2]

Hey everyone.
Two friends and I just started a Minecraft Server.

We are a friendly bunch situated in both Germany and Poland and are in our early to mid twenties. The Server is been hosted from Frankfurt.

We are running a whitelisted Minecraft 1.15.2 Server and are playing Vanilla.
There are no plugins and we are trying to keep things nice and clean.
Some additions we made though are a few datapacks.
-Mob & Player Heads
-AFK Display
-Multiplayer Sleep
Nothing that interrupts the Vanilla feel, just adds a bit of flavor and fun.
We are currently working with a temporary Nether. We will delete it and create a new nether with the upcoming update. So be aware of that.

Everyone has a life.
The two of my friends still have the privilege in this time to work and study. So they have busy schedules.
And we understand that you might have that too. So there is no minimum server activity or such hassle.
We just want to enjoy our free time, play some Minecraft and have fun together.
This is where you come in.

What we expect of players joining our server:

Mature players that respect the other players. Interaction is cool, but always make sure the other is up for it as well.
Just don’t touch other peoples stuff without permission meaning no stealing/grieving etc.(why do I even have to say that, just don’t be a dick.)
We do want to be in contact with you, sometimes talk while we play together. So having Skype/Discord is always well appreciated though not always necessary.

So now its your time to tell us a little bit about yourself.

What are your plans on the server?
Tell us a bit about yourself(Name, Age and where you are from)
Do you prefer playing alone or do you rather hang out with other people?
What made you choose our server?
Your Ingame name:

Thank you for your time and hopefully we will get in contact soon!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. I am more than happy to help.

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WorldWarMC 1:200 world’s largest Earth Map Political Factions **RESET*** – **GUNS** **MOVECRAFT **VEHICLES** 1.8-1.15.2

Earth Factions on the possibly largest earth map used on a server, build your nation, found your army, and have influence all over the world! Build cities or nations from any time period, trade with allies, explore the world and fight your enemies!

1:200 Earth Map that generates as you explore it, new regions appear on the dynmap as players explore it. Map is an accurate 1:200 map with caves!
WW2 Guns: The server has a large amount of guns that can be bought from the server shop, Shoot anything from golden Walther PPKs to PPSH-41s!
Vehicles: Drive tanks such as the T-34 or Panzer IV, bikes, cars, and a plane! (We hope to add even more)
Movecraft: Build battleships, submarines, airships, and more out of blocks with movecraft! Build anything from a small sailboat to a giant aircraft carrier that flies, anything is possible!
Non abusive staff: We don’t have annoying teenage moderators who check everything you say and do, and abuse.
Change your nick in game! All players have access to /nick with colours

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