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Jsme začínající CZ/SK server.
Nabízíme toho spoustu jako například KitPvP, SkyWars, UHC, SkyBock, Hardcore, Survival a Creative
Také vám můžeme nabídnou kvalitní admin team, eventy, discord server a úžasnou komunitu.
Máme odměny za hlasování, levné VIP a sponzorské ranky které vám dají spousty výhod a vlastní stavby od našich builderů.

Náš discord server:

1161survival Java Survival

Ozzy’s Survival

Hi, my name is Ozzy. Today I invite you to play on my small survival server!
I am constantly adding new things every day and I take suggestions and advice so the server can evolve and grow at a much faster pace.

This server is perfect if you want a unique 1.16 survival experience but still want to have that same grind. We have additions such as;

– Harder dimension versions (Hard End & Hard Nether) with harder monsters and better drops

– Name tags drop from the harder mobs, which can be traded for unique items at /warp HardEnd

– Crates that you can acquire not only by purchasing them on the store, but as well as crates you can get without spending any money!

– Custom mobs & Bosses

– Boss drops to get better items

– Spawners

– Tags (Can create your design own if you’d like)

& so much more!

We intend on having the following in the near future;
– More bosses
– Gear progression (level up your gear a step higher)
– Quests

~ 3 moderators
~ 2 builders
~ several helpers

discord –

server ip –

Store –

1161survival 116server Economy Economysurvival Premium Premiumplugins Survival


Auromus. A 1.16.1 survival experience! 24/7 uptime. We have MCMMO. Realistic wood cutting. Economical aspects. Land claims. RTP. Crates. You name it!

1161survival Community Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelist

[1.16+] Campfire SMP – 18+ Semi-Vanilla Survival – mcMMO – Whitelisted

Hi there, players!

We’re happy to announce the opening of our new whitelist-only server and community: Campfire SMP!

As we’re a relatively new server, we’re eagerly looking for players to join our passion project to assist with a few initial builds, the establishment of some public facilities for players to use (such as a library, shopping plots for players to build on) and to become apart of our growing community.

Despite being based in Australia, we have and will continue to openly welcome any person, unconditionally of their nationality, location, etc. We’re all apart of the same community.

We’re primarily focused on inviting a more mature player-base at this stage, as we’re mostly wanting like-minded folks to join. This isn’t so much a restriction as it is a preference, as we don’t want to discriminate based on age.

All applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and exceptions may be made (i.e. family joining with teenagers), or simply people just below the requested age.

The features of our server are as follows, but more information can be found in our Discord (see below):

  • Currently running 1.16.1
  • Clients not completely banned (quality-of-life features acceptable)
  • Hard difficulty
  • Active admins and strict grief prevention
  • Regular events for players
  • Absolutely NO pay-to-win advantages (or any donation incentives at this stage)
  • Fully functional dynmap
  • mcMMO (this may not be permanent)
  • Tight-knit community philosophy
  • Builders and projects welcomed and encouraged heavily
  • and much, much more!
  • If any of those features interests you, or if you’d like to simply check us out and see if you’ll have a good time with our community, simply join our discord by using one of the following links:

    We look forward to seeing you in-game and hope to have you become apart of our lasting community from now until the near future!

    Kind regards, well wishes and greetings from our Australian staff team,

    -doot_kerr & 0regonn (my fiancé) – Server Managers


    1161survival Building Community Discord Escape Events Eventscustom Fun Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Plugins Survival Vanilla Vanillaish Vanillasurvival Whitelisted

    | LunarMC SMP | Mature Server | 1.16.1 Semi Vanilla | Minimal Plugins | Strong Fun Community! | Started 8/4/20 | No Resets! |

    Are you looking for a server like Hermitcraft, How To Minecraft, or Cubecraft? Well look no further!

    Well… let’s be honest… Chances are you are reading this and you’re like “oh another one of THESE servers.” But let me tell you something, our server is nowhere near like those other survival servers out there! We are not just a survival server, we are a family, we are a community, and together we can escape the outside world and build our own world and community!

    So without further ado, I introduce….

    What makes our server so good?Well, besides us being a family, we are keeping to true survival minecraft well having fun with some outside stuff. For example, we try to keep our server as Vanilla as possible but we also have a couple plugins for fun. As of this post we have a /spawn plugin, /bed plugin, players and mobs drop heads plugin, some donator plugins that don’t cause the server to be pay to win. These plugins include /pet, particle trails, arrow trails, and phantom toggles! We also have plugins that prevent cheaters, and even if someone does get away with something, we have rollback plugins to prevent anything from being lost forever! Your builds are safe with us! On top of all that, we have an AMAZING discord server run by some amazing people. Speaking of amazing people (which you will be when you join 🙂 we have some amazing admins who constantly are playing to make sure everything is safe and fair! But wait, there’s more! We also host our very own mini games with prizes. Some of the games are not even on any other server out there, also some involve custom built maps! and to put the icing on the cake, WE DO NOT RESET SO YOU WILL NEVER LOSE ANY BUILDS YOU MAKE!

    A little about me: My in game name is I_Am_Orion and I started playing Minecraft all the way back in 2013 and have been playing for years since. But the one thing I always wanted was a server I could play on with people and build a community and actually create something amazing! The problem is that all the big servers reset eventually, and then the smaller ones eventually die off. I also am someone who fixes things so I fixed my own problem and now LUNARMC is born! I am also a Top 300 Overwatch player, and enjoy a bunch of other games as well!

    Rules: We have very limited rules to keep the open to everyone’s creativity, however we also would like to insure everyone’s happiness and make sure everyone has fun!

    -No Griefing: We allow pranks as long as they are easy to clean up. Do not touch others builds without their permission.

    -No Stealing: Pretty simple, don’t take what isn’t yours. We will have a shop system so don’t take from shops either.

    -No Building Close To Spawn: We have plans for spawn (shops), we can’t have bases super close to it.

    -Respect Others: We will not condone racism, bullying, threats, or blackmails of any kind.

    -No Hacking: This includes x-rays, kill auras, and auto swings. Duh

    -No Clients: No unfair advantages (ask staff or owner about what is and isn’t allowed)

    -Try To Avoid Lagging The Server: We understand some of us want huge farms which is totally allowed, but try not to lag everything.

    -Don’t Abuse Bugs: Stuff like getting to the roof of the nether and breaking bedrock is fine. Don’t try to duplicate for example.
    -Don’t Build Too Close To Spawn: We are reserving a 1000×1000 area (500 blocks in all directions of spawn) for nothing but shops. Build freely everywhere else, but spawn is just for shops and public buildings.

    All pretty simple and basic stuff.

    A Summary Incase You Don’t Like To Read
    -Limited Rules to insure happiness, and fun
    -Minimal plugins
    -Poppin Discord
    -Close Community
    -No Resets
    -1.16.1 Survival
    -Server Location: Las Vegas (People get very good connection)
    -No Pay To Win
    -Mature Server (Yeah we curse like sailors)
    -Server up 24/7
    -Builds are protected!
    -Mature Staff
    -Just Start 8/4/20
    -20+ People already!
                      /HOW TO JOIN! /

    So how do you get onto this awesome server? Well it’s very simple, join our discord and fill our the application in the “whitelist-apps” channel. These are the questions you will receive!

    In-Game Name:
    Discord Tag: (Ex: name#1234)
    Where did you find out about us?:
    Why are you interested in joining?:
    What is your favorite thing about minecraft?:
    Do you agree to our server’s rules?:

    Some important links:

    Discord: (If discord link does not work, I will send it to you if you reply to this post 🙂
    Voting Link:

    1161survival 116server 116survival 116x Adventure Australia Australianserver Creative Landclaim Mcmmo Nether New Plots Skylands Survival Survivalserver Treechop

    [AUS] – 24/7 – SURVIVAL – MARKETS – PVP – [NO LAG]

    Hey! Welcome!

    This is a small 24/7 Australia Based Survival server with an active staff/player base!
    If you join and would like some help, feel free to ask a staff member for some help!
    Made by Players for the players!


  • Player Driven Economy
  • Rentable Market Plots
  • Land Claiming (grief protection)
  • Server Ranks
  • McMMo
  • No creeper block damage
  • Server Wide events
  • Vote For Day Time

    Soon To Come:
    Custom Ranks
    Customisable Armour Stands

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    Lesbian Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

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    1161survival Auctions Discord Donators Economy Jobs Market Mcmmo Moneydrop Protection Rankup Survival Voting Webstore

    [Savaria – Survival 1.16.1]

    [​Savaria –] [Survival 1.16.1]
    [​Chest Protection – Ranks – Shops – mcMMO – Auctions – Jobs – #📖-whitelist via Discord!]
    Discord: Store: – Check it out!

    1161server 1161survival 116server 116survival 247server 247uptime Anarchy Community Economy Landclaim New Newserver Pvp Survival Towny Vanilla


    Are you looking for a high-quality survival server on 1.16.1 thats up 24/7, has no lag, uses land claims, and adds a bunch of unique mechanics to improve the playability of Minecraft – especially in the later stages?

    Then look no further! This is the server for you!

    SCubed has been open for a little more than a week as of July 4th and plans to stay open for a very long time! Whatever you build on this server will stay on this server because there will also be no resets!

    This server was made by people who enjoy the classic vanilla experience of Minecraft and improve the late-game stages of progression. This is why we incorporate a large handful of really unique and helpful data packs such as multiplayer sleep, vein miner, mineable spawners, custom loot, and much more!

    Hope you enjoy it!

    1161server 1161survival 247server Aethercraft Aetherlegacy Aethermod Brandnewserver Bungeenetwork Greifprevention Mcmmosurvival Needplayers Newserver Survival Survivalserver

    MoaCraft 1.6.1 Latest Version Aether Survival 24/7 Server

    Are you a fan of TobyGames playthrough of the Aether? Look no further.

    MoaCraft is Unique, How? This server is the only server to host a 24/7 Aether Survival Server with custom plugins and grief protection.

    We also support the Latest Minecraft version (1.16.1) with the new nether update – a fresh untouched Nether!

    Server is hosted with 10GB of RAM on a dedicated NVME SSD drive for lag-free super-smooth gameplay.

    Bored of regular Minecraft? Join this server for an entirely new experience.

    A few plugins we use include: MCMMO, Essentials, ShopGui+, GreifPrevention and many more custom plugins.

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