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Block Bodega ║ 1.19 Java ║Whitelist ║ Survival ║ Creative ║Semi-Vanilla ║ Discord VC ║ Woman Owned

Welcome to Block Bodega!

We’re a community that focuses on building and socializing. Large collaborative builds are the backbone of this server. Our discord is active, diverse and fun. If you’re looking for a server where you can make new friends, chat with others, and work together on cool projects, this is it. If you want to sit back, chill and play Minecraft, that’s fine too! you’re welcome to do anything you want as long as you follow the server rules.


Server Rules:

  • Griefing and theft are forbidden. CoreProtect is used to enforce this.
  • Hacks, Xray, and glitches are forbidden. TNT, Carpet and Rail Duping are permitted.
  • Spam and excessive self promo in the Discord are forbidden. This includes Mic Spam.
  • Discord TOS Violations will result in a ban from our discord.
  • Employ basic social etiquette in the VC
  • Community Projects:

    No matter who you are or what you enjoy doing, there’s always projects to work on. Currently we’re working on building our Nether Hub, remodeling the End island, building various community farms, and creating a proper town at server spawn with a museum, court house, and many other projects.

    Active Discord Chat and VC:

    Our Discord is active almost 24/7. Joining the voice call is not required but highly encouraged and adds a ton to the server experience. We’re a friendly bunch and always open to meeting new people.

    Diverse Community:

    We have players from the US, UK, Central America, etc. Everyone is treated equally(for better or worse) and nobody will care what you Identify as or why you are attracted to.


    Almost all decisions pertaining to the server are left to a vote. Map resets, staff appointments, rule changes, etc, are all left to a vote. Feedback is always welcome and sincere feedback is taken seriously.

    Free Speech:

    You will not be punished for having an opinion or making a joke. Criticizing staff, the server, or others and voicing your opinion is allowed and encouraged. We don’t take things personally, provided you’re not actively causing problems. We also have a plugin dedicated to removing cryptographic signatures from players chat messages, effectively making the chat-reporting system useless on both servers.

    Creative Server:

    Enjoy creating Prototype builds, redstone builds with full access to game-mode commands, WorldEdit commands and more on our creative server! Build Battles and other competitions are hosted regularly as well.

    Vanilla Experience:

    The server runs with Minimal plugins. We use CoreProtect to mitigate griefing and theft, and a few plugins to manage lag and facilitate server management. (Nothing that will break your farms.) There’s no land claims, economy plugins, or teleports. There are Warps you may use (./warp [​cardinal direction] to access the new land with the deep dark items. We also have the RealisticSeasons plugin to add some variety, but this can easily be disabled by the player.

    Competent Staff:

    All Staff members are over 18, Experienced, generally friendly and active in Discord VC. Mods and admins do not power trip and will be promptly removed from the staff team if they do. If you have any problems, we will solve them quickly and completely.

    No P2W:

    There’s no donation roles, buyable cosmetics, or microtransactions. You will never be solicited for money and categorically do not accept donations of any kind. You are welcome to boost our discord server, but the point of this server is to have fun, build and make friends, not to be profitable.

    Join us!

    To Apply, join our discord! Answer a few simple questions through the Ticket bot and we’ll get you whitelisted.

    Australia Australianhosted Freespeech Friendlyserver Matureplayers Oceania Survival Vanillasurvival

    Bazookas server

    G’day and welcome to my server. It is a vanilla server (no plugins etc) and currently can have up to 20 people but can change that in the future. We are a 1.16.4 Java server with a welcoming community. The server is hosted in Australia and Americans claim to get good connections so that’s cool <3 Server Also has 10gb ram dedicated but will upgrade that for when the server needs it in the future because I physically own the server. (no monthly bills!!). There is also a discord so feel free to join. (

    Just the basic rules apply:
    1)No griefing
    2)No hacking/cracked accounts
    3)No child exploitation material of any kind for the obvious legal reasons….
    Some things are however allowed:
    1) you can swear.
    We are a mature audience and don’t want to be running a day care center.
    2) though it is normally frowned upon, it’s the players responsibility to hide their property to reduce theft.
    3)Pixel art of graphic content is allowed as we do not hinder the creative potential of the players as that reduces the games experience overall.

    2b2t Anarchocapitalism Anarchocapitalist Anarchy Ancap Capitalisit Capitalism Community Communitydriven Communityoriented Communityprojects Discord Economy Fitmc Freespeech Grian Griefprevention Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Java Javaedition Landclaim Libertarian Mindcrack Minigames Mumbojumbo Pewdiepie Pve Pvp Scicraft Semivanilla Shoppingdistrict Shops Simple Smp Survival Vanilla Xisuma Xisumavoid Youtube

    Simple Survival: Season 4 – HermitCraft Style | Mostly Vanilla | Shopping District | Discord | 1.16.3

    Simple Survival is best described as a combination of Hermit Craft and 2b2t. We have a thriving community, a libertarian style of moderation, an active economy, and a solid Discord server! Lastly, we keep it simple. There is no pay-to-win, you will never be asked to donate money to the server, our staff doesn’t power-trip, there are no ranks or cosmetics or any of that, it’s just classic, simple Minecraft. Hop on and check us out!


  • A spawn village where you can build to your heart’s desire.
  • A hyper-capitalist diamond-based (vanilla) economy and an extensive, active shopping district.
  • A player-made city where you can build skyscrapers, build homes, and even run for mayor!
  • A Discord server with an active voice-chat (you don’t have to voice-chat but it does add to the experience).
  • A libertarian style of moderation. Staff won’t power-trip and free speech is encouraged.
  • A court system where, if you have a problem with someone, you can sue them. Contracts also exist.
  • Extensive grief/theft protection via the GriefPrevention and CoreProtect plugins as well as experienced staff.
  • A mini-game district, multiple PvP arenas, a WIP casino, and regular competitions and games.
  • Toggleable PvP — battle other players without having to worry about losing your stuff.
  • Custom, player-made plugins and datapacks.
  • Plugins: CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, EssentialsX, GreenText, VibeCheck, PermissionsX, PvPToggle, GriefPrevention, AntiVPN, VibeCheck, WorldEdit.

    Datapacks: AFK Display, Anti-Ghast Grief, Armor Statues, Double Shulker Shells, Custom Dark Prismarine Recipe, Dragon Drops Elytra, Durability Ping, More Mob Heads, Multiplayer Sleep, Silence Mobs, Wandering Trades Simple Survival Custom Edition.


  • Griefing and stealing are prohibited.
  • Hacking and glitching are prohibited.
  • Spamming and advertising are prohibited.
  • Doxxing and death-threats are prohibited.
  • Don’t ask for staff, you won’t get it.
  • Respect the map: no floating trees, dirt huts, etc.
  • If you can’t take a joke or get offended easily, leave.
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    Simple Survival: Season 4 – HermitCraft Style | FRESH MAP | Mostly Vanilla | Shopping District | Discord | 1.16.1

    Kinda like a combination of HermitCraft and 2b2t. We do a ton of community projects and we have an active economy (diamond-based with a shopping district but we also value free speech.

    We have a land-claim plugin (GriefPrevention) and a rollback plugin (CoreProtect) so griefing and stealing is effectively impossible and, if it somehow happens, can be easily undone.

    We also have a discord server with an active voice-chat, using it is not a requirement but it definitely makes playing on the server more fun.

    Lastly, we keep it simple. There is no pay-to-win, you will never be asked to donate money to the server, our staff doesn’t power-trip, there are no ranks or cosmetics or any of that, it’s just classic, simple Minecraft.

    1161server 116server 116survival 116vanilla 2b2t Anarchy Capitalism Capitalist Community Discord Discordsrv Docm77 Fitmc Freespeech Goodtimeswithscar Grian Griefprevention Hermitcraft Illmango Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Libertarian Mindcrack Mumbo Mumbojumbo Pve Pvp Redstone Scicraft Semivanilla Shoppingdistrict Simple Smp Survival Survivalmultiplayer Technical Vanilla Xisuma Xisumavoid

    Simple Survival [FRESH MAP] [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.16.1} {Community} {Discord} {GriefPrevention} {Capitalism}

    What is Simple Survival?

    Described by players as “a combination of the things I love about 2b2t and HermitCraft,” Simple Survival is a community-oriented survival Minecraft server. Collaborative projects, joint economic ventures, and community builds are highly encouraged. There’s optional PvP, no griefing, and no stealing.

    Keep in mind, Simple Survival is a community-focused server! Building near spawn and collaborating with other players is encouraged as it fosters a ‘community’ environment. If you’re looking for isolation and privacy, this probably isn’t the best server for you.

    One of my goals is to keep the server as close to vanilla as possible without needing to whitelist the server. Any plugins we have installed exist to streamline gameplay or administration, not alter the game.

    This is not a family-friendly server and is recommended for players ages 18 and up. There are no rules against racism, homophobia, or toxicity. To any parents reading this, it’s not my job to babysit your child; don’t let it play on here.

    IP Address:

    Version: 1.16.1


  • A spawn village where you can build to your heart’s desire!
  • A hyper-capitalist diamond-based trade economy and player-made shopping district.
  • GriefPrevention to let you protect your builds.
  • Rollback plugins in case of any griefing or theft.
  • No unnecessary or game-altering plugins (no MCMMO, Economy, etc).
  • Friendly, helpful staff!
  • No pay-to-win bullshit.
  • A community Discord server.
  • Optional PvP (toggleable via a plugin).
  • Multiple custom plugins and datapacks.
  • Custom server painting pack.
  • Rules:

  • Don’t grief or steal, it will be rolled back.
  • Don’t hack or take advantage of glitches.
  • Don’t leave floating trees near spawn.
  • Don’t leave 1×1 towers, dirt huts, or similar structures near spawn.
  • Abide by our village rules when building near spawn.
  • Don’t ask for operator or staff positions.
  • No advertising whatsoever.
  • If you can’t take a joke or get offended easily, leave.
  • Plugins: CoreProtect, WorldEdit, Essentials, PermissionsEx, GriefPrevention, PvPToggle, DiscordSRV, GreenText, AntiVPN, Vibe Check

    Datapacks: AFK Display, Customizable Armor Stands, Double Shulker Shells, Dragon Drops Elytra, More Mob Heads, Multiplayer Sleep, Anti Ghast Grief, Silence Mobs, Durability Ping, Wandering Trades SS Edition