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Games N’ Chat (Hermitcraft Type Server)

Welcome to the Games N’ Chat Minecraft Server. We are an avid community that loves Minecraft. This is a Hermitcraft type server, for all ages, genders, and religions. We offer a 24/7 staff team and anti-cheat mods. With no AFK kick and no land claim,this is the best SMP server you will pass by. Plus a shopping district. Whatever this server brings you, we know you will love it.

Join our Discord to get whitelisted!

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Porn Minecraft Server

Porn stars like playing Minecraft after work, I know it might surprise you, because they have sex, and Minecraft doesn’t involve sex. I mean, it does, but not in the way you might expect. They don’t do anything lewd or kinky with a block or a sword or an axe, which is amazing, because Minecraft does have… well, some kind of a sex aspect.

r34 Porn Minecraft Java Server

After basing with couple guys in Minecraft I started fantasizing about sex with two men. It doesn’t have to be a full on threesome (though that’s probably a lot of fun) and you don’t need a bunch of people. Just having two men in your life and knowing they’re both faithful is a powerful thing. It allows you to be you and makes you stronger as a whole. Just be sure you’re with two people that you trust and that you’re not just looking for a hookup with.

Basing with the boys in Minecraft

I mean, porn for Minecraft. I would love to see somebody play Minecraft, use their blocky avatar as an avatar for a porn star, and then, while her husband plumber is blasting away at zombies, the porn star can quickly marry her dog. That would be brilliant.

Minecraft Dog Husband

Life as a porn star is not easy as you don’t have much privacy or a partner to go home to. With this story, I would like to have thought that life in the porn world would be more interesting than in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the life in porn industry, but at times I wish I was back in the real world.

116server 116survival Heads Mcmmo Plugins Pvp Ranks Server Silkspawners Survival Towny

Redcraft (New server looking for friendly staff)

Hello and welcome to my server, feel free to come and take a look around, it doesnt hurt to try it, you my like it.
This server is a 1.16 survival server, with many great plugins such as (mcmmo, griefprotection, heads plus, silkspawners, jobs, vault, better enchantments and many more amazing plugins.

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RiverCraft – 1.9 to 1.16+ – Factions – Quests – Bosses – Hunting – Guns – Economy – Creative – Custom World



  • Our server is very community-oriented! We have a community built spawn, community ideas, and a friendly team.Our server is built around a Multi world capability that allows the use of Factions in one world and Creative in the next without leaving the server!

    The Survival world:
      Factions based MOB and PVP combat with CUSTOM Armor uniquely designed to our server!
    We have vote crates that give you a chance to win custom items and get ahead from the other Factions!

      Gather up a couple of friends and take on the BOSSES in spawn or accept quests that you can complete Daily!!
    There is ALWAYS something to do!

      Our Nether is a custom world suited for Mob and PVP Combat while gathering resources. Throw on a set of Fury Armor and never take flame damage!
      Check out our RiverCraft Armor! It’s ranged from Aqua to Fury! Helping for advanced PVP Combat. Fury Armor FLAMES the enemy and gives you regeneration while Aqua Armor SLOWS the enemy and gives you SPEED! Fury won’t burn you under ANY flame or lava! Aqua will keep you breathing at the deepest depths of the ocean. Our CRATES also have custom weapons, tools, and SHARK ATTACK Chainmail Armor that pairs really well with Tinman’s Protection.Don’t forget to try out the PUNTER stick that hits the enemy back by the enchantment of KNOCKBACK 7!!
  • UNIQUE SPAWN:  Our custom server spawn offers a variety of game enhancers! Ride the railway from one end of the map to the other! Or take a leap pad across the ocean! Maybe visit the Shipwreck and find out what’s in the boat? Don’t forget to find the Pet Store and ride an INSANELY FAST Pig!

    116survival 116x 247server Bluemap Dynmap Eco Economy Economychestshop England English Friendly Friendlystaff Latestversion Nice Nocheat Nogrief Nolag Pve Safe Secure Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Semivanillasurvival Smooth Smp Survival Unitedkingdom Vanilla

    Nations SMP | Safe Semi-Vanilla Survival | Friendly Community | Always Online & Lag-Free | 1.16.2 | U.K.

    Nations SMP

    Just became public!

    Survival, Resource World, Economy
    Respect, Community, Enhancements, Performance.

    Website – Find out more!


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    NSFW Minecraft Server

    I like playing NSFW Minecraft server when I’m at work, makes me feel dangerous while my wife is away or my boss is in the poop field with the girls. It might be the only time I can get away with playing the wrong thing.

    My wife is cheating on me with the friend of a friend, she also likes getting cut while having sex with them. Why don’t I tell them to screw off? What do you say to someone who just called you out for cheating?

    I even tried dating and found a crazy girl who loves the idea of getting cut up, she said it makes her pussy super wet! But she is proud of the fact that she is still a young lady. So she can handle such situations. The contest is a unique challenge for her mind and she loves being a contestant. That makes her grow impatient and wants to stay in the contest longer.

    The other girl I met was scared of getting shark bites, you should try to avoid those at all costs. Keep your head down and try not to move when under attack. Make loud noise to make yourself less likely to be attacked. Don’t raise your arms above your head, break sharks jaw instead, so the shark has no choice but to leave you alone.

    116survival Cracked Nether Paperspigot Pvp Survival Towny


    minecraft cracked 1.16.1 survival server. We have a lot of plugin to improve your experience. We also bring you the Nether update. Builds, Towns,…And many more

    116server 116survival Community Communitydriven Communityoriented Communitysurvival Discordserver Fanserver Farms Friendly Friendlycommunity Hard Hermitcraft Hermitcraftfanserver Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftstyle Javaedition Playershops Plugins Smallcommunity Smp Smpdatapacks Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    The UnderRealms

    Just a simple mostly SMP server, looking for players who are extremely community oriented, or even willing to be. The idea is to have a similar environment as the HermitCraft SMP server, but I really have no major inspiration from that other than community oriented building and interacting. If this sounds like your cup of tea, JOIN THIS DISCORD ( AND TYPE %APPLY. Before any player will be allowed to join, they will need to have their application reviewed by my staff but that doesn’t take very long at all if you are accepted. 🙂 Other than that, you will have free survival reign over the world as you would in a single player world. Just BE COURTEOUS TO OTHER PLAYERS ALWAYS and TRY TO MAKE THINGS LOOK GOOD; THE BEST YOU CAN. Also, part of the server was done in creative for new player ease and all member updates are on my Discord channel.

    The Previous Season is Always Hosted As A Creative Test World For Builds 🙂


    PC Only. We are based in Java Edition

    1161survival 116server 116survival 116x Adventure Australia Australianserver Creative Landclaim Mcmmo Nether New Plots Skylands Survival Survivalserver Treechop

    [AUS] – 24/7 – SURVIVAL – MARKETS – PVP – [NO LAG]

    Hey! Welcome!

    This is a small 24/7 Australia Based Survival server with an active staff/player base!
    If you join and would like some help, feel free to ask a staff member for some help!
    Made by Players for the players!


  • Player Driven Economy
  • Rentable Market Plots
  • Land Claiming (grief protection)
  • Server Ranks
  • McMMo
  • No creeper block damage
  • Server Wide events
  • Vote For Day Time

    Soon To Come:
    Custom Ranks
    Customisable Armour Stands

  • Categories
    116survival 117survival Hermitcraft Minecraft Nuclyon Smp Snapshot Vanilla Whitelist

    Nuclyon – Survival SMP Server [Vanilla] [Whitelisted] [Apply on Discord!] {1.16.1} {Survival} {Dynmap}

    Nuclyon SMP – Survival (1.16)
    Server Details

    Potentially unlimited slots but we would like to stay under 50

    4GB RAM

    Gameplay is Vanilla. (What does this mean? Check out the description on discord, but TL;DR: only chat & similar can be modded)

    Vanilla Tweaks Datapacks (See discord for more info) & Paper/Spigot for performance & cosmetics (Dynmap, chat sync, etc..)

    Will always be updated to the latest minecraft version as soon as possible (as of writing, we are running 1.16.1)

    What we are looking for

    You must be 13 yo or older (note: we try to estimate your maturity level before joining, therefore more 13-14yo players will be denied)
    Respectable and able to run by honor systems

    NSFW is not permitted

    Much more detailed rules are available on discord

    How to join

    This is the discord link:
    The application process will be described in detail when you join.

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