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TMM.GG is a smaller community that runs multiple gamemodes, such as:

Survival Features

  • Handmade world, fully customized terrain by hand
  • Towny
  • McMMO (with better customized settings and skills)
  • Jobs
  • Player marketplace
  • Rankups
  • Chest Shops
  • Health Bars
  • Better Sleeping
  • Dynmap
  • and more…
  • Creative Features

  • Plots
  • some smaller useful features
  • Big overhaul coming soon
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    Minecraft Harem Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Having your very own harem of robo sluts just doesn’t add up to an assortative mating system for males, is it? Anyways, this same argument is often presented as a rebuttal to why men are not attracted to women who are into the harem lifestyle.

    If I want to fuck and finger my succubus harem, I’ll take it. Don’t go around thinking that “that’s the only way I could do it,” because she’s a hell of a woman, but I will take her pussy in every possible way. It would be an honor to screw a succubus, but I will also take her friends.

    Sometimes I fuck normal girls from my harem while maintaining my harem status, but I don’t have to just do that if I don’t want to. I can also do wild duels if I want. There is nothing too hard about it.

    Being a generous harem god I even let my boys fuck the sluts ! That’s my way of showing them that I’m still just as kinky as ever. But there’s only one problem: I can’t seem to get them to come back from their wild nights.

    I pride myself for having a harem of horny bitches with big tits, real big tits. Girls who are curvy and hot as hell! I’m sure you can relate to that.

    Harem whores must obey their master ‘s every command. Dominating a herd of women is a lot easier when you know the women’s reactions.

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    Destiny 2: Minecraft Edition

    Welcome Guardian to Destiny 2! The popular game by bungie and remade in minecraft!


    -Play as a Hunter, Titan or Warlock, with unique abilities for all 3 classes

    -No exotic restrictions, get the power fantasy you always wanted


    -Explore the 4 vanilla locations Earth, Titan, Nessus and Io

    -Level up fast, Hop in and start killin!


    -New champions have risen from our enemies, take them on in endgame activities such as Raid bosses, Forges and more.


    -Use weapons new and old, Everything from the infamous Gjallahorn, to a old metal frying pan



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    Pixelmon Obscure Obsidian – LOOKING FOR BUILDERS

    Welcome to the Marden region!

    The Marden region is a popular tourist destination. A lot of people travel to the region, ranging from people who aren’t trainers to people who are powerful trainers from across the globe. Maybe you’re going to be familiar with some of the tourists already?

    You’ve grown up in the small town by the name of Waterlil Lake, which has been thriving due to rich travelers renting vacation homes and yachts to take on the lake. However, due to competition from other cities that are more accessible, the tourism flow into the town has been slowly declining. One of the richer residents had an idea to help with the town’s economy, and that plan involves you starting your Pokémon journey. How will your journey help Waterlil Lake? Are you going to be able to save your small town’s economy?


    Completely new and unique story:

    The server takes place in the Marden region, a new custom region based on tourism, with its own unique story. Explore a brand new place, with a lot of similarities to a new Pokémon game.


    Perhaps, you’ve played through every main game of the series, and at this point, you find the journey too easy? Do not worry! We have someone who’s qualified for the Pokémon World Championships multiple times working on the trainers, making them a good challenge for experienced players! Perhaps that sounds too intimidating to you, and simply want to enjoy the game without having to struggle too much? That is not a problem either, as the trainers’ difficulty can be changed at any time!

    Music system overhaul:

    One of the things that make the Pokémon games so immersive is their use of music. Like other servers have done before, we’ve put music that changes based on which areas you’re in. Each route and town has their own unique theme! However we’re not satisfied with implementing something as good as other servers, so the music system has been pushed even further! Battles are also going to have their own themes, with different themes for trainer and wild battles. You might even see more music transitions that are normally seen in the Pokémon games, but aren’t seen in Pixelmon servers.

    Customization items:

    Have you ever wanted to wear a Ludicolo hat? No? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a Shaymin on your shoulder! Even if you’ve never wanted either, there’s probably something that you’ve always wanted to wear that’s on the server, since with the use of the Armourer’s Workshop mod, we can make just about anything a customizable item! Perhaps there’s something that you really want, but isn’t on the server? Feel free to create it if you’re able to! We’re completely open to taking item submissions from people and giving them access to them!


    The Pokéhelper is one of the useful features that are going to be able to help with your adventure a lot! Since a lot of the features on the server are unique to us, tutorials with how they work are included in it. Other neat functions include information on the different areas, and config options for features unique to the server!

    Player and NPC gyms:

    We believe that player gyms should be given tools to have a good chance to win against most trainers, as being too easy makes it boring for them. However, we also know that you might not be interested in waiting forever for a player leader to be online, or be stuck at Trainer leaders that are too hard in order to progress. To prevent those issues we will have NPC stand-ins available for both difficulties!

    And more!

    We’ve got 2 people experienced with programming working on the server, who are always adding new features to the Marden region’s experience! Perhaps there’s something that you didn’t see on the list that you’d like to have implemented, or maybe something that isn’t in the games yet that might be fun, feel free to suggest it!


    Why can’t I get on the server? It says it’s whitelisted!

    Yes, do not worry. We are currently getting to our closed beta phase, and are now currently looking for beta testers! Feel free to apply for that here:

    Is there any place where I can keep up with updates on the server?

    Yes! We have a discord here: and our website can be found down below. We will be posting weekly progress updates on the server on different things that are being worked on until the server releases.

    Is there any way I can contribute to the server?
    Yes! In several ways! As mentioned in the features section above, we have the Armourer’s Workshop mod on the server, and we’re always more than happy to take submissions from the community to add to the server! On top of that, we’re also looking for people who are able to make skins. We’re interested in having most of our trainer skins being custom, so we’ve got quite a list to tackle, and having people help us with that would be appreciated! If you’re interested, feel free to contact me on discord (JeanMarc#1252) and I’ll be happy to discuss where to go with this!

    If you’re interested in helping with building, you can apply here:

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