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Classic Survival Server 1.19-1.19.4

I’m looking for people who are willing to work on a Minecraft server, age hardly plays a role as long as there is mental maturity.
If you’ve always wanted to help build a server but never got around to it, now’s your chance to try again.

I’m looking for bright people with a little foreboding or certain knowledge, be it server setups, plugin setups, creating banners
or you’re just good at building. Then feel free to write to me on the Discord server and we can talk about possible work together.

If you are interested in playing on the server then please come to the Discord server and wait for the official release.
I hope I was able to stimulate you a little and maybe we meet again on Discord for a conversation.




Anarchy Danger Eset Huge Imple Island Islands Level Mcbe Paw Pvp Reset Space Survival Together

mcbeugspace Survival Anarchy Islands

A simple no-reset survival anarchy server with with a huge island spawn and smaller surrounding islands. Low pop, great for friends to play MC together, added level of danger, no frills. Good luck.

Enviro Environment Etho Ethos Explore Exploring Hardcore Iron Many Players Perfect Rui Season Survival TERA Together

To admire the SMP

Looking for a server without confusing plugins? Do you want a community that welcomes new players and where everyone just gets along? Join our community server and start exploring!

Our ethos is about fostering a small, friendly environment where new and seasoned players feel right at home. We believe that too many players can ruin this experience which is why we try to keep our player count on the smaller side.

Whether you’re new to Minecraft or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find this is the perfect place to make new friends and explore together.

Big Factions Invite Ked Kitpvp Library Oneblock Prison Roman Romania Sever Skyblock Skypvp Survival Together

Except Romania

Krom Romania is a Romanian minecraft sever based on the community’s needs.
We have a big library of minigames that our players can choose from to have the most amount of fun.
We invite you to play together with us :
Skyblock , OneBlock , Survival , Factions , Skypvp , kitpvp , prison.
All of our servers are custom made and well worked on

1.13 200 Eating Enjoyable Leplay Msmp Playing Role Roleplay Roleplaying Survival Together Totem Totems Towny


We are a community of over 200 individuals who enjoy playing games, creating, and roleplaying together. We have a brand-new 1.13.2 server with a number of plugins to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Explore Grand High Iece Let's Lore New World One Piece Pie Piece Pvp Sea Season Survival Together

one piece grand age

Welcome to our Minecraft server!
To all old players in One piece new world server this one is very similar to it

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our community is always ready to welcome you. Join us today and let’s explore the high seas together!

i hope you like it old players and new

Crew Download Fire Ign Link Lts Media Mods Paw Place Sign Signs Spawn Survival Together

JBolt’s Crew

Note: Please read ALL signs at spawn 🙂
This server is just a place for others to hang out and play MC together. Here is the download link for the mods 🙂 Mods for the server

Aus Discordsrv Does Economy Goal Here's Matt Safe Space Survival Talk Testing Together Towny Voice

The Deepnest Survival

The goal of this server is to bring people together and have a good time. It is a safe space for anyone, it doesn’t matter who or what you are. This is a safe space.

Also, DiscordSRV is on this server so please be mindful of the things you say. There’s also simple voice chat on the server so if you’d like come and talk with us!

This is important to note: If the server is ever in whitelist-only mode it is because I am modifying it and testing things.

Ability Built Change Changes Freedom Hey Npc Small Smp Survival System These They Together Votes Weekly

The Kollective

Welcome to The Kollective!!!

The Kollective is a small SMP server built by the community through weekly feature votes. Each week the players of The Kollective can vote on what changes they want made to the server. The winning vote will be implemented in the the next weeks update and the cycle will continue. Do you want a shop keeping NPC at spawn? An economy system? The ability to TP to friends? All of these features can be decided upon by YOU!!! Features can not only be voted in but they can be voted out as well giving the community as much freedom to grow the server as they choose.

Join us today and shape The Kollective together!!!

Base Country Create Dutch Eth Friends Ken Pig Poke Riends Smp Spigot Spoke Survival Together


The NLSMP is the server where you can create or join a country together with friends. The server is Dutch and only Dutch is spoken!
Spigot base