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WorldWarMC 1:200 world’s largest Earth Map Political Factions **RESET*** – **GUNS** **MOVECRAFT **VEHICLES** 1.8-1.15.2

Earth Factions on the possibly largest earth map used on a server, build your nation, found your army, and have influence all over the world! Build cities or nations from any time period, trade with allies, explore the world and fight your enemies!

1:200 Earth Map that generates as you explore it, new regions appear on the dynmap as players explore it. Map is an accurate 1:200 map with caves!
WW2 Guns: The server has a large amount of guns that can be bought from the server shop, Shoot anything from golden Walther PPKs to PPSH-41s!
Vehicles: Drive tanks such as the T-34 or Panzer IV, bikes, cars, and a plane! (We hope to add even more)
Movecraft: Build battleships, submarines, airships, and more out of blocks with movecraft! Build anything from a small sailboat to a giant aircraft carrier that flies, anything is possible!
Non abusive staff: We don’t have annoying teenage moderators who check everything you say and do, and abuse.
Change your nick in game! All players have access to /nick with colours