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Blueberry Pie

Welcome to Blueberry Pie! The server runs Pixelmon as well as a few decoration and furniture mods and Pam’s Harvestcraft. Please join our discord for more information.

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Witchery: Mystic & Magick

Witchery: Mystic & Magick is a modded Minecraft 1.7.10 fantasy PvE server with optional PvP and roleplay. Our focus mod is “Witchery” by Emoniph, hosted in an exciting and challenging magickal environment.

Modpack Highlights:

  • Summon demons, ride a magic broom, become a vampire or werewolf, and more with Witchery!
  • Breed unicorns, pegasi, and other magical horses each with their own unique powers!
  • Enjoy a fantastical natural environment full of new biomes and expanded villages!
  • Brew booze with potion effects and make cheeses with Growthcraft: Community Edition!
  • Stave off hunger with challenging new food and hunger mechanics and Pam’s Harvestcraft!
  • Mark your base with heraldic banners and decorate it with hundreds of thematic objects!
  • Face new versions of your favorite mobs in the wild and in underground roguelike dungeons!
  • Let your skin show, use cosmetic armor, or use a custom player model with horns, wings, and more!
  • Server Highlights:

  • Choose from PvE-focus or PvP-focus user roles to fit your favorite playstyle!
  • Trade with NPCs or other players with physical currency!
  • Use a golden shovel to claim land/prevent griefing!
  • Player heads drop when players are killed!
  • Create or join a party, send private messages, see chat bubbles above players!
  • Vote for the server to receive rewards, including blessings by Witchery’s various deities!
  • We run a graylist system; You can join at any time to look around, but need to join the server Discord and submit an application before receiving your in-game role and permissions. Those who feel like a good fit for the server will be welcomed into the community.

    Modpack download and installation instructions are on our website.

    Join us and say hello!


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    [RP] ★ TORO LEAGUE | 1.12.2 | Pixelmon,Harvest, Deco,C&Bs+! ☆

    Ever wanted to get more out of your Pokemon games? Do you like writing, story telling, or creating awesome characters? Looking for an immersive world where you can do almost anything? What about a friendly, relaxed community where everyone gets to know each other? Do you have a Minecraft account (or a friend you can steal one from)? Got your attention? Then I got one more question for you…

    Are you a boy or a girl?

  • Welcome to Toro League, a Pokemon themed Minecraft roleplaying server set in the 1950s! We’re a highly structured roleplaying server with a focus on storytelling and character development! Though you can get more than your fill of Pokemon action here, that’s just a small sliver of the experiences on Toro! Will you stay straight and true? Become the very best or study the strange creatures as a Pokemon professor? Maybe your path leads elsewhere! You could start a business, rise to fame and fortune, or create something incredible! Will you fight to defend Toro from the dastardly Rhyhorn Rider or wreak havoc as your own villain? In this world, you can do anything from a selection of everything!
  • Running since 2013 we’ve grown a small, close-knit player base and we’d love to see you join us. Everyone is always excited for new members, and, thanks to our talkative Out-Of-Character global chat, feeling new won’t last long! From our custom website and forum, to our Discord group, getting to know people will be as easy as catching your first Pixelmon!

    The server is supported by our dedicated, expert staff covering everything we have to offer. We use customs mods written just for Toro by our gloriously German tech support. And all of our outlets are constantly updated by a few of the teams on Staff. A big focus is providing roleplaying events to help drive the story of the server as a whole! The events come in all varieties, from dances to Pokemon to our token evildoers – Team Noir there will never be a dull moment when enough people gather round!

    Thinking of joining, or just want to check us out? Take a look at our website located here Toro League! You’ll need to apply to be whitelisted, but that’s just to cover basic rules and character creation! And don’t worry! We have a “no deny” policy, and if your app isn’t up to snuff, we’ll work with you to get you started! If you have any questions, or want to know more, feel free to ask! So, come on by, ‘cause we can’t wait to see you and your character serverside!

    Custom texture pack made with love and care.
    Emphasis on serious roleplay. Truly live in the world of pokemon!
    World painted map . 4000×6000 blocks of tamed wilderness.
    Forum & Discord so the RP doesn’t have to stop when the game is closed!
    NO DONATION STORE. No Pay 2 Win here!
  • Our modlist-Forge,Decocraft,MrCrayfish Furniture Mod,Pam’s HarvestCraft, MorePlayerModels ,Chisel & Bits, Sign Picture, Serene Seasons, A custom Mod named ‘ToroBlocks’, and of course Pixelmon! – We have a installer aswell.
  • You can apply on the forum here, at our own website! Be sure to read the rules before you apply!

    Once accepted, be sure to check the site for an installation guide!

  • How do I join?Thanks for the interest! Simply fill out an application and submit it here or on our forum. Head to our website:
  • for more information. (You’ll need to register a forum account and then apply to be white-listed.)

  • What is serious roleplay?
  • Toro League is both an online text-based RP and forum RP server. Roleplaying in the Toro world requires the participant to assume the role of a character and, both collaboratively and spontaneously create stories in-game. This requires players to role-play within the rules and guidelines unique to the Toro League World.

    Coupled with the Pixelmon mod and Minecraft, Toro League is the setting for a fictional Pokemon world where players can role-play community development, exploration, and personal stories. Gym leaders, nurses, police officers, reporters, mayors, villains, breeders, builders, miners are only a few examples of the possibilities! Infact, if you don’t want to be a trainer, you don’t need to be, roleplay caters to those even without Pixelmon!

    Who are the Rhyhorn Riders and CODEX?

    The Rhyhorn Riders is Toro’s goofy antagonist group, similar to your Team Rocket grunts. They’re infamous for having a special red candy which enrages Pixelmon, and havoc for all. Unlike Team Rocket though, they don’t have seem to have a nefarious end plan, their employers, CODEX on the otherhand does.

    CODEX is a rarely seen villain group, comprised of scientists. They’re the serious group, causing national trouble for Toro Citizen with their inventions.

    What setting is Toro League?

    Toro League features it’s own time system,where each OOC week is a new season, and each OOC month is a year. This server is set in a Pokemon universe – set apart from the games ( So no Ash Ketchums / Professor Oaks ) technology and aesthetics wise we’re somewhere closer to the 50s-60s, before Flatscreen TVs, Cellphones, Music Players, DVDs, Computers – Outside of typical Pokemon use of course!

    You may describe us as retro-cool infact. Hard-boiled speech and slang can be used without batting an eye ( typically ) and we welcome Greasers, Jocks, and Pink-girls! Toro is also a progressive server & country though, so wearing anything beyond a suit 24/7 is totally acceptable (just no hoodies and headphones please) , and people are accepting of all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality and such!

  • Because this is a Pokemon server, Anime hair is allowed, and MPM allows HD skins, which might make it easier to skin you character,
  • For more questions, feel free to send a pm, ask in the post, visit our website: , or join our Discord.
    More Screenshots!

    Please do post or PM us if there is any problems, cheers!

    Coded Craft Custom Farm Farming Harvest Harvestcraft Minecraft Multiplayer Peaceful Pve Ranch Ranching Roleplay Server Survival Unique

    HarvestMC | Farming | Survival Co-Op

    If you’d like to support the server, please Diamond this post!


    HarvestMC has been around since August 2013. We’ve perfected the idea of an economy farming server.

    We’ve currently got two currencies in place on the server, we’ve got the common /balance and we’ve also have Mysterious Shards. Mysterious Shards are obtained by harvesting crops, trees, and animals. Mysterious Shards can be spent for exclusive items such as Crate Keys, Magical Items (Higher than vanilla enchanted tools), vanity items, and much more!

    Although we’ve been around a long time, we originally started as a recreation of one of our favorite servers… If you wish to view the original post, it can be found here. We’ve have managed to clean up the gameplay issues that the original server ran into that lead to it’s failure. We have a fair economy and a full out ranking system to compliment gameplay. You can rankup a total of eleven times in-game. All crops also run on a dynamic growth system that allows for growth speeds to be increased dramatically.

    If you need any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us!

    You can contact us through our forums at or, in-game by contacting any staff member. If you’re interested in supporting our server, please leave a comment and Diamond this post. (It helps more than you’d think!). You can also purchase packages on our webstore to receive many benefits in-game ranging from auto-replant, drop multipliers, vanity disguises and pets, and much more! Please visit to view any and all of our packages!