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Welcome to Slendcraft!

A new and exciting PvE server for a classic community driven survival experience!

We aim to create a community where players can trade, chat and interact. We are open to any suggestions/improvements and believe that players are worth their weight in Diamonds!

So come along for the journey and introduce yourself today!

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Beacoland [SMP] [Hermitcraft-like][18+][Semi-Vanilla]

We are a 1.16 Hermitcraft-like survival server with a awesome friendly 18+ community!

Just like Hermitcraft, we use some datapacks for 1 player sleep, mob & player heads and for a co-ord hub. With that in mind we are a “Semi-Vanilla” Survival Server. The closest to Vanilla you’ll get with anti-grief/stealing and server optimisations. We have no plugins that affect gameplay like /spawn /home /back, keepinv, land claim, etc.. Builds and items are safe because we use CoreProtect.

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ZombieV – Player Versus Environment (PVE)

Welcome to ZombieV
We are a small, fun-loving, custom PVE server that is looking to grow! ZombieV has loads of fun features like Custom Boss Battles (one being a Herobrine Boss),
Daily Challenges and Minigames, Vote Rewards, Virtual Leaderboards, Dueling and so many other features. We pride ourselves and creating a one of a kind experience for all types of players to enjoy. By progressing through different Mob Arena waves and playing our server, you can level up and upgrade swords and armor and purchase different kinds of perks. We’d absolutely love to have you on our server.
Join our discord at:
View our forums at:
View our Store at:

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Enatic Survival

Enatic MC is a server that strives to be as vanilla as can be without sacrificing the multiplayer aspects that survival players have grown to love.

Diamond Economy
Large World Border
Player Arenas
Player Shops

Build Battles
Ultra Hardcores (UHCs)

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Paradox Survival Server

Just a simple survival server with couple of modifications. We hope you will join us 🙂

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Tab N Friend’s 1.16 SurvivalMP | Minimal | OfflineAuth | GriefProtection | Permissions | BRAND NEW!

Multi-server Network, currently the only server that is open for regular players is the Vanilla Survival Server!

This server runs minimal plugins to ensure a non-griefable survival experience with you or your friends!

Fresh World Started on 8/7/2020 by beta testers, this is the grand opening of Tab N Friends Vanilla!

Started by Tabrune, and Foulwerp, original creators and admins of FoulMC.

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Fuel Jewel

Minecraft Survival Multiplayer 1.16.1, custom shopkeepers for players, PvP Arena, Mob Arena, Events and more!

Challenge Nopvp Omnifactory Pvesurvival


we are runnig omnifactory modpack v 1.2.2 with some plugins.. everyone is wellcome

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MCForest (/Fly Enabled!)

Welcome to MCForest!

(Version 1.14.4)


Join with

Join with your friends to explore the vast survival world with /fly and create huge structures, towns, and bases. Create your own player shops, and feel free to branch out and create towns and cities for other players to live in!

– Be respectful
– No griefing
– No spamming
– No impersonations
– No glitching / hacking
– Please use common sense and be polite

Have fun!

– /fly – Fly around the world to build and explore!
– Vast survival world to explore
– Griefprevention used to protect an area, grief rollback in case you get griefed
– Commands such as /tpa and /tpahere to go to your friends
– Shop to purchase items (But player shops are encouraged)
– Other helpful plugins, simply type /help

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Last Life – RLCraft

RLCraft is a modded minecraft that brings it to a whole new level.

We recommend that you look at the tutorial created by Shivaxi.

Do not hop into this server expecting it to be easy! You will die A LOT!

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