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Thatsmyname’s LIfeSteal SMP (chapter 2 season 1) join now




No hacking this includes X-ray and such things (1 week ban) unless proper hacking which is permanent ban

No racism (warn) or ban depending on severity (NOT TOLERATED)

No killing new players for 1 hour (Unless they steal or grief , warn / 1 week ban if fully killed)

1 No disrespecting admins (warn)
2 No racism (warn)
3. No spamming (warn)
4. No duping (warn and duped items destroyed)
5. No advertising (warn)
6. No tpa traps (warn) this mean teleporting a person to you if there in a small room
7. No irl threats (warn)

New rules / important
Must have a base at SPAWN to /sethome there
Cant start a war without a good reason
Destroying enderman farm VOTE on this = Not tolerated 🟢 = Aloud

We wont abuse or dupe any items

3 warns will result in a 1 week ban, after a one week ban if you get banned again you will get a month’s ban and after that is a permanent ban (These are the official rules approved by thatsmynaame) @everyone

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Minewind: Memes Done Right

Minewind: Memes Done Right Minecraft Server

Next generation survival server.

Find out more at

Minewind: Memes Done Right Minecraft Server

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Donald Trump Craft – A small HermitCraft inspired SMP where you can build cool stuff and make new friends

Donald Trump Craft is a callback to a simpler time. Inspired by the servers of the early 2010s, Donald Trump Craft is a community where you can build freely without worrying about griefing or theft; work collaboratively on whatever projects you dream up and make new friends along the way; and enjoy the freedom to play how you want to play.

  • Our Discord Server isn’t littered with unnecessary bots and excessive channels and the community is generally pretty nice. The voice chat is reasonably active and the vibe is pretty chill.
  • Donald Trump Craft values free speech, you will never be reprimanded for having an opinion, making a joke, or anything like that.
  • Our economy is 100% vanilla — the most common currency is diamond and all of the shops are player-made. We do have a designated shopping district, although you’re welcome to build your business wherever you’d like!
  • Land-claim and rollback plugins make vandalism virtually impossible. Our staff members are responsive and helpful — if you have any issues with griefing or theft, let a staff-member know and we’ll get it fixed promptly.
  • We like to keep things simple. There aren’t any roles, obnoxious prefixes and technicolor nicknames; you will never be solicited for donations, and there is absolutely no pay-to-win or buyable cosmetics or any of that covfefe.
  • Donald Trump Craft is primarily composed of USA, CA, and EU players. The server is hosted in North America (Toronto), and peak hours are typically afternoon/night EST. The server is relatively small and the server hardware is robust so lag is minimal.
  • Donald Trump Craft is still a relatively new server so you won’t have to work too hard to make new friends, find a place to collect resources and build, and make a name for yourself. Feel free to hop on and check us out!

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    Simple Survival: Season 4 – HermitCraft Style | Mostly Vanilla | Shopping District | Discord | 1.16.3

    Simple Survival is best described as a combination of Hermit Craft and 2b2t. We have a thriving community, a libertarian style of moderation, an active economy, and a solid Discord server! Lastly, we keep it simple. There is no pay-to-win, you will never be asked to donate money to the server, our staff doesn’t power-trip, there are no ranks or cosmetics or any of that, it’s just classic, simple Minecraft. Hop on and check us out!


  • A spawn village where you can build to your heart’s desire.
  • A hyper-capitalist diamond-based (vanilla) economy and an extensive, active shopping district.
  • A player-made city where you can build skyscrapers, build homes, and even run for mayor!
  • A Discord server with an active voice-chat (you don’t have to voice-chat but it does add to the experience).
  • A libertarian style of moderation. Staff won’t power-trip and free speech is encouraged.
  • A court system where, if you have a problem with someone, you can sue them. Contracts also exist.
  • Extensive grief/theft protection via the GriefPrevention and CoreProtect plugins as well as experienced staff.
  • A mini-game district, multiple PvP arenas, a WIP casino, and regular competitions and games.
  • Toggleable PvP — battle other players without having to worry about losing your stuff.
  • Custom, player-made plugins and datapacks.
  • Plugins: CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, EssentialsX, GreenText, VibeCheck, PermissionsX, PvPToggle, GriefPrevention, AntiVPN, VibeCheck, WorldEdit.

    Datapacks: AFK Display, Anti-Ghast Grief, Armor Statues, Double Shulker Shells, Custom Dark Prismarine Recipe, Dragon Drops Elytra, Durability Ping, More Mob Heads, Multiplayer Sleep, Silence Mobs, Wandering Trades Simple Survival Custom Edition.


  • Griefing and stealing are prohibited.
  • Hacking and glitching are prohibited.
  • Spamming and advertising are prohibited.
  • Doxxing and death-threats are prohibited.
  • Don’t ask for staff, you won’t get it.
  • Respect the map: no floating trees, dirt huts, etc.
  • If you can’t take a joke or get offended easily, leave.
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    Simple Survival: Season 4 – HermitCraft Style | FRESH MAP | Mostly Vanilla | Shopping District | Discord | 1.16.1

    Kinda like a combination of HermitCraft and 2b2t. We do a ton of community projects and we have an active economy (diamond-based with a shopping district but we also value free speech.

    We have a land-claim plugin (GriefPrevention) and a rollback plugin (CoreProtect) so griefing and stealing is effectively impossible and, if it somehow happens, can be easily undone.

    We also have a discord server with an active voice-chat, using it is not a requirement but it definitely makes playing on the server more fun.

    Lastly, we keep it simple. There is no pay-to-win, you will never be asked to donate money to the server, our staff doesn’t power-trip, there are no ranks or cosmetics or any of that, it’s just classic, simple Minecraft.

    Adventure Chill Claim Creative Economy Fun Gamemode Going Land Mod Oldschool Oldstyle Pewdiepie Plugins Survival

    plskillcraft [1.16.1] Come start an Adventure!

    A simple, friendly, community based land claim server! No lag, normal mob spawning rates! No world border. A very clean, easy chat, a clean, easy spawn. Daily, weekly and monthly rewards for dedicated players! Public Seed!

    Server Discord: DISCORD
    Server Instagram: INSTAGRAM

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    ♦ AusWorld Survival [1.15.2] ♦


    Server IP Address:
    Server Website:
    Sign up on the website to be a member today and receive the Citizen Rank and other benefits!


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    HjonkCraft, a server made for the community, by the community!

    HjonkCraft is now officially open and fully launched! You can finally join us online and start building your base, mining, and hanging out with your friends. Our server IP is

    Absolutely anyone can join HjonkCraft, just please be sure to follow our /rules!

    HjonkCraft is a tight-knit, community-driven, Survival Multi-Player server, that was founded with the intension of bringing people together. Online you can expect an active and friendly community made of an awesome group of players, staff and builders. We are a semi-vanilla survival server with a few cool plugins that provide an economy, quests, bosses and boss events and custom items.

    This server has a Donations Page where you can donate for in-game perks, or you can also support us over on Patreon.

    Be sure to check out /staff or /warp staff in game!
    Also check out /rules when you hop on for the first time!

    Where can I find the Discord link?

    You can find us on Discord here.

    We hope to see you on HjonkCraft soon! A huge thank you again to everyone for your support – we couldn’t have gotten things up and running as quickly or smoothly without the amazing efforts of our staff team, dev, build team, and of course our donors.

    HjonkCraft Ver. 1.1.0
    Hey everyone, some exciting updates in the world of HjonkCraft!
    Today a bunch of new features got added, such as the mysterious contraband seller, who sells and buys rare items, he is hidden somewhere in spawn so good luck finding him!
    We also added 4 insanely powerful pieces of equipment to the game, each of which will change the way you play on HjonkCraft, obtaining these items however will be quite the challenge as you will need to craft them from a mixture of bought items, boss essences and cores (obtained from voting capsules) To find the crafting recipe for these items, look around the Contraband area…

    And what did I just say? Bosses? BOSSES! Yes that’s right, 4 new elemental bosses have been added, each of which drops new effects, items, crafting materials, disguises and prefixes! We will be spawning these bosses in once to twice a week but if you really can’t wait that long to battle them, you may want to look on our donation store, as the bosses can be summoned through donation store purchases for all to battle!

    Please keep an eye on HjonkCraft as this will be the first of many major game changing updates, please be sure to keep voting for the server, as our strong voting presence has given has a large influx of new players recently, and I have you, the community to thank for that!

    HjonkCraft Easter Update!
    Be sure to be on this weekend as we will be having Easter themed events, bosses and quests, partake in all of them and you may collect the correct items to craft something fun and powerful, look for Bunny at spawn for a hint on how to make it!